Minnesota Governor issues Executive Order due to late spring

Farmers “facing a delayed and shortened spring planting season.” 

Emergency Executive Order 18-07

Mark Dayton, Governor of the State of Minnesota, issued the Executive Order, which says in part:

“Whereas, due to late snowfalls and later than usual snowmelt, farmers in Minnesota are faced with a
delayed and shortened spring planting season;

“Whereas, it is anticipated that farmers will be planting through late May and early June which could
exacerbate the problem;

“Whereas, relief is needed to ensure that a sufficient supply of fe1iilizer and other resources such as
drivers and trucks are available to enable farmers to complete crop planting.

“Now, Therefore, I hereby order that:
1. A state of emergency exists in Minnesota that requires relief from regulations incorporated in
Minnesota Statutes, section 221.0314 subdivision 9, pe1iaining to hours of service for carriers
and drivers of commercial motor vehicles obtaining and delivering anhydrous ammonia or other
fe1iilizers, and providing direct assistance in emergency relief efforts.”

Governor Dayton signed the Executive Order on 16 May 2018.

This is how it begins.

Delayed and shortened planting seasons are to be expected during a little ice age.

Please consider stockpiling some food.

See entire order:

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21 thoughts on “Minnesota Governor issues Executive Order due to late spring”

  1. Is that why they turn a blind eye to Ukrainian refugees from an actual ongoing war in preferance of people adapted to life on the equator whose neighbors are actually closing the refugee camp for lack of conflict? And the reverse racist protesters that don’t care about Ukrainians strangely?

  2. Looks like the locked up farm land here in the south will have to be utilized for the unforeseen future. Mr. Trump could save the government money by no longer paying croppers to sit idle, fire up the ol’ diesel and get ur done. Then maybe we can get our governor here in Arkansas to give some relief to those already farming and those wishing to by reducing some of the highest taxes for farmers in the nation, giving them an incentive to farm, generate some revenue to actually assist farmers in growing not to keep the tanks empty of fuel and the silos empty of grain and corn. It is time for the south to prosper again for as long as we can anyway, before all hell breaks loose.

  3. 1 acre of reasonable ground grows suficent food for 20 people.
    Learn to garden, or small holding husbandry.
    The energy civilisation depends on just in time deliveries of all products including staples such as food. Most food distribution systems have about three weeks of supply in the chain.
    With the exception, as yet, of this Grand Solar Minimum, every GSM is associated with civilisation breakdown and the birth of new ones or major popluation loss.
    That process of breakdown included loss of crops, famine, due in the main to Drought rather than frost and cold, followed by disease.
    In the LALIA this was the blackdeath, in this GSM it could be Bird Flu, or even Ebola.
    In China they have recorded many GSMs and the drought induced famines which accompanies them.

  4. timely reminder for those who havent been listening to warnings.
    and well done to the governor for actually being on the ball to assist BEFORE the mess hit the fan..or roads in this case. weird they control truck hrs for simple semiloads of fertiliser etc?
    in Aus the only time limits we have are for extra wide equipment moving or transportable homes being shifted etc
    in summer our B-double extra long semis run day and night moving grain to ports n silos

  5. Stockpiling food is a deadend. Grow all you can. Use crops that can handle cooler wetter conditions. And learn how to feed your soil not the plants.

    If you stockpile it will run out and crop losses prevent restocking.

    • If you stockpile it will run out …

      Not only that, the propensity of human nature who lack foresight and react by stealing what they need from others who DID means that inevitably one would be a target if it was known you had a cache to last years. Skills are what’s needed, including how to forage, grow your own food, defend one’s self, and—don’t laugh—learn how to bake your own bread. When bread begins costing half an hour’s wage (at minimum wage) you have to question why a person doesn’t bake their own. It’s called ‘the bread of life’ for a reason; it’s not ‘the caviar of life’ or ‘the mayonnaise of life’ because bread is so central to eating not only well but survival.

      Just my two cents, but it’s something my own mother lived by her entire life. I still remember the day that we went shopping and a loaf of plain bread cost $1 USD. She practically had a conniption. “Who would ever pay a dollar for a single loaf of bread?” she grumbled. Now? I see fancy mass produced loaves reaching nearly $5 USD for a 500 gm loaf. It’s driven me to undertake the effort to learn how to make bread, and many different types at that. I still have a long path of learning to match my mother’s 60+ years of baking skills, but at least I’m learning. It always amazes me when urbanites don’t have a clue where things like beef and milk come from, other than the store. Those clueless wonders will be the first to knock off in an emergency.

      • Bread machines make a decent loaf without much know-how. Then there is sour dough, tea biscuits, etc.

    • It is not an either / or situation.

      You MUST stockpile (we used to call it ‘stock up’…) food to get through the first winter. THEN you garden and grow so at harvest you can again “stock up” the pantry.

      Now most folks do not run a self sufficient farm on a daily basis, so by definition, they are not ready to make it the 6 months to first harvest. That makes it essential to have a pantry stocked with enough food to make it to growing season, and THEN to first harvest (that does not come the first day of spring…)

      Yes, by all means, get started making that garden. It will take most folks about 3 years to develop the soil and skills to supplement their regular diet.

      BUT, also make sure one of your closets has enough food to get you to the first harvest of spring radishes ( 25 days to harvest) and then your first beans (about 50 days).

  6. We are heading for a world of hurt.

    I am convinced the change in attitude from North Korea is because they know they are facing famine and starvation by next year. They, and we, know China won’t have the food either, to send to this pathetic North Korea’s 22 Million starving people, and South Korea doesn’t want the invasion.

    Thank GOD we have TRUMP as President. I can see the complete, peaceful and total re-unification of the Koreas as long as the US promises to feed them.

    BUT, will we have enough food for us and our obligations? I am sure TRUMP will put export embargoes if needed, but I sure wish the US Government would start encouraging the planning and preparation of moving all the crop lines more South, since this will have to happen.

    As for Canada? They will be facing starvation too and are going to suck up to us very quickly. It would be very good for the people of Canada to elect Jordan Peterson as their leader since they are going to need a very level headed intelligent leader to get them through the hell that is coming.

    Hold on, folks, for the ride of the Millennium.

  7. So if loosening these regulations is so good for helping farmers – why not get rid of the regulations altogether? Seems like making it easier to get fertilizer and planting equipment around would help even in normal years.

    Now it is a “gift” from the governor to allow farmers to do what they should have always been allowed to do.

    • Exactly.

      Government must serve the Farmers, not the other way around.

      How did we all get into this mess? Some worthless idiot politician telling farmers how to feed us? Really?

      When I really think about a situation like that, the cynical angry part of me says: “Hell, we deserve to starve if we are that stupid”.

      To me the government should be saying to Farmers: Plant everything you can and we will provide 100% crop loss insurance to cover you so you can plant again next year.

      Farmers are THE most important link in civilization (and I am not a farmer. I can’t even grow weeds) since without food there is NOTHING.

    • The actual act relieves truck drivers, rather than farmers. It specifically suspends the limits on hours driven per day that commercial drivers are required to observe and log. It only indirectly relieves farmer of anything. The declaration says it is intended to make resources (drivers and fertilizer) more available to farmers. Farmers will paying through the nose for this “relief.”

      “… Emergency relief from regulations for motor carriers and drivers transporting anhydrous ammonia or other fertilizers to affected areas of the state …”

  8. Step two will be when the cold sets in early this fall, exacerbating the already shortened season. I see signs of that already in place from the daily observations using earthnullschool.

  9. When the economy is not doing well and much chaos abounds then it is all too easy to blame other people who are seen as scapegoats not the climate and natural conditions. I bet any money another group of people gets blamed. Who? Could be Islamic Fundamentalists. Could be Jewish banks. Could be some students at your local uni with radical ideas. Could be anybody. Efforts made to destroy said (imaginary) enemy prove futile and only bloodshed results. Past times it looks like witchcraft was to blame. Superstitions and delusions will never help but then again neither will escapisms like addictions to drink, drugs, smoking, gambling etc.
    The point is that only by observation and acceptance of how things really are can we meet the challenge and prosper again.

  10. It takes, roughly, one dry pound of food per person per day. IF suddenly thrust into Dire Straits at the start of winter, you have at least 3 months to first harvest, more often 6 months. You MUST have the ability to preserve and store that much food even if you grow your own to make it from harvest to harvest:https://chiefio.wordpress.com/2009/04/06/food-storage-systems/

    Has a simple DIY system anyone can use that’s dirt cheap. I’ve used it for decades ( living in earthquake country and sometimes being between jobs).

    Even if you don’t have a spare closet, you can stack boxes in the shape of a coffee table and put a cover over them. Storage in plain sight.

    I recently learned a new technique for storing things like crackers:


    Works remarkably well for some foods. Just takes canning jars and your oven.

  11. The restricted hours of operation are on drivers not trucks .In the US driver “hours of service” are 10 hrs. driving & 8 hrs rest. The governor is simply allowing drivers to work longer days.

  12. CROPS may suffer because they are nonindigenous plants grown under artificial conditions. How often do you see a homogeneous field of so-called weeds?
    We already have radical climate instability – it’s called normal in Missouri – but the WILD plants are lush, as always. I doubt they will consider a GSM as anything worse than business as usual.
    In my garden, are prickly pear cactuses, lamb’s quarters, violets, perilla, wild raspberries, day lilies and wild garlic. Next year: nettles, dandelions, lots of herbs, elderberry… the list goes on.
    These are mostly native plants that spread or reseed freely and require little to no maintenance.
    The problem with many people is that they would rather die, or kill someone else, than change and adapt. I refer you to the French peasants during the LIA. Wouldn’t give up their wheat to save their lives.

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