Mexico – Thousands of crops damaged by snow in Sonora

4 Jan 2019 – Heavy snowfall left by the fifth and sixth winter storms of the season, as well as the extreme cold, generated frost damage in thousands of crops throughout the state of Sonora.

The weather mainly affected the garlic and asparagus crops in the mountains and the north of the state; as well as vegetable and legume crops in the valleys of Yaqui and Mayo, south of Sonora.

In Guaymas, Cajeme, and Navojoa, which encompass the valleys south of Sonora, agricultural producers are analyzing possible damage in 12 thousand hectares of crops.

Renan Cruz, president of the Association of Producers of Vegetables of the Yaqui and Mayo, said that thousands of hectares planted with squash, chilli, potatoes, and tomatillo, had been affected by the frosts, and that the damages ranged from partial issues to total losses. Corn and bean crops were also affected.

According to official weather forecasts, the low temperatures will continue during the following days and its possible there will be more snowfall.

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6 thoughts on “Mexico – Thousands of crops damaged by snow in Sonora”

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; if you are planning on using a garden to survive, you better start now.
    The learning curve is steep and failure is not an option.
    I’ve been gardening for over 10 years and I am still not confidant I could live off my efforts.

    • I would agree with you on that, and although I love gardening… and always wanted to grow all my own food I was never able to get to that point myself (tho I knew a very large family that pretty much raised all their own veggies and much of their fruit, but then that family had been doing it for several generations). Unfortunately for me also now that I have the time (recently retired), my physical condition won’t let me do what I would like… altho I can still supplement my diet a bit and have some fun with (limited) container gardening.

      A big thing beginners (or the naive experienced gardener) forget or don’t know is the extent of damage you can get from critters, be it bugs or various hungry animals. That ALSO goes for storing your food!

      If I was young and especially if I had a growing family I think the ideal arrangement is to have at least one experienced gardener, one experienced hunter, and one experienced fisherman (in any combination). Which is one of the reasons I NEVER make fun of… Rednecks! Can do it all!!

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