Midwest and Great Lakes Bracing for Blizzard Conditions Thursday – Video

A blast of Arctic air will follow the storm – “a significant drop in daily temperatures for nearly half of the country,” according to the National Weather Service.

Areas of rain and mountain snow are expected over portions of the West today as a cold front moves through the Intermountain West.

But Thursday is where the action will be. A storm will develop along the cold front on Thursday with areas of freezing rain, heavy snow and blizzard conditions overspreading the Midwest and Great Lakes into Friday.

Speaking of blizzards, here’s a video of the blizzard in New York City just two days ago.
Can you imagine driving in this?
Where is global warming when we need it?

Anyway, back to the forecast: The National Weather Service Prediction Center in College Park, Maryland, forecasts heavy snow for the Upper Peninsula of Michigan on Thursday into Friday.

The the Cascades and the Northern/Central Rockies can also expect snow through Friday.

Areas of rain/freezing rain from the Upper Midwest to the Lower Great Lakes/northern Mid-Atlantic through Friday.

And snow is also possible across parts of the Northwest, Intermountain West and near the Northern and Central Rockies over the next few days.

A vast portion of the Northern Plains to the Upper Mississippi Valley will have scattered to widespread snow, possibly heavy at times, along with some areas of freezing rain/sleet as a developing low pressure system tracks through the central U.S.

Cold Canadian air will plunge into the region and cause a significant drop in daily temperatures for nearly half of the country.

Winter Storm Watches, Winter Weather Advisories and Blizzard warnings are in effect from Nebraska to Upper Michigan with this system.


Here’s another scary video:
Southern NY – Northern NJ Paralyzing Snowstorm, Cars Buried, 30+ Inches Of Snow

Did you ever wonder how solar panels  would work in a blizzard?


19 thoughts on “Midwest and Great Lakes Bracing for Blizzard Conditions Thursday – Video”

  1. We’ll just need 4wd [or not] electric shit boxes and golf carts to roll around on south of the greatly depopulated [big lattitudes] (incl. NYC and NE USSA) areas of the world.

  2. Can you imagine driving in this?

    Can you imagine sleeping in it in a car?
    Good ice age survival training.

  3. Solar panels will work just fine in a blizzard, right? Right. 🙂

    I lived in central New Jersey for about two years, during which the presence of snow was nearly nonexistent. Came back to the Midwest and whammo!!!!

    So the current snowmageddon in the forecast may be bad, or may not, depending on where you are, and I”m 35 miles north of Chicago, with fond memories of having to dig my car out, put out a folding chair to keep my dibs on my parking space, and wondering what possessed me to move there — and then Spring comes along and it’s all fine. This morning, the birds finally showed up and acted less shy when I put out the usual spread for them. And the squirrel wanted her share, of course.

    I have 8 1/2 feet of shoveled snow in my front yard, thanks to my neighbors, and their piles are equally high. We’re good to go. But when the forecast says ‘heavy snow’ a week ahead, I have enough sense and experience to get to the store and grab stuff I’ll need (like food and bath tissue) and hunker down for the long haul. Just glad we now have internet service and can keep up with such things.

    Do you want photos, Robert? I can send them to you. This should be fun.

  4. And my son tells me that battery is not going to work and or produce power at a lessor level when it is freezing. Oh where are all the warmists preaching this is not snow, were we never going to see snow again in our lifetime. They should be brought to account. How any people have believed them and set up their houses and businesses for the future warming rather than a cold, ripped out their old oil fired heating units etc.

    • Just watched Ewan Mc Gregor’s Long Way Up travel show. They used electric bikes for the first time and something dawned on me very quickly. Electric vehicles are crap in the cold weather, they don’t charge well in the cold weather and have very limited range. Given what’s ahead for us I do not think they are a viable alternative.

    • They can shovel that stuff out of the streets and off the sidewalks in my neighborhood. They are idiots.
      I watched a very interesting AU Sky News interview with a geologist who made it plain that the Warmists/Ecohippies/Whatever do and say the things they do because all the past history has never been taught.
      They have nothing to refer to. Pity them. They think cooking is done by microwave or take-out orders and everything comes from the store.

  5. oooh icy lakes and strong winds!!
    more of those amazing walking ice crystals pics coming I hope
    Im as fascinated by that as watching lava flows;-)
    hmm wheres all the seriously(should Be) committed, warmist kids getting ready for the friday protests I wonder?

  6. and these lunatics in our government are trying to brainwash our kids that snow will be a thing of the past. These crazy criminals should be imprisoned before they get millions killed! They’re telling people they’re headed for Miami, but it’s actually Fairbanks with no clothes on!

  7. Compare the spin … the Weather Channel headlined the upcoming arctic blast, but then plays it down essentially saying this isn’t the worst cold snap in history, ignoring the almost unprecedented fact that the entire northern hemisphere is feeling the effects … just one of the many omissions in the MSM of what’s really going on in the world!

    • It might not be the worst. A blizzard in 1888 from the northwestern plains states (might have started in Alberta) picked up enough moisture and “push” from the wind that it blew eastward all the way to New York City, producing high winds and heavy snows all the way eastward. I don’t know how many people died due to storm-related causes, but there are photos of New York City after it passed and they are scary.
      Another bad one is the 1972 blizzard in Iran. 4,000 people died due to storm/weather-related causes (probably mostly severe cold and being trapped by snow. Lasted a week, dropped 26 feet of snow on 200 villages and covered an area the size of Wisconsin.
      ANY snowstorm can be really bad if you aren’t warned ahead or don’t have time to prepare for it.

  8. Robert, thought this would get your attention quicker since it is the last article. I have seen several threads here and on WUWT giving Our new president a new name, Zhou Bai Den, so I thought I would look up the possible translation. Having spent a few years in China, I know that most western name translations are only phonetic, as my name becomes a unit of measure in translation. Zhou has many meanings including that of one of the Chinese dynasties and one of the Zhous tried to turn his over to his son Bo. Hang Zhou, the most beautiful city in China, Zhou is the land in the lake.
    Bai means white or blank or clear, Interesting in describing Biden, eh? Having trouble finding a Chinese definition for Den, it wants to refer me back to English.

  9. The Duluth Canal live cam has some amazing footage of ice coverage on Lake Superior now that the shipping has stopped for the winter.

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