Mini ice age on the way – Video

Ten top scientists now forecast a repeat of the 1600s Maunder Minimum cooling event, says this video from Adapt 2030.

“Average global atmospheric and oceanic temperatures will drop significantly beginning between 2015 and 2016 and will continue with only temporary reversals until they stabilize during a long cold temperature base lasting most of the 2030’s and 2040’s.

“The predicted temperature decline … will likely be the steepest ever recorded in human history, discounting past short-duration volcanic events.

“Space scientist Shrinivas Aundhkar, director of India’s Mahatma Gandhi Mission at the Centre for Astronomy and Space Technology, says declining sunspot numbers in the last two solar cycles could mean a “mini ice age-like situation” is around the corner.…

Thanks to Kevin Bartoszek for this video

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  1. Ive been insulating the house and stocking up on warmer clothes bedding etc for the last few years expecting this.
    and looking to crops that grow in cooler weather.
    apart from the brief few really warm days for the late oct season…Aus is again quite cool nights around 6c at my place. people still burning wood fires.

  2. Dare I say it, dare I say it!

    The science is settled….the world is cooling!!

    Oh brother, here we go again.

    Actually, anyone one with half a brain, and a modicum of scientific knowledge, can very well see that the world is cooling, and has been for some years.

    But that isn’t the important matter. What is more important is how are we going to deal with it. Think about it. If it cools like it did even during the MM (Maunder Minimum), all those countries in extreme northern (southern) temperate latitudes are going to be for very difficult times. 400 years ago, there were no passports, people moved around, if need be, to climes of greater warmth and food. That will not be possible this time.

    Who’d want to be a Swede, or Fin, or Nord? And the big one, if it does cold, and I mean cold like during the 17th century, what is Russia going to do? That is a truly scary thought.

    • I wonder if that was one reason that Russia annexed Crimea. A coming ice age of any magnitude may prove the foresight of their move to get that peninsula back.

  3. Yet to see any definite proof of global cooling. When the atlantic goes into its cool phase which should occur by 2020 coupled with low solar activity, there should be a definite temperature drop and no amount of data manipulation will be able to disprove this.

  4. Hence the BRICKs saying over our cold dead bodies to the UN Climate Communists, and, if the US via the UN wants to pay us not to burn as much coal, or build as many new plants, we will take your money, and your jobs because you can no longer complete with our cheap as chips energy.
    West Germany can no longer compete with the US in the Chemical s industry.
    The UK can no longer compete with the Chinese in the Steel industry energy and so called climate levies imposed by labor have destroyed their own supporter’s jobs for nothing.
    The UK can no longer compete in the Aluminum smelting industry having closed the nuclear power source for it and not replaced it with a similar 365/24/7 energy source Again, due to the anti-nuclear stance of the Green terrorists in the UK.
    In short, European industry can no longer compete with the rest of the world due to the Green Terrorists tying up any industrial developments in legal challenges based on charitable donations. As they are political campaigning organizations they should loose any charitable status they have and be bankrupted when they loose.

  5. Events like a Maunder minimum are generally a sub cycle in a little ice age if the record of climate history is correct.

  6. How do we know it will be only a “mini-ice age” type of event? Could this trigger a full blown glaciation?

    • No, a full on Ice Age needs a significant geological event for that to happen at the same time as a solar slow down.
      This solar minimum now consists of a Shallow AMP A event during SC23 a major AMP A event during this Solar Cycle and a second even deeper AMP A event during the next cycle SC25.
      SC26 and SC27 are expected to have the same output capability as SC20 as the Sun regenerates energy to return to normal output levels after 2056.

  7. Not a mini ice age when the whole solar system in changing.this may be the arctuarian pole shift.maybe them lost hall of records are being kept secret .

  8. The chilly air is not much rain and the background temperature of 5-10 degrees below normal.
    In the Urals and south-eastern regions of Western Siberia, the maximum temperature in the daytime is expected at the level of -11…- 17, in some places up to -20 degrees.
    (“Meteonovosti” / 12:57 Saturday, November 14)

  9. I’m exhausted from being so angry at the leaders who are spreading global warming lies, lies about the economy, lies about false flags, and more.
    I’m trying to focus on “what can I do? ”
    About the elitists? Not a damn thing. In my own home, though, I’ve started taking the “be prepared” comments to heart. Food storage, a little cash, a little silver. I’m growing fall/winter veggies and have some hens. South central Texas is great for fall crops.

    What else can we do? All comments welcome.

    • That’s a good start. Also consider a wood burner that you can cook on, wood supply, and a water supply that doesn’t require electricity to get it. And insulate the house..

    • Don’t get angry, get even. Expose the climate weasels who are selling their votes to the climate fraudsters, then vote them out of office.
      Then campaign to your elected representatives to have the tenured fraudsters in the US University climate departments sacked for taking part in a massive fraud of the entire human race. A fraud committed using Taxpayer funds, now that is worthy of using RICO.


    Wiki / Paleoclimatology good illustration of last 500 million years of climate change . . . hundreds of cycles of global warming / cooling over last 50 million years . . . long term trend has been cooling for 250 million years . . . 10 cycles of global warming / cooling in last 1 million years . . . if the historic cycles continue we are due for the next long cooling cycle sometime in the near geological future . . . it may be happening now.

    The last ice age (the one that ended 12,000 years ago) was the coldest in 300 million years, if the long term cooling trend continues the next may be colder than the last.

    If the long term cooling trend continues, the world will surely end in ice.

      • Well perhaps a long while, time to get off this rock, there is plenty of prime real estate orbiting Sol with no sitting tenants. I also vote to leave the Democrat Gullible Warmists behind, they can keep the place warmish or not, at least the polar bears will have the odd snack..

  11. Whatever, so far we in Western and Northern Europe are lucky to have escaped below average temperatures. In fact we’ve been having above average temperatures lately, even op to 7 degrees above average for the time of year.
    But then this above average temperature is wind driven as usual, coming from the Mediterranean region or from the Azores. And when the wind turns North or East, way down the temperature goes to a normal average, nothing spectacular so far. Due to warmer seawater than average, caused by submarine volcanic activity, or is the Earth’s core actually heating up, or what’s really going on ? (movie 2012?)
    I’m confused concerning the true nature of climatechange in our time. A cooling atmosphere and the interior of Earth warming up, caused by spaceweather influences ?
    I give up !

    • Given, that the low pressure system which is normally parked over Iceland has migrated south by 900 miles, probably due to the driving meridional jet stream over the Atlantic. This giant low has been present since the spring and continuing for the period up to the end of the year equinox.
      The consequence is that the Gulf stream has been pushed well over to the European coast, and the low has supplied warm wet air from the Azores which has gave the UK its lousy but warm and wet summer monsoon until the end of September.
      Nothing to do with the earths core, or submarine volcanic activity, just the South Westerly Wind as usual, and your right, once the high pressure system become embedded in place from Iceland to Scandinavia from the turn of the year, Western Europe will get pasted on a par with 47 and 63.

  12. “What can we do?”
    The underlying cause of ALL this corruption of government (which is truly now at crisis level) is the fact that the monetary system is not controlled by the government, but by the “banksters”. The “federal reserve system” is OWNED by the “too big to fail” banks.

    The best way to solve this problem is to help the “Public Banking Institute”
    Anyone can do this by joining the campaign to set up a State Bank in their own state – like the Bank of North Dakota, the only state which is in the black, and does NOT send its money to Wall Street.

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