Millions of Monarch butterflies freeze to death in Mexico

Severe cold, along with 11 to 35 cm (more than a foot) of snow, devastates butterfly population.

Almost one-and-a-half million Monarch butterflies in Michoacan died frozen by the recent snowfall recorded temperatures of 12 degrees Celsius below zero, says Homero Gomez Gonzalez, president of the Board of Directors of the El Rosario sanctuary.

However, they have found that many still breathe and fly again as the sun melts the snow.

According to his calculations, three percent of the 50 million butterflies arrived this season to the nature reserve died frozen and buried, after the snow generated by the winter storm reach 11 to 35 centimeters thick.

A larger number of dead butterflies is expected. 

The good news is that the staff has found the presence of clusters and trunks covered with butterflies in good condition.

Monarch butterflies ( “Danaus plexippus”) migrate every year more than 4,000 kilometers from Canada and the United States to establish its colonies in the temperate forests of fir, within the limits of Michoacan and the State of Mexico.

See heartbreaking photo:,4a9119c462992f3d11e5bd9eb1245b0fb2xrs1j4.html

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6 thoughts on “Millions of Monarch butterflies freeze to death in Mexico”

  1. hmm?
    so approx FIFTY MILLION of the little flutterbys by their count
    what was that about no one sees em anymore?
    maybe they are smart enough to avoid the chemical laden killing fields nowdays?
    Id say snow is “act of god”scenario and 3% of 50 mil wont have me crying in my coffee
    the “heartbreaking photo ” caption DID make me splutter:-)
    no its NOT going to break anyones heart ..if it does they need a Darwin award for too soft to survive anyway

    • Nobody sees them anymore because Roundup by Monsanto kills milkweed, the monarch ‘ s food.

    • Don’t have to worry about their survival, their all over the place. Only the 4th generation migrates back to warm . they are just another fear mongering tool for the AGWERS. I see just as many now as I did 50 yrs. ago and a lot of the cow pastures in IL have grown wild so there is more milkweeds than evah. Here’s a short info site w/ no fear mongering . And they don’t all live in one spot in Mexico. So hurry and get your free Milkweed seeds and save the buttaflies. to hell with the food.

  2. Robert, again let me thank you for your tireless work against the foolishness of warming. I send emails to all my friends, but most have been brainwashed and can not see the forest for the trees.
    The monarchs have been under tremendous pressure in past few years and I haven’t seen any for at least 3 years despite being a common sight even just a few years ago.
    Of course, its all about power and money and hidden agendas. In Ontario (Canada) we were once the economic engine for Canada, but electricity rates skyrocketed as “green” energy was substituted and Industries have fled like rats from a sinking ship.
    Now, Ontario is starting a nefarious Cap & Trade project. The true purpose comes to light when it is revealed that this new tax will generate almost 2 BILLION a year for the provincial government:
    Ontario’s cap-and-trade program expected to raise $1.9B in first year
    “It just seems crazy to us that the government would look at 2017, when the economy is still in pretty rough shape, to introduce this giant new tax taking billions out of the economy and into projects that have yet to be determined,”

  3. A great problem that can become a trend for the agriculture, now happened in European Russia (Krasnodar).
    A cold winter and after a little warm… many cultures that already want to follow the spring cycle. … And unexpectedly strong winter returns and freezes plums and plum. For me it’s an indicator, a warning of a real climate change (natural), powerful force that will trigger food prices. Many economies will plunge year after year.

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