Mid November Blizzard – More than 12″ in Kansas and Nebraska

Hazardous to deadly driving conditions


Thanks to Ralph Fato for this graphic

“Hope the farmers were ready,” says Ralph.

3 thoughts on “Mid November Blizzard – More than 12″ in Kansas and Nebraska”

  1. Check out earth.nullschool.net. It is a live weather map of Earth. You can see the temperature and wind speed or direction anywhere on or above the surface of Earth. Thought you might be interested in this.

  2. From what I see this could have been much worse, and Piers Corybn predicted this, even he will admit the Jet Stream right now is the one unpredictable variable here in the U.S..
    The sun has gone into a major solar minima and it seems to have an affect on the jet streams, to the point it is hard to predict what it will do next as it is swinging all over the place in ways not seen before.

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