Minus 17F in Montana – Minus 15F in North Dakota

That’s -27.2°C and -26.1°C respectively.
“And to think winter is only 42 days away…” says meteorologist Kevin Lawrence.

Wibaux, MT -17°F (-27.2°C)

Beach, ND -15°F (-26.1°C)


And to think winter is only 42 days away…Ugh!

Posted by Meteorologist Kevin Lawrence on Friday, November 9, 2018

Thanks to Don Wilkening for this info

19 thoughts on “Minus 17F in Montana – Minus 15F in North Dakota”

  1. Yeah, I saw this on the news last night. It got done to 2 F in Parshall, ND and I thought that it was way too cold for this time of year. I guess that it could have been worse.

  2. funny how cold America gets… I still expect big winter in Europe, but the weather here in central and northern Europe is still sort of ok, while America is freezing. I guess the glaciers had a reason to cover northern America further south than they went in Europe…

  3. Brrr.

    Global cooling. It’s going to be cold. It is going to be grey and it is going to last you for the rest of your life.

  4. Let’s start a war with Iran to force up the price of fuel.
    Sounds like a good idea to me.
    Then we can all die from freezing to death.
    Do you think the Chump has any idea about this ?
    Thank God she didn’t win.

  5. Been there done that.
    Until you have, you cannot imagine what it feels like.
    First time I saw the Mississippi freeze all the way across I was stunned.
    We on the west coast have it sooooooooo easy.

  6. Wow! And I thought we’d had cold weather here in northern England last week. Our -2.7C/+27F on one night seems mild by comparison.

  7. Luckily the US under Trump has a policy of produce flat out and all of the above. We’ll need all the energy we can get!

  8. https://www.windy.com/-Temperature-temp?temp,51.454,-155.215,3 … check out windytv.com … in the Northern hemisphere all the cold is over the land … all the warmth is over the water; in the Southern hemisphere all the cold is over the land of the Antarctic, but north from there to the equator, there’s warmth on land and over the water; in any case, extra low energy cold air over the land, in the North; coming in at the pole, in that case, that energy … on its return here to the planet?

  9. I dont want to rain on anyones parade, but I think those are departures from normal. I don’t see any temps even close to those on the 9th anywhere in those states. I’d be happy to be corrected if I am wrong. Of course I saw larger departures frim normal than those as well….

  10. Well I grew up in Massachusetts, that kind of weather was common for a few weeks every winter… but usually not until late Jan-February. Glad I never moved to MT (something I considered at one time)… beautiful as that part of the country may be.

    Currently in southern VA we had our first freeze warning last night. Too cold for me still, now that I have arthritis and that weather affects me badly.

    I just retired (last week) and now trying to figure out where to next… considering southern AZ (around Tucson) or maybe southern NM or west TX. Anyone out that way have any suggestions?

    I lived in southern CA for almost a decade and really loved the weather and the inland parts of San Diego County… but with the severe wildfire hazards and now the extremely high cost of living and totally NUTS politics, I think I”ll likely skip that place.

    • I’m thinking about where to live for the last 20 years of my life.

      So far, I am looking at Northern Alabama or Northern Georgia away from dangerous Demographics.

      California, No way: ……Fires, Earth Quakes, High Taxes, and “Bad” Schools. Stupid gun control….

      Florida has too many Hurricanes, “Bad” schools and will be politically turning Blue….High Taxes, etc.

      Washinton & Oregon will freeze, too many Volcanoes and the impending off-shore Cascadia Fault.

      Madrid Fault States. Again, “Bad” Schools and the threat of horrific damage when the Madrid Fault goes off. Total destruction to bridges, rail lines, gas lines, etc.

      Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas…COLD and constant threat of Tornadoes. Also, “bad” schools in Texas and Texas will go “blue state” and I only can speak English.

      New England? It will be so cold for the next 20 years that it will be impossible to live there.

      Michigan (Detroit), Illinois (Chicago)……Really BAD schools and the States are bankrupt.

      This doesn’t leave much left, with the coming social, financial and demographic collapse of America.

      I am so glad I will be dying.

      • Interesting comments. One of my big problems is I have a lot of trouble with humidity and my health … which cuts out the Southeast. If not I would consider moving back to Raleigh NC, which is more reasonably priced than a lot of places (unless you decide to move out, then the NC pirates/aka politicians will figure out ways to impose “fees” on your move that will near to kill you), and has a lot of things to do I found interesting. That place was an interesting compromise (feels like country but has a lot of amenities of a city.

        Another problem with the Southeast is there continues to be severe racial tension. Wouldn’t be surprised if one of these days we see a race war there (think ANTIFA) … and yes that definitely would include Georgia and Alabama and all the rest. I had an interesting conversation with a lady the other day at the auto dealership (and she was Black and I’m White) and she agreed with me on that 100%.

  11. Suggestions for Jean S……

    I might be moving to Montana soon
    To raise me up a crop of dental floss

    Frank Zappa

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