Mini ice age predicted as sun ‘hibernates’

A freeze, “the like of which has not been experienced since the 1600s.”

A team of European researchers have unveiled a scientific model showing that the Earth is likely to experience a “mini ice age” from 2030 to 2040 as a result of decreased solar activity.

At the National Astronomy Meeting in Wales, Northumbria University professor Valentina Zharkova said fluctuations in the 11-year solar cycle would be responsible for a freeze, the like of which has not been experienced since the 1600s.

From 1645 to 1715 global temperatures dropped due to low solar activity so much that the planet experienced a 70-year ice age known as Maunder Minimum which saw the River Thames in London completely frozen.

She said: “In cycle 26, the two waves exactly mirror each other, peaking at the same time but in opposite hemispheres of the Sun.

“We predict that this will lead to the properties of a ‘Maunder minimum., said Professor Zharkova.

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  1. I wish there was a full translation. Saw this video the other day and thought the cameraman must have been a little distracted. Close up on her eyes, necklace, kind of odd.

  2. While I agree that the effects will be very pronouned by 2030. I believe that we are already seeing the signs today. Signs of a.cooling planet are all over the place. And it’s just going to intensify with every passing year from here in. On the good side it’s going to get harder and harder for the environment nuts to keep this scam going. As the data has already been so manipulated and skewed that it’s nearly impossible to know where we stand. I expect that even as we pass a degree or so cooler globally their data will still nothing if not warming still. Very dangerous game they are playing. We have to win this. If planetary temps drop by as little at 3 degrees Celsius it will fundamentally change everything. Energy use and food production being the hardest hit areas. And with the green taxes going the way they are
    Once our demand starts to skyrocket due to out extreme Temps not only will supply and demand drive prices through the roof for energy but the green taxes taked on there will make it nearly impossible for low income people to heat there homes/ drive there cars etc. Which just turns into a run away problem. But the ski resorts will sure enjoy long extended seasons, if they don’t have to shut down due to massive amounts of snow. This has happened a few times I’m my local are. Mount Washington on vancouver island… has had to shut down on several occasions because there was too much snow to run the lifts. I remeber one year in peticular that there was over 30 feet of snow at the base of mountain. After one of the last huge storms which dropped over 7 feet on the area. The resort had to shut because they had to truck snow away from the ski hill. If u were riding the lifts there were several spots where skis were touching the ground as u rode up the mountain. And that was even cut.out hugely around the lifts. I remeber 10+ fopt trenches cut into snow where lifts ran. Way off topic I know but I see this coming back soon, if not even this winter. Between 2002 and 2013 there were 4 seasons that had so much snow and cold weather stretching so far into the summer that we would go skiing on the father’s day weekend. And even at that time there would be 15+ feet still on the slopes. This mountain in particular had to stop doing mountainted biking in the summer because the amount of snow removal needed made it not worth the investment. I see. Much more of these extremes worldwide. StartING sooner than later. If the freeze up of Greenland this fall is any indication of things to come, this winter again could be one for the records, even with the El Nino currently.building in Pacific. Next year’s swing to LA Nina could be the actual turning point for global Temps. We shall see

    Keep warm everyone. Invest in çoats/food and energy. All these things will be worth their weight in gold in the coming years.

  3. And today, Dear Leader, Obozo, squashed the Keystone Pipeline Project to SAVE the world from global warming.

    Of course, Greenpeace is ecstatic, saying it is a big step in the fight against global warming.

    • Don’t worry. TransCanada was already working on the Energy East version that takes the oil to the east of Canada and ships it to India for refining.

      The extra CO2 won’t stop the “little” ice age coming but at least the crops will grow better until it hits. Stock up people.

    • On squashing the keystone pipeline. Rail tank cars now benefit from a monopoly as being the only viable way of getting oil from the fracking fields to the terminals for processing and shipment. Berkshire Hathaway bought Burlington Northern and Santa Fe railroad sometime ago when The red herring in the main stream media was that railroads were a”dying” industry(a cover to soften the price?) Berkshire now enjoys a major position in domestic oil transport. Berkshire’s Chairman is a major Obama contributer. See, there really still is quid pro quo in my opinion. LoL

      • Warren Buffet does love him some Obama…I wonder just how much he contributed in a super PAC to the Obama presidential campaigns? Exactly why I’m voting Trump I have no worry about him being bought

  4. I’ll say it again – Theodor Lanscheidt from before 2004 predicted that by 2030 the Earth would be gripped by another potential solar minimum of Maunder proportions.

    “We need not wait until 2030 to see whether the forecast of the next deep Gleissberg minimum is correct. A declining trend in solar activity and global temperature should become manifest long before the deepest point in the development.

    The current 11-year sunspot cycle 23 with its considerably weaker activity seems to be a first indication of the new trend, especially as it was predicted on the basis of solar motion cycles two decades ago.

    As to temperature, only El Niño periods should interrupt the downward trend, but even El Niños should become less frequent and strong.

    The outcome of this further long-range climate forecast solely based on solar activity may be considered to be a touchstone of the IPCC’s hypothesis of man-made global warming. ”

    And wouldn’t it be funny if the whole El-Nino/La-Nina cycle turned out to be driven by volcanic activity along the eastern Pacific ring of fire region.

    More activity correlating to more ocean warming and causing an El-Nino event and a slowdown correlating to less ocean warming causing an La-Nina event.

    Why would volcanic fluctuate – it just does as is evidenced regularly.

    Given the rapid onset of El-Nino events an extraordinary amount of extra energy is required to heat up the ocean – why is it so improbable that it is volcanic in origin ?

    Certainly seems improbable that 0.04% atmospheric CO2 drives it – especially as El-Nino events culminate with a release of heat to the atmosphere.

    • Rosco, thanks for your many comments here.
      It makes sense that the oceans are warmed by the crust. Only a small increase in magma flow would be required to raise an area of sea-bed one degree C.
      AGW folk try and pretend it is due to increasing CO2 yet you try warming a bowl of water with a hair drier and all you get is evaporation with difficult to measure temp change and the bottom of the bowl remains unchanged. No-one has ever logically explained to me how the black depths are warmed by the air or sunlight.
      Those Pacific ocean surface temp maps show an intense hot spot off the tip of the Californian peninsula and there are a variety of other hot spots which do not support either atmospheric or solar warming.

    • Volcanic eruptions seem to correlate with surges in solar activity as shown by the solar wind speed and density. If that lessens it would follow that eruptions would too.

    • El Ninos are surface water events. Sun-heated surface water is blown by the tropical Westerlies and collects over by the Phillipines. When the wind pattern gets disturbed the piled up warm water flows back across the Pacific. A better candidate is the warm Pacific blob off our coast.

  5. NASA will retroactively edit the sun spot graphs to make things look like there is no solar minimum worth worrying about just like they already have for SSC24 . The technique seems to be to always falsify the present and past to control the future and public perception. Orwell would not be surprised by the antics of these modern day big brother wannabees.

  6. Ok, but since we are in an ‘interglacial’ period, and they only last so long, why is the obvious still being ignored? ie… it isn’t just a ‘mini’ ice age, but rather a regular ice age we are entering.

    • Because CO2 has been promoted to be the current bogey man and converted into a taxation cash cow, regardless that it is a critical plant fertilizer, and that its levels in the atmosphere are critically low at present.
      That warm seawater hold less CO2 in suspension than cold sea water.
      That we have just finished a major solar warm period similar to the Roman and Medieval periods, hence the lagged rise in CO2.
      That volcanism and ocean rifting increases markedly during solar minimum periods thereby warming the ocean at depth, due in the main, to the gravitation changes induced by our Sun executing a 10 year trefoil orbit around the Solar System BarryCentre.
      Taxation money is everything and the Western Government and the UN will not give this source of cash up for anything. We have been told to eat Carbon Credit Cake, perhaps removing a few professional academic heads might be appropriate to expose the fraud they are practicing.

  7. I have seen ice core temperature graph that showed the start of a rapid drop right at 1610. Also read somewhere maunder cycle is every 405-407 yrs. I think the 1645 date is the middle when they admitted Galileo was correct about sun spots and didn’t chop off his head, but it was to late for the people who already starved and froze in the 15 or 20 years before 1645. Russian scientist Habibulio Abdussamatov stood right in chicago in 2010 and told us there would be a sharp temperature drop to begin in 2014. If these figures are correct or even close, well, why is it only Russia gets to say Maunder on the news?. Robert, am I correct at all?

    • The sun has several cycles, but its moderated by the Jovian Gas Giants.
      This solar minimum was predicted by landscheidt.
      See the following to be hindcast and forcast previous Solar Minimums:
      Are Uranus & Neptune Responsible for Solar Grand Minima and Solar Cycle Modulation?
      International Journal of Astronomy and Astrophysics September 3rd 2013 volume 3 number 3.
      The full paper can be downloaded for free at:

      The paper above is dependent on the Suns AMP events during SC23 (shallow) and this cycle SC24 (deep)

    • Russian ( and Soviet) and Chinese scientists have never bought into the global warming scam. They have no need to fear being attacked for following the correct scientific method of research – seeking the answers not starting with the answer. Ironic given that global warming is a marxist belief but then it has been suggested that neither country wants the UN to control the world.

  8. “Double dynamo”? Such nonsense… The sun has a polar field by way of E=mc2 it doesn’t cancel itself out… it is more likely that the polarities come to rest at the geographical poles for extended periods, I’ve been saying for years if this were to happen, the polarities would not interact with each other, therefore no sunspots would develop…

    • The Sun actually does have 2 “dynamos” – its angular momentum due to its rotation about its own axis and another due to its rotations about the centre of mass of the solar system which is often found outside of the sun’s volume.

      Whilst the Sun has huge mass it is affected by the planets – especially the giant planets.

      Whilst climate “science” is in its infancy mechanics is well described science – especially when describing macro bodies like the Sun.

      The fact that the Sun rotates about 2 centres – its axis and the centre of mass of the solar system is REAL having been described mathematically by Sir Isaac Newton centuries ago !

      You may claim ““Double dynamo”? Such nonsense…” but the actual evidence clearly says you are wrong !!!!

      • Actually the sun does not have a”dynamo” the sun has an enormous polar field, it interacts with the planets on a very basic level, I have a question, why be so complicated?

  9. The question one always has is this:

    ‘Has this model got any forward-moving validation yet?’

    The scientist is predicting solar cycles 25 and 26 and I guess the question is what the basis for the modelling is and has it yet been validated in real time?

    I’m asking as an interested member of the public who doesn’t know the answers, not someone trying to damn the research.

    Questions I’d ask:
    1. The parameters being measured to use in the modelling: how far back does the data go? (How many 11 year cycles would be a pertinent question).
    2. How many cycles have you therefore modelled?
    3. Has this model been used to project cycle 24 (i.e. was it around before 2008?)

    Of course, scientists have to work with what they have, so the question might be to ask what other data sets, not necessarily to do with the sun at all, might suggest that this may be going to happen?

    • You probably know the Earth’s orbit is elliptical.

      You probably know that the “solar constant” isn’t really a constant but an average over the year’s elliptical orbit and varies from ~1325 to ~1420 Watts per square metre.

      You probably know that other parameters affecting the Earth’s orbit such as the declination and the timing and ellipticity – the distances from the Sun – of aphelion/perihelion associated with these changes over time in cycles identified by Milankovitch .

      These cycles have thousands to hundreds of thousands of years periodicity.

      You probably know that the solar cycles referred to are approximately 11 years long and solar activity is measured by the number of sunspots.

      Climate scientists claim that TSI – total solar irradiance -varies by only 0.1 percent and is basically negligible – despite 0.1% of 1370 being currently larger than the “radiative forcing” attributed to CO2.

      TSI is not the only mechanism whereby energy is delivered to Earth by the Sun – magnetic field effects, mass ejections occur all the time but Climate scientists do not factor these in to their hypothesis about CO2.

      What a lot of people do not know is that the Sun actually revolves around the centre of mass of the solar system which is often outside of the Sun’s area. This makes sense as even though the Sun is huge there is considerable mass revolving around this same centre of gravity all the time and the positions of the centre of mass changes. The giant planets, having the largest mass influence this the most but the inner larger rocky planets play a role.

      Thus there are other cycles at play on a whole different set of parameters as the positions of planets changes all the time.

      So the sun has not only spin momentum based on its spin about its axis but also extra angular momentum based on the orbit it has about the centre of mass of the solar system.

      Now spin and angular momentum is sound science – probably we could rightly call it “settled”.

      Anyway the theory is that we know a lot of the dynamics of the solar system and this can be used to predict certain events.

      There is correlation between these and observations which forms a theory of solar variability based on Gleissberg cycles.

      So to answer your questions :-

      1. Read this to see an answer

      2. The theory has been used as a model of some observational records going back to the year 1000 and extends to beyond 2200 – obviously a forecast.

      3. Landscheidt had been working on his theories for several decades before his death in 2004. So – Yes the theory has been around long before cycle 24 commenced in 2008.

      Solar physicists have been working to put together more understanding of the Sun for decades and more and more appear to be accepting the possibility of using Gleissberg cycles to make predictions about solar activity and some are announcing now.

      Habibullo Ismailovich Abdussamatov is a Russian astrophysicist of Uzbek descent. Abdussamatov made predictions of cooling to beyond 2030 many years ago as well.

      Some believe Russia is attempting to gain influence in more temperate regions because their government sees a cold few decades coming hence their interest in extending territory.

      Who knows – it could be true. It makes more sense to me than a trace gas destroying life on Earth – especially when all geologic evidence points to life flourishing when the atmosphere had ten times the levels of CO2 as today.

      • Rosco,thanks for that Landscheidt link, read it all,like the NO9 graph. If one looks at the warm spikes that are really close to the cold spikes you should be able to realize just how fast climate changes. Isn’t it a shame we have to argue with spoiled brats and thieves , when we have all this detailed info out now. On that graph it kinda looks more like a Sporer min, with a 20 year break between 2050 & 2100.

    • Professor Zharkova said the Maunder Minimum would start in 2020 and end in 2055 when the Sun will resume its normal activity. But, IMO, it’s already begun, and we are seeing signs of it now.

      I can’t figure out how she can be so sure of those dates. Just seems a bit cut and dried to me!

  10. The climate of the Pleistocene was characterized by a series of glaciations, where glaciers extended deep down into Europe and North America. In the first one and a half million years the glacial cycles lasted the around 41,000 years, while in the last 800,000 years they lasted approximately 100,000 years. The glaciations were separated by relatively short lasting warming periods called interglacials, so that an actual glaciation period typically lasted 90,000 years and the following interglacial period 10,000 years. The climate and duration of the interglacials varied however, some were warmer than the present and others were colder, most lasted about the ten thousand years, but some lasted nearly 25,000 years.

    In the present we live in such an interglacial period, called the Holocene. Scandinavia is an area that can be expected to be covered by ice during a coming glaciation period, as the the land previously had been many times during the last 800,000 years.

    Therefore we must have a strong interest in exploring how climate will evolve through the rest of our interglacial period, and when the period will finish.
    And they are fighting against Global Warming…

    • Frankly it’s a death march to try and defeat Solar induced global warming, or solar inducted global cooling for that matter.
      What you can do is steward the environment so that it is clean and can support wildlife and fish can live and breed in the rivers.
      That also means cleaning up the pollutions before they are emitted to the outside world.
      This also means moving peoples out of harms way or adapting then to a coastal environment as the Inuit did in Greenland when the first of the solar minimums started around 600 AD. Solar Minimums cause the sea level to drop over 60 years by nearly a meter. Solar Warm periods recover the sea level but not to the previous values.
      Global Warming will be controlled by Global cooling it’s a natural cycle, of warming and cooling, each warming period has a lower head line temperature and so the cycle goes on until the climate switches over into a glaciations period of 100,000 year. If you want a shorter Glaciations period, fill in the Drake Passage, and allow Antarctica to thaw. Pacifica won’t like it, I’ll prefer it to be 6C warmer in the UK and live in a Mediterranean climate, but that’s just me.

  11. As usual, see how it plays out by 2030. Live carefully. Watch how money runs politics and the AGW agenda.

  12. We have lived in Australia since 1988, we arrived on the 4th Nov 1988. On the day we arrived it was 42 degrees C in Sydney. Every year since we have come to expect a heatwave somewhere between 20 Oct and 9 Nov, it seems like it is a regular patten, and I have no memory of heatwave not arriving. This year we have to date been lucky if our Temps have even got to 30 degrees C. We have had a very cool Oct or thats the way it seems.

    • This year not one day over 40C which is odd for my Capital City in Australia.
      Feb and March being the two hottest months.

  13. New studies flip climate-change notions upside down

    The sun will go into “hibernation” mode around 2030, and it has already started to get sleepy. At the Royal Astronomical Society’s annual meeting in July, Professor Valentina Zharkova of Northumbria University in the UK confirmed it – the sun will begin its Maunder Minimum (Grand Solar Minimum) in 15 years. Other scientists had suggested years ago that this change was imminent, but Zharkova’s model is said to have near-perfect accuracy.

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