Military fights snow and flood chaos in Austria

The danger is not over yet. It continues to snow in the south of Austria. and new storms threaten.

After days of heavy snowfall and storms, the situation in East Tyrol seemed to calm down. Gradually, one street after another is opened again. In addition, kindergartens and schools are largely reopened, the country said on Tuesday. Also the avalanche danger went from level 4, big danger, to level 3, considerable danger, back.

20 pioneers are to clear the roads with heavy equipment.

Now comes again rain & snow. The situation remains tense because of soggy soils.

Military clears up
Around 100 soldiers help the population in Bad Hofgastein, in the district of Spittal an der Drau, in Bruck an der Glocknerstraße and in Thumersbach.

Wonder from Bad Gastein: Two women saved
A huge mudslide pushed two houses into each other and buried two women below.

Carinthians carried away in the garden of Mure – dead
The 79-year-old may have just been in the garden and looked with concern on the slope, as this began to slip.

‘People are standing in front of nothing’
Muds and floods in many parts of Austria – the situation remains tense.

In addition, in Salzburg, Carinthia and Styria many roads are still not passable due to floods ick/406526867 0224

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In Salzburg, Carinthia and Styria many roads are still not passable due to floods, Muren & Co.
Since the onset of the storm, the Carinthian fire brigades have performed 1,215 missions to Tuesday.The flood situation has eased, but in the district of Spittal / Drau there were still numerous roadblocks.

Particularly affected was the Mölltal, where numerous schools remained closed. The avalanche danger was very high according to the avalanche warning service. Cut off from the outside world was Mallnitz, which could only be supplied from the air. In the districts Hermagor and St. Veit / Glan cleaning up was announced, the damage by floods and Vermurungen are for the time being not estimable. In Gurk, in the district Sandboden in the morning, the evacuation of the houses was lifted, after the level of Gurk had declined.

Danger of landslides & Co. remains high
According to the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics, 20 to 50 liters of precipitation per square meter were to be expected in Upper Carinthia. The snowfall limit at night was 1,300 meters, during the course of the day, it increased significantly.

In the Mölltal Pioneers of the Federal Army were in action to free the federal highway again. In Obervellach, Reißeck, mountain in the Drautal and in Feld am See the civil defense alarm remained upright. According to district captain Klaus Brandner, supply flights were a priority in the morning.

After the heavy heavy rain with countless landslides and mudflows in the southern part of Salzburg, the cleanup work was also in full swing. The most massive damage is likely to have occurred next to the Gastein valley in the neighboring Grossarl Valley. Bad Gastein was accesible on Tuesday neither on the road or by train. In addition to Bad Gastein on Tuesday, the community Hüttschlag in Grossarltal was still not available.

All blocked roads at a glance
B95, Turracher Straße, between Tamsweg and junction Madling, lock (Murenabgang)

B164, Hochkönig road, both directions, between Maria Alm and Hinterthal, at kilometer 30, lock (Vermurung)

B165, Gerlos road, between Gerlospass and Hinterwaldberg, lock (avalanche danger)

B167, Gasteiner Straße, in both directions, between Bad Gastein and Bad Bad Hofgastein, barrier (Vermurung)

B311, Pinzgauer Straße, in both directions, between Schwarzach-Ost and Lend, lock (Murenabgang)

L112, Rauriser Landesstraße, in both directions, between Taxenbach and L266, handicaps (Murenabgang)

L211, Muhrer Landesstraße, between Unterweißburg and Vordermuhr, lock (Murenabgang)

L216, Dientner Landesstraße, between Lend and Dienten, lock (Murenabgang)

L247, Thumersbacher Landesstraße, in both directions, in Thumersbach, lock (police order)

B179, Fernpass road, both directions, in front of the Lermoos tunnel, barrier (technical infirmity)

B182, Brenner Road, in both directions,

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  1. Sorry to hear of flooding and snow problems in Austria. It is a lovely ,very picturesque country.
    These floods have been caused by the same large storm systems that travelled up the Adriatic and flooded Venice.
    Their floods were caused by a STORM SURGE, driving into the bottleneck that is the North Adriatic. Rough seas then spilt into the large Venice Lagoon.Allied with Spring Tides and heavy rain , the storm surge has caused the catastrophic Acqua Alta [ historic High Water in Venice], that has caused recent floods.
    The Press say the sea level has “risen” due to “global warming”.
    That is not true. A Storm Surge is not PERMANENT higher sea level.
    When storms subside and things get back to normal, the sea level in Venice will be where it always is. People will walk in St Mark’s Square.
    One long term problem is that Venice was built on large oak posts in the mud of a lagoon area… stop invaders from attacking Venice by ship in Mediaeval times. Venice was a very wealthy “City State” and its wealth came from TRADING with Constantinople and the East. Spices etc were traded by Venice merchants who built the wonderful palaces and churches in a lagoon area.
    It is all slowly sinking.

  2. so wheres the ex reb mobs protesting the warming?
    I hear some are on hunger strike in front of corbyns house.

    curious how in many lands we look to the high ground for safety in these areas the high ground isnt very safe at all;-(

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