Michigan Electoral College votes may be up for Grabs

“Mounting evidence of significant fraud across multiple states.” Two videos.

Yesterday, Michigan’s Wayne County board of canvassers refused to certify the election results for that particular county, saying that absentee voting precincts didn’t match the number of votes cast.

In the above video you will see Sidney Powell, a member of President Trump’s legal team, who says straight out that “the election could not have been more rigged than it was.”

Then (at about 1:15 in) she (Powell) begins talking about Dominion Voting Systems, which, she says, “has a long history of rigging elections. That’s what it was created to do to begin with.”

“So don’t tell me there’s no evidence of fraud,” says Powell. “We’ve got mounting evidence of significant fraud across multiple states.”

“Dominion software was actually designed to be hacked,” agrees the host. He then shows (at about 2:28 in) one of the agreements that Dominion had with the County of Santa Clara, to wit; item 226, which reads:

Allows staff to adjust tally based on review of scanned ballots images.”

Allows staff to adjust tally! This looks like a clear invitation to fraud, if you ask me.

At first, the board of canvassers refusal to certify looked like it could be a huge win for President Trump, but this morning the board reversed course.

However, this afternoon, Trump’s chances looked up again when Michigan State Republicans called for a full, independent election audit.

Turns out that in one county, Antrim County, the count was way off.  In a county that is 60% Republican, the tally showed just the opposite. Literally thousands of ballots had been counted incorrectly.

We have been told it was “human error,” said Michigan’s Senate President Pro Tempore, Aric Nesbitt, “but this is the reason why we want an audit.”

Nesbitt sent a letter to the Secretary of State requesting the audit before any certification of the vote.

“Democrats are worried that any delay in certifying Biden as Michigan’s winner could allow Republicans in the state legislature to appoint their own electoral college representatives,” said an article on Forbes.com. But Forbes downplays the idea that that might occur.

Dominion voting systems were used in 28 states.


6 thoughts on “Michigan Electoral College votes may be up for Grabs”

  1. Go to Rebel News to read about how Dominion Voting shares an office floor in a building in Toronto with… one of Soros’ funded outfits called Tides Canada. The world HQ for Dominion Voting is in Toronto and for convenience they have an office in Denver.

  2. anyone else find it as annoying as I do, that anytime the Donalds claims to fraud and wanting investigation are mentionedon msm they ALWAYS state UNsubstantiated claims…..
    well until they DO revise/ recount substantiations impossible
    any of the outrageous claims re trump russia that have been made NEVER got the un sub word mentioned even when they WERE proven to be utter bullshit.

  3. All the Swing States that are controled by Republican Legislature’s should refuse to certify the election results. Send the final decision to the US House. Believe Republican’s control 30 or 31 of the 50 State Legislatures. Each State has one vote, thereby neutralizing the massive voter fraud.

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