Minus 65 degrees Fahrenheit in Russia

Winter has not yet begun, but in Oymyakon the temperature last night fell to -54.1°C (-65°F).

According to TASS in Oymyakonsky district, classes in schools were canceled from the 1st to the 5th grade, but older students all went to classes. In the Oymyakonsky district, students of lower grades do not attend school if the temperature drops to -52°C or lower.

One of the negative features of the cold is the formation of thick frost fogs in populated areas, which hamper visability. Visibility near the Yakut airport in the last hours dropped to 200 m. Such fogs are very dangerous for aviation, causing cancellations of flights.


Russian winter “twists the nuts”: minus 54!

-In Deliankir (Делянкир), (420 km from Oymyakon) at midnight it reached -55,9°C. (Source: Ogimet ranking)
-We have already a great place(s) for the next United Nations Conference to stop the Global Warming! 🙂

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  1. ” -We have already a great place(s) for the next United Nations Conference to stop the Global Warming! ”

    If only it was about climate and global warming that they held those multi-million dollar fiascos each year! Unfortunately, it isn’t, or holding one 75 miles from the nearest city would help them realize that only the cities are warmer.

    • If the tempreture in the UK got to -20C for several weeks between January and March from now on, the number of over seventies pensioners would be significantly reduced by premature Hypothemia, becuase they have to choose between cold or eating, and they dont like to make a fuss freezing to death.

      Hypothemia was one of the key NI old age pension moderators of £ pension cost for the state from 1947 to the mid eighties. Fortunatly the period covered the highest solar output period for this 172 year cycle with the numbers of harsh winters resticted to one per solar cycle, normally during the solar minimum period between cycles. The next thirty years will not be so benign.

  2. I hope no-one gets lost in that fog. You may think they can use the google maps app on their smartphones. Not so. Mobiles fail -11 and you couldn’t operate one anyway through thick fur gloves. Then try holding it to your ear and it would only stick to your wretched ear.
    That cold is intense man.

  3. those are antarctic coastline temps! mindblowingly cold..and yet they send kids to school in that?
    makes the rest of us look like utter wimps doesnt it?

    meanwhile down south in aus a few warm n humid days to be followed by deluges of rain we are told
    looks like the la nina isnt so weak
    in fact the enso moved over the- 0.5 last few days

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