Milankovitch cycles – Precession and obliquity

Great video. How changes in Earth’s rotation can effect Earth’s seasons and climate.

Created by Sal Khan | Khan Academy

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  1. Robert – Feel free to edit my poor effort.
    You have talked about people fighting in the streets LONG before the ice gets us.
    Coming from a farming family understand only too well how cold can affect production, where as warm and damp weather plants do have a tendency to grow, check out your houseplants what happens when you forget to water and keep warm. DUHHHH!!!!!!!
    Today I found this result COLD & DROUGHT does not make for bread in your grocery store in a few months, or completely unaffordable bread, but we still hearing about how warm it is.

  2. very very dark i agree
    some sign of pics at 27sec mark
    its marginally better on full screen but still bad to try n see
    needs to be re edited/.made with a decent lighter backgroud

  3. Another indication of how complex climate drivers are. So it came to pass the high priests stood up in the year and said unto us “CO2 drives the climate” – and lo it was simple, and the science was settled. And Philip spake and he did say “I will use the trick that Michael used and hide the decline” and it was good and their masters were pleased. And so it came to pass that as the planet got warmer it got colder and the high priests were much befuddled. And David did spake and he did say “Our children will not know what snow is”. And the climate did bury him deep in ice.
    AGW. 16. 3.

  4. At present most of the land mass is in the northern hemisphere.

    At present summer in the northern hemisphere occurs when Earth is at Aphelion – ~152.10 million km from the Sun.

    In some 20,000 years the summer in the northern hemisphere will occur when Earth is at Perihelion – 147.09 million km from the Sun.

    At Aphelion the solar radiation at the top of the atmosphere – the northern hemisphere summer today – is about 1316 W/m2 .

    At Perihelion the solar radiation at the top of the atmosphere – the northern hemisphere summer in ~20,000 years – will be about 1407 W/m2 .

    Climate alarmists tell us an extra couple of watts per square metre can cause climate catastrophe so what will exposing the large area of northern hemisphere land mass to potentially an extra 91 Watts per square metre do ?

    Currently that energy is absorbed by mostly ocean in the southern hemisphere but when it hits land masses it WILL cause significantly higher temperatures than today.

    Want to see some spectacular global warming ? Just wait some ~20,000 years.

  5. It’s the Khan Academy, and he uses a blackboard for his classes. Always has.
    He’s a good teacher, and his Academy is a great resource.

  6. Please take note…not many years ago high in the Himalaya’s a stress relief uplift earthquake (following the Indonesia shaking) added a few feet to those peaks. Then there was the Chilean earthquake that was strong enough not only to retard earths rotation speed but also caused a wobble in our axes tilt. In the mean time we have seen volcanism increase through out the world and the sun going to sleep. And don’t forget we have had a solar alignment in last few years.
    Why is it so hard to understand…this old rock is far older than human kind and the obsessive try to figure out what earth is going to do next has fooled the best minds for generations.
    Lets enjoy the ride folks.. take care of this old girl, respect what she provides and be thankful that she hasn’t shaken us off like a dog shakes off fleas.

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