Mini ice-age conditions bring multiple crop losses globally – Video

Mini-ice-age crop losses.  Prepare for huge increases in food prices. You may want to watch this video twice.

“With the massive losses of at least 32% of US Winter wheat over the first week of May 2017, there are other agriculture losses mounting in regional areas, that when seen combined will add to the overall larger picture. Doubling avocado prices, lemon shortages, massive fruit losses across Europe, vineyards up to 50% loss. The mini ice age crop losses are beginning.”

Thanks to Joe Friday for this video

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    • Well centurion at some point you will be correct and it might not be too far into the future. Stating a figure like 5 years is problematic because what goes on the net stays on the net and in 5 years someone will take a look at your statement and look at the real world and make a decision on your credibility. We all run this risk. It might be wiser to point out the things to look for and the record of history and let time do its work. Sooner or later what we think can happen will happen. It is important not to lose credibility if possible.

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    Squaw Valley’s season to remember is about to get even longer reports The Tahoe Weekly.

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  2. Even the UK bastion of Green Socalism, the print cheer leader after the BBC for AGW and human induced Climate Change, the Guardian reports the following:

    English vineyards report ‘catastrophic’ damage after severe April frost
    French winemaking regions including Champagne, Bordeaux and Burgundy also face squeeze after sub-zero temperatures

    Zoe Wood

    Tuesday 2 May 2017 18.46 BST
    Last modified on Wednesday 3 May 2017 01.00 BST

    English winemakers are reporting “catastrophic” crop damage after the worst frost in a generation wiped out at least half of this year’s grape harvest.

    Chris White, the chief executive of Denbies Wine Estate in Surrey, said up to 75% of its crop was damaged by last week’s sub-zero temperatures: “The temperature dropped to -6C and at that level it causes catastrophic damage to buds,” he said.

    White said staff had worked in vain using special fans and heaters to protect the vineyard, which at 265 acres in the UK’s biggest, after an Arctic blast swept across the UK. “We are very disappointed and it’s quite heartbreaking for the people who work in the vineyard all year round,” he said. “From what I hear the majority of English vineyards have been affected to some degree.”
    Winemakers light fires to fight frost – in pictures
    Read more

    Some of France’s most famous winemaking regions, including Champagne, Bordeaux and Burgundy, were also affected by last week’s severe frosts. The bad weather is expected to mean another poor year for French producers after last year’s cocktail of hail, frost and mildew resulted in one of the smallest harvests in 30 years.

    The blow dealt to this year’s wine harvest is a setback for an industry enjoying huge success, with Denbies, Nyetimber and Ridgeview among the South Downs vintners winning international acclaim for sparkling – and increasingly still – wine produced in an area that has a geology and microclimate similar to Champagne. It also comes after four record years, a strong run that has encouraged the industry to plan a record 1m vines over the next 12 months.

    The number of acres planted with grapevines in England and Wales has already more than doubled to about 5,000 acres over the past 10 years with two big French champagne houses, Taittinger and Vranken-Pommery Monopole, among those investing in English wine projects.

    Chris Foss, head of the wine department at Plumpton College in East Sussex, said he had contacted vineyard owners around the south-east to gauge the bad weather’s impact on this year’s harvest and while some crops were unscathed others had been “decimated” with 90% of buds destroyed. One grower described it as the “worst frost since 1997”.

    “I’ve been in English wine for 30 years and never seen anything like it,” said Foss. “It looks like there will be a 50% drop in this year’s expected yield – if not higher.” The length of the winemaking process means the supply squeeze will not become apparent to wine drinkers until 2018 when this year’s still wines are released and 2020 for sparkling wine.
    Nick Wenman, who owns the Albury organic vineyard in Surrey, said the devastating cold snap had been the biggest setback he had faced since planting the vineyard eight years ago. Despite lighting 500 candles and burners to warm the air, 80% of its vines were damaged by the freezing temperatures.
    “It’s been a stark reminder of the difficulties faced by wine producers in the country, and yes … at this moment we are asking ourselves whether we were mad to try and grow vines in England,” said Wenman who is trying to look on the bright side. “Some buds have escaped altogether and the damaged vines should develop secondary buds … whilst these may not be as fruitful or have as much time to ripen, they give us hope for a harvest this year.”

  3. This pattern of weather is the same as that during SC20 another period of very low EUV being emitted by the Sun, due to the single cycle AMP event.
    The climate effects of this Grand Solar Minimum are only now being felt by humans in the shape of lost crops due to a foreshortened growing season.
    Vineyards in the UK ceased due to cold weather conditions after the Medieval Warm period ended and the world entered 500 years of the Little Ice Age period, caused by a series of GSMs.
    The Modern Warm period has ended and we are now in a two cycle GSM similar to Dalton and the LALIA .
    English vineyards may not be able to continue investing and growing until after 2056, once the harsh effects of this and the next solar cycle have worked themselves out of the climate engine.
    The IPPC and the Carbon Credit fraud have wasted billion of $ on claiming Humans can control the climate, based on an indicator Gas, which is fundamental to life on this planet.
    Their assertions are now costing small business millions of £ based on a biased Green Socialist view that the Warm Period would continue for hundreds of years, at the same time ignoring history and hard real science which contradicts their anti-human development views. This is NIMBYism at its worst.

  4. Europe was already faced with important crop-losses last year .
    This spring the situation has become worse . The doom prophets of CAGW are proven to be totally wrong . Human influence on the climate is ZERO compared to other cosmic influences . Oh yes there will be doom in the coming years , but it will be exactly the opposite of the CAGW forecasts . Abandon the United Nations and all the other totally useless bureaucracies .Life has never been improved by a burocracy .

  5. More than 2 feet of global warming has killed hundreds of cattle in Southeastern Colorado in the last snowstorm. Drifts were said to be up 15-feet high. Here’s the story with pictures on KOAA News 5 television:

    Have proponents of global warming ever convincingly explained how the world can be warming and yet still be getting these storms or is the explanation just more theoretical BS?

    • This reminds me of the old joke about the man who wound up shoveling 6 inches of “no accumulation” off his sidewalk.

  6. I can live without wine or avacados for a year. Easily.

    If there really are people who would destroy staple crops for imperial gain, they are genocidalists worse than Hitler.

    I suspect this is weather, but will consider it to be climate if it continues……

  7. It’s very difficult finding backup for this story on the internet.

    either this story is overblown and false or Google is burying it in the Bowels of their search algorithm.

    peace out.

    • this is Adapt 2030 google that and he puts all of the links to his information. its a great channel to watch.

    • C’mon get real now! Explain yourself why is this Trump’s fault? This is just a trait of sore loser Dems who love t blame him for everything under the sun when these crop losses are actually occurring indirectly for the solar minimum situation…… ice age perhaps? I can’t believe I responded to your baseless accusation. (lol)

  8. And this is what the E.U. SuperNanny State’s agricultural policies were going to micromanage? NOT A CHANCE. A little ice age will be the final nail in the EU’s coffin.

    • If – and it is a big if – we see the EU fall apart then AGW will probably disappear with or without a mini ice age.

      Whilst I want to see AGW disappear – primarily because it is a perversion of real science trashing the reputations of past scientists who did not really support the absurd hypothesis in their time – I would not wish potential catastrophe on humanity via a mini, or otherwise, ice age.

  9. Wheat means bread. Bread is the most basic staple. Virtually everybody eats bread, so food costs will go up for virtually everybody. Container gardening, anyone? Grow potatoes, they’re easy to grow, hardy, and have an enormous yield.

    • Yes and no. Remember the Irish Potato Famine? Don’t go for monocrops or you may regret it. Not that there is anything wrong with potatoes when they do well. But consider also things like rye, barley or oats … all of which can have problems as well.

      I only do container gardening now (easier with arthritis, and I can control weeds in the containers but not in the ground). This year I am trying sweet potatoes for the first time (I do live where I get very long hot summers), and I am also doing tomatoes, chili, eggplant, squash, herbs, and melons. I am planting more flowers too, but trying mainly the ones that pollinators like.

      • But tatties need to be dry before being stored, otherwise wet potatoes with potato blight on the stems before they are harvested end up a stinking mush in the store.
        That is the basis for the Irish Potato Famine, and for some their migration and escape to the new world.
        Although not in a GSM the two blights took place each side of SC9, two cycles after Dalton. It takes time for a biological agent to become established continent wide, in an age without any chemical fungicide. The Greens want to stop the world and get off, leaving the rest of humanity to die off in misery, without any access to the technology humans have developed, as that need energy to function, and the Greens hate human energy production with a passion, unless its wind powered or direct from the Sun, yet some say hydrocarbons came from the Sun via Photosynthesis or even prior to plants with solar interactions with a Hydrogen and organic compound rich atmosphere similar to Titan, and its Methane rain.

  10. While these videos are really great, I think I should warn you that the site from which they come “Adopt 2030” is an advocate of
    AGENDA 2030. This is a UN program which has set the goals that your life is to fulfill.…/22267-un-agenda-2030

    We are talking about the means of arriving at a global oligarchy ruled by the same people who are ultimately creating and financing the Global Warming hoax. Look at the mega-foundations bankrolling the environmental groups:

    Only the people at the top of these groups know that the money comes from the banking families behind the the Federal Reserve and the other ultra-rich would-be global rulers.

    • Penelope, what evidence do have to suggest that?

      And its not Adopt 2030, this ADAPT 2030. Maybe go check things out before spreading false rumours about David DuByne.

  11. I am sure that this will not deter AGW/Climate Change. If you look at passed History, you will find that increasing CO2 Levels =’s increased Global Temperatures but at a certain level of CO2 Global Cooling starts. Soon, very soon the Liberals will figure this out and the Global Cooling will be blamed be blamed on Man’s CO2 and we need to lower it to combat AGC.

    • Increasing atmospheric CO2 lags increasing global temperatures by centuries. Because the solubility of gases in liquids decreases with rising temperature (basic chemistry), warming oceans are net contributors to atmospheric CO2. Cause and effect is confused by the amateur scientists believing in AGW. They are also ignorant of the laws of thermodynamics.

  12. That is one of my greatest fears… food inflation or worse, no food available.

    It’s a main reason why I struggle to continue to work full time despite being 66 and having health issues (mainly arthritis) and problems with access to my workplace due to disability. The fact is… I REMEMBER well, in the early 1970s I could feed myself and my young son for $10 a week… but now (not changing eating habits) just feeding myself is usually $100 or more. And I live in an active agricultural area.

  13. The video was very good BTW, thanks Robert. I usually don’t bother with videos (because I have very slow dial up internet…) but this one I watched.

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