“Mini Ice Age is here to stay,” says astrophysicist

“Major cold plunges hit Europe April and May 2017.”

“The developing Mini-Ice-Age is now in a NEW PHASE and here to stay 20 years” says Piers Corbyn, astrophysicist of WeatherAction.


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  1. The good news is that the so called modern warming period is now in the process of ending(now – through coming years) as solar activity is becoming very weak and will become weaker as we move forward.

    I expect global mean temperatures to be at or below 30 year average means within the next 12 months.

    I think it is a very low solar/increase albedo /lower overall sea surface temperature play that will result in lower global temperatures as we move forward from here.

    Low solar – If solar irradiance deceases say by .15% that is a .2c reduction in global temperatures just do to that factor alone.

    Increase albedo – even a 1/2 of 1% increase will result in a significant global temperature drop. Albedo should increase in response to very low solar conditions which should result in an increase in major volcanic activity , increase in global cloud coverage and sea ice/snow coverage.

    Increasing galactic cosmic rays being a main factor for major volcanic activity to increase and global cloud coverage to increase while less EUV light should result in a more meridional atmospheric circulation which would also result in more clouds and also greater snow coverage.

    I think at the start of global cooling the atmospheric circulation becomes more meridional only later to transition to a more zonal circulation.

    Overall lower sea surface temperatures – this should happen as a result of weakening UV light which penetrates the ocean surface to significant depths which should impact the surface ocean temperatures.

    My solar criteria which is now coming into play are

    solar flux 90 or less

    solar wind 350 km/sec or less

    cosmic ray counts 6500 units or greater

    euv light less then 100 units and uv light lessening just below visible light wavelengths

    solar irradiance off by .15%

    imf – 4.2 nt or lower

    ap index – 5 or lower but isolated spikes which could contribute to an increaae in geological activity

    All of this in combination with a weakening geo magnetic field which should compound given solar effects.

    The test is on now that solar is finally reaching my cooling criteria and if global temperatures do not drop despite these low solar conditions I will be wrong, on the other hand if they do I think we will have to conclude that AGW theory is dead.

    • Very interesting, but one possible contributor to warm ocean waters could be increased under sea volcanism. When one examines the unusually warm region that developed in the mid-Pacific over the last few years, it seems that the easiest explanation would be warming from undersea heating because there was no obvious warm plume of water that had originated in an equatorial region and then moved into that mid-Pacific location. Just an idea.

  2. What do you mean “The good news is that the so called modern warming period is now in the process of ending”???? You like cold? I hate it. I much prefer warmth.

    Anyway I’m afraid you are correct in your theory so I’ll say congrats now rather than when I’m shivering.

  3. @Salvatore Del Prete
    That is why there is currently a big push with media stories of warming? They know it will get colder soon, and that significant date for the Paris Agreement just happens to align with the projected end of this cycle/ start of solar cycle 25. The UN elitists wish to have everyone tied up in legal paperwork before they make their next big move (in Big Banking? World Trade currency?)

    I also note that the overall averaged sun-spot activity since cycle 23 has been continuously falling looking exactly like the beginning of a climatic minimum. — from my inexpert eye it looks like a drop somewhere between the 1870’s drop and the Dalton drop.
    Either way we have interesting times ahead!

  4. Now that actually sounds like science! Even if you’re wrong at least you mention the sun predominantly as the factor in our global temperature not man.

  5. How long before the MSM finally gives up on climate change alarmism? I say it will die a hard death only after two more long, cold winters coupled to two unusually cool summers – three more years tops – 2020.

    • Their narrative will be this is cloud cover from warm oceans. They will never give up. That’s implies that they were wrong; the greatest fear of the totalitarian liberal.

  6. I keep seeing 20 yr, 30 yr, 200 yr and 400 yr, cooling periods being forecast. If it’s 20 or 30 yrs-nothing new there. The only difference would be if the cold is abnormally intense.

  7. Hi Salvatore,
    IMHO until EUV rises back to levels last seen during SC22, the jet streams will stay far more meridional, than lateral until the very short, three year and still low output Solar Max period during SC25.
    The rise to solar max should start in around 4 years from now dependent on when SC24 ends.
    I also think the drop in av. Temperatures will be much more significant than .2C over the next 30 years, more like 1.5C, but with still recovering CO2 levels.
    This is dependent on how many major volcanic eruptions take place during the this cyclic Grand Solar Minimum period. The following Gleissberg three cycle period will also depress solar output.

  8. That’s not good news, it’s very bad news.
    Even though a bit of beneficial warming suits the global warming hoax narrative, the world can afford to waste some of its substance on moonbeam generators etc so long as the climate supports more productive agriculture.
    If it gets colder, no-one will know anyway, because the figures will be fudged to hide it, and millions (billions?) will suffer.

  9. irradiance/albedo/change/ loss worries me
    NOT good for plants that need warm to ripen properly
    root crops will be ok
    above ground n grains not so much

    • The last major 3 months heat wave the UK experienced was in 1976, at the end of the AMP affected SC20 solar cycle. The weather broke on the July Saturday I got married, and I’m still married to the same lady regardless of the Thunder clap, the minute I said “I do”.
      In terms of energy output we are now at the same point as 1976 – 6 years earlier in the cycle.
      Grand Solar Minimums are not only associated with long cold deep snowy winters, but with drought and hot summer periods, all due to the summer European/NAO, coupled with Meridional jet streams pushing Rain north into the Gap between Scotland and Iceland and into Scandinavia.
      In Asia and in China GSM drought produced famine and massive loss of life. During Dalton Millions died, as they have done though previous documented GSMs.
      CO2 is just a gaseous plant food; the real vector of climate change is radiation and EUV in particular and its affects on the worlds Jet Streams.

    • One of those people who don’t get the reality of it all until it hit’s you in the face hey lol… What the hell could science possibly know that you don’t right?!? Weather is good somewhere clearly nothing is wrong… lmfao.

      • Real science dose know this, but eventually the truth will out during the next 30 years of cold weather
        The AGW fraud is political speak, based on making energy so expensive that become uneconomic for the Western countries to earn a living making and selling goods.
        Globalisation then moves the industrial work to regions of the world where labour is cheap, environmental controls are none existent, or are based in countries with one party state, object and you disappear.

    • Still waiting for the ‘heatwave’, Paul. And I hope it’s a real one, not the kind of ‘heatwave’ that lasts 3 days. Funny how the word has been hijacked to fit the AGW propaganda agenda. And the joke is that the sheeple fall for it. 🙂

  10. I have been working with my small garden project the last ten years, experimenting, using the skills of my father, the gardener, only copying his work in and by hand. But, since he had been passed away too long ago, I had to learn the intruiging questions how to beat the bugs and the flyies without using the common pesticedes without his skills.
    Well, last years was a disaster regarding to prevent the flyers to destroy my cauliflyers. Then, I learned from i friend of mine in Northern Norway if you put up a fence of fibre sheets, of point 1 meter, 60 ceentimeter high, the flyes wrill not be able to cross over into the bed.

    I also use the Queen of England garden policy, no pesticide approuch, using garlic and pepper powder in the beds. This year I have invested in a ski gas flame (for preparating skies),, tourching the surface of the beds to get rid of the eggs of the bugs. If it will work, I do not know.

    Then, another point, the last 3 years, to start the season has been more and more difficult because the spring has been delayed. Last year I installed an electric heather into my greenhouse. because of the the below zero C nights. This year I have also insulated my greenhouse with fibre fabric. My tomato plants and pepper plants is growing well (pepper plants do not love temperture below 12 C).

    And all my seeds i have been bying from UK, Franchi seeds. It is an Italian seed company that produce seeds from the inner valleys of Italy. It was established at 1783. I love them and they work. No GMO as I have noticed.

    I store the seeds in dry insulated boxes in the basement, at low temperture, and even after 3 to 5 years, peppers and tomatoes seeds are willing to start to grow.

    My last comment; fibre fabric sheetes are necessary in the envirement we are having now to manage plants that are vunerable to zero C temperature.

    A lot to learn about bugs and shorter growing seassons, the hard way.
    All the Best,

  11. I belive this is a temporary affect to a much larger changes in the earth internally. A total end of the interglacial as both poles separate melting them completely as the. Outer core moves in the. Opposite direction of the iner core.this is what swarm satellites may be showing. A magnetic reconnection of the iner and outer core.

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