Minus -30°C in Germany (no, NOT in the Alps!)

Reader is almost 60 and cannot remember such temps.

“I am almost 60 but cannot remember such temps have ever been mentioned for Germany, where -10 °C are considered “extreme cold” according to warnings by weather services.

In fact, -10°C isn’t (wasn’t???) occurring often, maybe every 3rd winter once

“In the night from Jan 6 to Jan 7, certain spots in South-West and East Germany reached almost -30°C (-22F) (no, NOT in the Alps!).”

Ingo Wechsung

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      • Just wish the South Australia and Queensland greenies would take a look at this chart, we are close to having the most expensive power in the world, let alone the govt subsidies we are paying for in our taxes.
        Funny always wondered how solar panels would produce power under a covering of snow, oHHHHH they dont, surprise surprise.
        Also as we have learnt in Australia the wind turbines dont work when the wind gets too high, apparantly they have to turn them off to stop them ripping themselves to pieces, and nor do they work on a still day, again duhhhhhh!!!!!!

  1. We’ve had -20 & -30 lately in this spot, and -38 about 50 mi. north of us, but this is normal for Montana, where as it’s been -50 when I was a kid. I just read on Weather where the first nine months of 2016 were the warmest on record, which I certainly don’t believe. They still believe Co2 is the enemy. They’re absolute idiots. Fiddlin

  2. Well, it was minus 53 celsius in Siberia around that time.
    With a High Pressure centred over part of Germany, some of that Siberian air was probably drawn clockwise around the High and across southern East Germany…..hence the very low temperature.

    If the High Pressure establishes over southern Sweden, it will DEFINITELY draw Siberian air right across Europe to the UK.
    That is the typical scenario for a severe UK winter.

    Quite simply…..a wind blows CLOCKWISE around a High in the Northern Hemisphere ! So lookout if the High is over southern Sweden in winter !!

  3. Just checked. Minus 33 Celsius forecast in DZALINDA , Siberia, Russia next week [ around Thurs Jan 12th].

    Very , very cold………but that is still WARMER than a week ago when it went down to minus 53 C in Dzalinda.

    An east wind from Siberia across Europe is therefore bound to be extremely cold.

  4. Nullschool.net had the temps in Siberia as -59 C a day or so a go. I’ve been watching the global maps all winter as the cold has spread down to North America and down across Siberia. Its unbelievably widespread. The temps I’ve seen certainly are way below those that have been reported on, and the main stream forecasts are really understated.

  5. I don’t get how these extreme colds can possiblt fit a AGW model, with CO2 as a warming gas. the laws of thermodynamics are against these unmixed extremes of temperature. Unless CO2 is not a warming gas at all, but rather hastens the movement of kinetic energy from gas into EM IR radiation to space, through enhanced coupling via its bending states.
    Ie. CO2 cools the atmosphere because the physical process touted to cause warming is actually bi-directional.
    So increased CO2 = hotter hots and colder colds, with a net cooling

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