Minnesota – New all-time state record low

Celina, Minnesota, reported a low temperature of -17°F on November 10th, a new all-time state record low for this date. Not just for Celina, but for the entire state.

A number of northern Minnesota communities came close to matching Celina’s record low for November 10th. Those include -16°F at Orr, -15°F at Bigfork, -14°F at Embarrass, and -13°F Cotton and Brimson.

So far average November temperatures around the state are running 6 to 12 degrees F colder than normal, with several new record low temperatures reported on both November 8th and November 10th.

The above comes from University of Minnesota Extension climatologist and meteorologist Mark Seeley.


Thanks to Ryan for this link

“I heard when you set records in the icebox of the country it might not be indicative of global warming,” says Ryan.

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  1. I live in International Falls it did get cold here too it was like -11F when it was all said and done….10 degrees colder than forecast mind ya as well. Rainy Lake hasn’t completely frozen over yet (the lake is the 60th biggest in the world 1/3 of it is in the US and 2/3 Canada) and I’m willing to bet that kept us from being -15F or coder. We do already have ice in the shallow bays of the lake.

  2. Robert, Can you comment on the recent changes in the Suns color as seen on Earth? Is what we are experiencing due to attenuation and changes in luminescence from volcanic aerosols in the upper atmosphere? Its a rare day if at all that I remember seeing deep blue sky, seems like it is always clouded by a powder blue hue from all the dust in the upper atmosphere.

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    It has been blocked for at least the last three days. I doubt it’s accidental.

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    • That’s just trolling. You must try harder on this site, care to back your statement up with something one can get one’s teeth into? You could at least have given us the ‘ hockey stick’ to laugh at!

  4. Didn’t the Goracle say that snow was a thing of the past??? And sub-zero cold was a thing of the past???

    It looks like the Goracle is out of action!!

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