Minus thirty degrees in the Moscow land

On the morning of February 23 in the Sheremetyevo area, the air temperature dropped to -20.8ºC. It was even colder in Domodedovo, -24.3ºC.

In the Moscow region, the warmest was in Kashira, -16.9ºC. In the rest of the territory the temperature everywhere remained below minus twenty degrees, and 111 miles east of Moscow in Cherusti, -30.5ºC was recorded.


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  1. I am worried about how vulnerable Russia and the Steppes area may be to disruptions to natural cycles hence agricultural yields.
    In the last 10 years everything has got super freaky ref record floods, hurricanes, forest fires, you name it. It is so abnormal I have no other explanation than some evil geoengineer is playing with natural God given weather.
    They may make the excuse “this is to combat global warming.” Bollocks! It is mainly for military purposes. When the flying insect mass is barely 5% of what is was in the 1970’s then WTF is going on?
    The larger purpose is to produce food scarcity as a tool to control the masses. A mile of ice over Eastern Europe while much of the rest of the world burns is an evil yet sought goal.
    Google Cape Town and its severe water shortage. I am not joking. People will die of thirst and the politicians will do nothing.
    And no, a whisky will not help here, grr

  2. “Greetings from Siberia”:
    Europe was shackled by -20°C frosts today
    The eastern atmospheric process, which spreads cold from the depths of the continent, determines the severe frosts from Syktyvkar to Paris. As can be seen from the minimum temperature map on February 26, the lowest temperature (down to -40°C) is recorded in the northeast of European Russia – in the Nenets Okrug and the Komi Republic. In the Volga region the thermometer drops to -30°C, in Central Russia to -25°C, to the North-West to -20°C.

    For the end of February, this temperature is close to the absolute records of the cold. A storm warning is announced everywhere about anomalously cold weather with an average daily temperature of 7 degrees below the climatic norm.
    The point of the continental cold rested on the Atlantic. In meteorology, such an atmospheric process is jargonly called “hello from Siberia.” Indeed, severe frosts are the dominant theme in Europe.
    The meteorology of Germany reports very cold weather. In many lands of the country the temperature dropped to -12 …- 15°C, in the mountains to -27°C! Even on the warm Baltic coast, daytime temperatures do not come out of the minus. On the coast of the Bay of Biscay in France, there are night frosts.
    Meanwhile, the “Siberian” frosts continue to increase.
    The coldest night is forecasted in the last day of the calendar winter.

  3. Whiskey drinker you appear to have drunk too much whiskey and are spouting complete rubbish. Oh how I laugh at your post

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