Millions of acres in the US will not be planted this year

Don’t think this will affect prices or availability?__________

Millions of acres in the US will not be planted this year


In western NC signs are up in the Walmart stores for shortage on the store brand name veggies. There will be shortages as millions of acres in the US will not be planted this year and next. Needless to say, that Tropical Storm Barry is going to cause even more headaches for Midwestern farmers.

At this point, millions of acres of prime farmland are not going to be planted at all this year, and there are tens of millions of other acres where crops are really, really struggling. The 2nd biggest corn producer is China and they are having the same problems.

Don’t think this will affect prices or availability?…give it a few months. What is on the shelves is last years crops. If there are less crops this year across the globe…you do the math. Less food and population increasing. No conspiracy theory just the facts.

(What have I been saying about fighting in the streets for food?)

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  1. If these heavy rains were just occurring in the US it would not be as worrisome. But this is not the case. Also it is colder in many areas than usual. Earth quakes and volcanic eruptions seem to be increasing. All of these coincide with the solar minimum that we are entering and many theories predicting this are backed up by historical data.

    I hope that I am just panicking here but I fear not.

  2. There you have it. The deplorable side effect of the AGW apparatchik. Society at large is expecting /posturing for Global Warming and is about to pivot into a brick wall of ICE, FLOODS, and FAILED AGRICULTURE.

    Looks like the science has settled. Spread the word and prepare.

  3. 10 inch bean plants and 1 or 2 foot high corn is to be found in Simcoe county Ontario today. Repeat of the 14th century? Other grains have short stalks and I am not sure about the condition of the seed heads… I guess we will know for sure in a few months.

  4. The scheming communists were responsible for the deaths of 100s of millions of ppl in Russia/ Eastern Europe, China/ Korea starving to death !

  5. Why would crops not be planted next year because of the rainy conditions seen in the U.S. this year? That makes no sense, unless you are trying to predict a future which is unknown.

    Having said that, if crops are at risk, people will naturally take more measures to grow what they can themselves, even if it’s small quantities on a fire hatch in an inner city apartment complex. Celery farmers, for the record, waste more of their crop as it’s left in the field than what’s actually harvested—as consumers have been conditioned to seek out the inner cores and not the long, leafy stalks. Same thing with blemished fruit and vegetables. Some species simply are ugly to begin with and are shunned by consumers, even though they’re as tasty and often more nutritious than other varieties. We’ll adapt, and do so quickly IF push comes to shove.

  6. Not to worry! Mr “Beyond Meat” has made billions out of his IPO. Soon, there will be meat coming out of labs., and lettuce growing on the sides of condos. Then the nice people can be rid of we horrible farmers once and for all. The farm land can be “rewilded”, to provide habitat for the bunnies and unicorns.

    The centralized authority that the climate crisis crowd appears to crave looks disturbingly like the “Brave New World” that Aldous Huxley wrote about 80 years ago.

    • I don’t like the fake meat idea. It isn’t natural and at some point Beyond Meat will be tempted to put soy in their product if they have not done so already. Soy is a hormonal disruptor and if it doesn’t make you gay you will start to sound gay.. Years ago I had to council a gay sounding straight guy on the hazards of soy consumption. After he quit using soy in his diet his voice returned to what is normal for men… Soy is not health food.
      One of the things you all have to keep in mind when it comes to plants. They are great chemists and they create chemical compounds to harm or kill their predator species. It is a self defense strategy.

    • Let’s hope that it won’t go as far as ‘Soylent Green’ to feed the masses. And if you don’t know what that is, just Google it!

  7. Grand Solar Minimum includes reduced electromagnetism from the sun which means more cosmic rays which means more rain. Remember The Great Famine of 1300, the beginning of the last Great Solar Minimum period, where there was so much rain they could not plant, what they did, rotted in the fields.

  8. solar panels dont do well in cloudy times or covered in snow;-)
    wind turbines cant produce power OR shred birds when theyre locked down in high winds or not working in no winds
    cold or very hot the power demands soar and nasty old coal and gas are verboten…tsktsk
    cant see many warmtards offering to pull the ploughs to plant the crops either.

  9. This is potentially a very dangerous situation. However the ‘Global Warmists’ or the ‘Climate Change’ advocators of ‘CO2 causing devastating damage’ to the planet – HUMANS TO BLAME – are being proved to be WRONG again and again by scientific reports. Why then do they keep up the BIG LIE of Global Warming, when so many people know that it is fake? The TRUTH be known, the ELITE and their paid cronies such as A. Gore DO know what is COMING: i.e an ICE-AGE. They can’t do anything to stop it from coming although they have been trying for the past 50 years. You can guarantee that whatever is tolld to us by the main media is mostly BS and misinformation OR DISINFORMATION a lot of the time. As long as the GLOBAL WARMING mantra is pushed people fail to see the REAL DANGER.

    An ICE-AGE would be far more dangerous than a few degrees of WARMING – and we will indeed begin to see FAMINE on a worldwide scale. All we, the so-called ‘ignorant commoners’ or ‘cockroaches’ a name given to humanity at large by the ILLUMINATI can do, is to try to be prepared for the future. Although that could mean migrating SOUTH, as we won’t be able to live under 2 miles of ICE in the not too distant future. God help us all. Try and warn others is what I say – like you Robert.

    • 5G is not ionizing radiation and therefore poses no more threat than current 4G. The problem is the huge bandwidth will allow interconnections that will increasingly keep us under observation all over the globe. The governments going after socialism will soon be able to draw the noose tight and then we will see the face of fascism too late to do anything about it.

  10. As I have often said, “We’ll all be arse-deep in snow in July, and these snowflake retards will still be screeching about Gorebull Warming.”

    You can’t fix intentional stupidity, and you can’t fix evil. CAGW is a putrid steaming cesspool mixture of both.

    All you can do is either wall it off or kill it off. We’re going to have to make a decision about which one at some future time, before they drag us all back to the Stone Age.

    I vote for the latter. It’d solve many other ancillary problems, whereas the former means we’d be feeding and housing the useless mental defectives in their walled-garden safe-spaces for eternity.

    Of course, they’re just stupid enough that they may make the choice for us… any hot war they start would be quick and decisive… the entitled snowflakes have never faced real adversity, never had to fight for anything of any importance, had everything handed to them even when they didn’t deserve it. And they’re so brain-damaged that they’re exceedingly gullible and easily tricked.

    They’ll be easy pickings. I’d advise everyone to prepare for such an eventuality… the snowflakes have been intimating lately that a hot war is what they want to start. They’re so delusional they actually think they’ll win against people who’ve fought actual wars and wouldn’t bat an eye at dropping a person from 1000 meters, or cutting a jugular in hand-to-hand combat, or dropping a fusillade of RPGs into a crowd of subversives.

  11. Doesn’t help that the average consumer didn’t know the difference between sweet corn and field (grain) corn .Any news reports referring to “the corn crop,”has nothing to do with the supply of sweet corn in the store which requires a much shorter growing season than field corn.However there were planting problems in Minnesota and Wisconsin where much of the sweet corn for canning and freezing is grown ,but it can be planted later so time will tell.

  12. What percent lower number of solar flares will there be next cycle?
    What percent smaller will they be?
    What percent lower will the solar wind be ?
    What percent lower will our mag shield be than at the start of SC 24?
    Will there be another El Nino, or is this it?
    Anybody got a crystal ball ?

  13. Warning family and friends about what is going on, and being told that all will work out in the end. Don’t consern about it.

  14. There’s a not-so-subtle distinction between global warming and geoengineering I would like to bring your attention to many governments globally have adopted weather modification programs which is clearly and abundantly apparent from SRM or solar radiation management which anyone can go outside look up and see God bless.

  15. Robert,
    From end of June USDA report:
    Corn Planted Acreage Up 3Percent from 2018Soybean Acreage Down 10PercentAll Wheat Acreage Down 5PercentAll Cotton Acreage Down 3Percent
    They make the case that of the 10 million acres not planted, 8 Million or there abouts is soybean because of the trade issues with China. They also were suspecting that many of the unplanted acres might be planted by end of July. Have yiu seen any of this?

  16. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. If a victory garden is part of your plan, you need to start now.
    Its not as simple as just turn over some soil, planting seeds and waiting to fill your salad bowl.
    There is a learning curve.
    I started vegetable gardening 10 years ago and am still learning.

    • And part of the trick is finding seed that works and then growing your own from it, allowing you to select the best seed to grow crops for your table.
      This year the growning season was late due the UK drought period from November upto the end of April then a cold June while Europe cooked, that cold then moved East and ended up in Russia where winter may have started three months early.
      Peas have just finished with the excess in the freezer. my black seed runner beans are starting to set and just be croping during late August and September.
      But I reckon that Winter will start early and be a cold easterly.
      The UK normally gets a monster at the bottom of the Solar Minimum.

  17. My wife and I just made a major financial commitment and are acting on it. We started building a second story structure to support a Greenhouse over our home. We have initiated the structural support purchase of materials. The green house will be ordered in a couple weeks. We will be selling at least 2 indoor growing systems. One grows food from 3 week old starts. The other grows from starts an edible plant is 6 to 8 weeks. We believe a combination of the two systems is a necessity to have what I call quick food versus slower growing foods.

    We are working as fast as possible to get this in place as we will seek to provide food for family and a few friends until we expand further.

    I strongly suggest people start looking into indoor growing systems. Allocate one room or a garage area to your food growing and start practicing. Do not share what you doing with others who will not be prepared. Hungry people and especially hungry people with children will do what ever it takes to have what you grow and if not that what your growing in.

    I wish everyone the very best.

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