Minnesota – 121-Year-Old Cold Record Topples

Feels like fall in northern Minnesota. Coldest July30 since William McKinley was president.

The mercury dipped to 37 F this morning in International Falls, breaking the previous record of 38 F set back in 1898.

According to WCCO, “temperatures in the area don’t typically reach the 30s until late September, early October.”


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10 thoughts on “Minnesota – 121-Year-Old Cold Record Topples”

  1. some 12yrs ago a friend married a minnestoran chap
    they went to there to viosit his parents
    she was moaning it wasnt snowy and how agw was warming the world
    we no longer speak as me laughing at her…upset her
    i sorta wish I could find her to have a bigger laugh watching the following years stay colder n snowier there.

  2. I am more confused than ever. On the one hand I look at blogs on the Internet like yours, as well as You-Tube channels such as Adapt 2030, and obtain a clear picture that North America is cooling and that the Arctic is at least stable, but on the other hand I see a report in The Times that the UK has had all of its hottest years since 2002, and that this the clearest undeniable evidence yet of man made climate change. Which is true? Is it possible that America is indeed cooling but that Western Europe is warming? This matter is so politicized today that I fear that the integrity has gone out of meteorology. I have never seen so many media articles on climate change as this summer. One key problem is that Britain is at the center of the climate change narrative, and that the Jet Streams are not helping by always putting warm or hot air over us. If only the Jet Stream put all the heat records over Mongolia, and the cold air over Britain. Then this politicization would go away!

    • john firstly it wont go away wherever anything waqrmish can be found
      and YES its ALL about politics!! always was
      the entire co2 scam is designed to scare people into giving up sovreignty and allow the eu overlords to establish a socialist one world ruling class..of which they are of course “more Equal” than others due to their enormous virtuous “saving” of us minions from our nasty comfortable car and aircon owning hell where we eat meat as we want and can afford and have freedom to travel think speak and associate.
      its lentils and pushbikes all round folks.
      and ps in Victoria overnight Cooma got down to minus 7.3c
      and a mate on russia is having 8c or less nights and 14c or so days in summer. their present summer is equalling our daily downunder winter chilly days.

    • It’s the Grand Solar Minimum at work. It brings extremes through meridonal jet streams and the extreme weather is bad for crops. During the minimum period the temperatures on average have begun to fall back globally, but even still there will be pockets of extreme heat in the summer. Alaska for example is several degrees warmer than normal during this period as the cold winds get funneled between the Rockies and the Appalachian Mountains by these jets.

  3. Politicization will never go away, unless all the politicians go away.

    They are hoping to do that, by moving into underground cities, but I suspect they are planning to stick around to do as much damage to the rest of us as possible before they retreat.

    These so-called elite are in the process of committing the most heinous act of genecide this planet has ever seen, but they will not escape the consequences.

    My advice to all: get right with God, and save the last bullet.

  4. Isn’t it marvellous? Tthe BBC DOES NOT REPORT THIS COLD RECORD IN MINNESOTA …..but they repeat ad infinitum that the UK has just had the highest temperature on record.

    It also reports that Greenland ice is melting more than ever.
    In fact the BBC is FULL of GLOBAL WARMING reports, but nothing on cold records like this one in Minnesota

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