Michigan – Long winter kills 90 percent of bees – Could affect crops

Video – “Another victim of this long winter could ultimately affect your next trip to the grocery store,” says WOOD TV.

Farmers and growers use people like Don Lam to supply them with bees in the spring to make sure their crops get pollinated.

“90% of our bee keeps have lost most of their bees this winter in this area,” Lam said.

Soon Lam will head down to Georgia to replace his bee crops, but suppliers are sold out, which means farms, not just in Michigan but throughout the Midwest, will have fewer bees to pollinate crops.

Fewer bees means fewer apples and blueberries this year; ultimately you could see the prices of those products at the grocery store go up.

What have I been saying about fighting in the streets for food?


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14 thoughts on “Michigan – Long winter kills 90 percent of bees – Could affect crops

  1. Did you know that…

    1 – There were no honey bees in America until they were imported by East Coast colonists. It then took the bees a number of decades to make it across the country.
    2 – There are roughly 4,000 bee species native to N. America, all quite up to the job of pollinating crops.
    3 – Bees are not the only pollinators around.
    4 – Staple crops like corn, and other cereal grains are wind pollinated, and require no bees. Also, in addition to corn, the American Indian used to grow other staples like squash, beans, potatoes and tomatoes, as well as various root crops, all without any help from honey bees.

    I’m not trying to be snarky here, but I really think it’s way too early yet to hit the panic button.

    • its the huge commercial croppers that are in panic mode.
      almonds etc tomatos etc all really require bees in due to the insane volumes they grow.
      the poor bees working almond crops need supplementary feeding cos almonds dont produce much nectar to keep the bees alive anyway.
      then commercial alfalfa clover etc all knock the bees around due to farm chem.

      Organic farms -especially the orange groves here in aus give us amazing orangehoney, we avoid all commercial fields and almond groves and our bees do ok, but even here this year the dry halted flowering on many crops so new hives havent grown as well and large as they normally would.

    • Whenever a “green” says we should return to the nature, I always ask which period of nature?

      They will say we should live like the Indians on horses (which came from Spaniards in the 1500’s) or use organic farming with bees (which you explain came from Europe.)

      I am certain there were many other examples of things that did not exist in “nature” until introduced by evil colonists from Europe.

    • By the time the (Official) panic button is pushed you will be hard pressed to find any upper politicians and CEO’s above ground in America and the food and fuel will last at best a week! Normalcy is going down the drain fast–in many different areas- and why do you think they want to control guns so badly??? It’s not that they think we’ll kill ourselves…….

  2. Here in the Great Lakes region (southern Ontario), we have experienced one of the harshest winters of my 60-plus years. Lambing time has been tough with our 250-ewe sheep flock. Although the sheep are housed in a traditional barn, the cold has been difficult for our gals. Those giving birth to three lambs are in tough condition. They can only eat so much, and it takes a huge amount of energy to keep warm, let alone meet the needs of three developing fetuses. Our lamb death losses are running at about 10 percent, compared with a long-term average of six percent.

    My point is that cold is a much greater threat to life than any decimal point increase in “average global temperature” (a bs calculation if there ever was one).

    Does anyone know what the extreme cold has done to bird and wildlife populations? Can’t imagine it to be good.

    • I’ve been asking this for years. The life outside cannot escape into warm living, working, and other places. I ask those who think cold is better- the “you can always put on another layer of clothes” crowd. When its 25 below, and you are locked out in the cold for hours, how long will you last? When its 100 degrees, all you need is some shade to sit still in. You can survive a very long time in extreme heat without anything but a healthy body. You need much more than that to survive extreme cold very long.

      • yeah..my bet is a lot of vanished animals n birds as well as other biota, a lot of corpses rotting as the snows melt.

        • Bee’s are most subject to environmental changes, frogs are second, man made or otherwise.
          These should be flagged as the leading indicators concerning not just the heartiness of their communities but the impending changes which will if not kept in check will have detrimental effects for all life on Earth.
          When man made ecological changes combined with major natural climate cycles meet each other at the end of the tunnel what will be left for the grand creators of this fiasco?

          We have seen the two primary health indicators struggling for years. Many species have not survived the initial event. Most scientist have been rather leery to call the event as it exists under the microscope? Funding(which we all know).

          What will they be left with? Perhaps it shall be as many of the ancient city’s unearthed. The creators of the time who set themselves as gods and creators. There was no god before them, they were supreme, they made all and destroyed all which did not fit the mold of “their” conscience. Records contain writings of their creed, no writings of free thought, no second view of the environment, no difference of opinion against the creators. Man was subject to bow down to rule.

          Kings and queens are not gods. They would just like to be gods.

          Man again has in his possession the building blocks to create and destroy matter and flesh at incredible levels by current standards. If we do not bow down to them as “gods”, will man eventually be put on the extinction level? Not much preparation for the subjects being made above ground for the so called impending man induced
          climate change(if one were to so inclined to believe our creators).

          May not happen during our life time but the best and most accurate history book I personally have studied makes a resounding quote,”if the days of man are not shortened there would surely be no flesh would be left upon the earth”.

    • “Does anyone know what the extreme cold has done to bird and wildlife populations? Can’t imagine it to be good.”

      I’ve seen a few of reports, this being one of them I could find off hand.

      There they report that it’s “the coldest winter in 20 years,” which means the deer have gotten through worse in the past. Of course that doesn’t make it any less unpleasant.

      Sorry to hear about your losses, and hope they aren’t too severe. I also hope you have a backup plan for the future, since many reliable forecasters are saying this may only be the beginning, and it could get even worse, G-d forbid!

  3. Amen Rutiger.
    And as Robert states for many years now “we will be fighting in the streets for food LONG before we’re covered by ice. That time is approaching faster and faster…

    • I agree Kenneth. When 150+ crops are dependent upon large-scale honeybee managed pollination, there’s no way we can buy our way out of importing goods from Mexico, Chile, Argentina, etc. I wonder what Michelle Obama will say about the inability to find fresh, healthy food at the grocery store if our CAFO-style food production system suddenly collapses?

  4. Just another story where we see that our survival is dependent on the climate, but the climate is not dependent on our survival.

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