Mis-education of an entire generation

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Mis-education of an entire generation

Dr Roger Higgs

Especially urgent is the need to get the truth into schools and universities, to correct the 30 years of damaging misinformation on the cause of climate change force-fed to our young people.

Besides this mis-education of an entire generation, be angry also for:

(1) being so completely misinformed and ill-advised by the insidious International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) (run by the United Nations, need I say more?) and, in turn, by governments and the media, all of which have huge vested interests in promoting the ‘CO2 Delusion’ that man can affect climate (e.g. UN quest for global governance; more laws; ever-increasing taxes; university research grants; researcher salaries; etc.);

(2) the forcing upon us of unnecessary and ineffectual wind ‘farms’ and solar ‘parks’ (note the feel-good names; government thinks we’re stupid), not only wrecking the scenery (see formerly gorgeous Cornwall and weep) and killing birds, but also destroying irreplaceable agricultural land;

(3) being forced to pay far too much for energy (much worse to come), to cover the construction/installation costs and hopeless inefficiency of these ‘renewable’ wind and solar projects.

Climate change is driven by the sun, not CO2 (see links below). Please don’t misunderstand – real environmental pollution (plastics, vehicle emissions inhaled by city-dwellers, chemical leaks, etc.) is a very different matter. All geologists adore and care deeply for the environment.

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16 thoughts on “Mis-education of an entire generation”

  1. Quote: Mis-education of an entire generation
    Make that three, at least three cohorts of higher education students have been infected by tenured professors in climate, soft science, media studies and training educators.
    The first cohort are now in management roles, setting hiring standards to hire likeminded individuals, for example every Western Met Office applicant require a degree to apply for a job, every one of those degrees has come from a tenured AGW professor, that will not grant a degree unless you are fully signed up the AGW view of the world.
    AGW teachers are now training your kids to speak against you, for the time when those who are different are reeducated.
    Academic freedom is a privilege to promote the truth and leaning to the young, it is not a right to propagandise young minds into a narrow socialist collective view of the world akin to that of Stalin and Hitler.

    • I agree with you JimBob… I started school in 1956, and it sure was different what I learned then vs. what young people are being taught now…

      Really sad to the point I hate thinking about it, can’t stand reading or talking about it much as it gets too depressing and I have enough other things to deal with (health issues I need to keep on top of and figuring out finances as I’ve recenetly retired. I am glad I am old enough I will likely not still be alive the see the worst of it. And it even makes me glad my one-and-only child had no kids, so no grandbabies to worry about what will happen to them.

      Personally I think Venezuela will be the precursor to what many countries fall into.

      • jean i started school in Australia in 1950 and i am sad and angry at what the teaches teach today every kid was happy then because we did not have to hear all the pc and crap they are pushing

  2. As scientists informed people that everything has a cause and thus suggesting that everything can be managed, all kind of illness, climate, war, peace, migration, democracy, dictatorship, traffic and holidays as long as you take the good decisions, one must not wonder that taxes have to go up based upon wrong ideas as almost no one cares about the billions of euros, usd already spent, just print money and it all will be solved again.

  3. Greetings from the Big Mango (Bkk).
    I see where 35,000 students in Brussels are protesting global warming again. They should get informed.

    On a geologic time scale the climate has been cooling for the last 50 million years. On the Holocene time scale it has been cooling for the last four thousand years as the obliquity declined. Every 1000 years has been cooler than the previous cycle. On a decadal scale it has been Cooling since 2004. Global warming is a myth propagated by global Elites hoping to tax the poor and stop them from enjoying fossil fuel benefits. Then they can save declining oil for themselves.

    Minister of Future

  4. Dr. Higgs,

    You are kind to use the word miseducation. While I agree with you that young people are being given the wrong information about the climate, I hardly attribute it to “miseducation”. There is a knowing group of people that want to have a single point of governmental control over the globe. The IPCC is the tool to slowly take away the sovereign rights of governments and thus the people of the world.

    I would choose the word indoctrination-
    the act of indoctrinating, or teaching or inculcating a doctrine, principle, or ideology, especially one with a specific point of view:
    “Global warming” has the same tenets as a religion and young people are being indoctrinated to it being the only point of view. This is a sad situation for freedom of thought, choice and deed.

    When I was younger, the scientific method was followed and when your hypothesis was proven wrong, you started with a new premise. In our current world, a few highly paid people change the data and the farce continues. Science be damned. It reminds of all those folks who thought the world was flat. Ignorance combined with blind faith leads to tyranny.

    One other major problem we are facing as the cycle turns is the possibility of widespread starvation and famine. We are preparing for the wrong type of world. A degree or two of warmth will be gladly accepted in the future instead of our likely frozen future.

    Definition of miseducation:
    “wrong or faulty education,” 1620s, from mis- (1) + education.

  5. Good idea except it will have to be done covertly because barring regime change it will not be done officially. The big lie is official government and corporate policy.

  6. This is just a little bit too late !

    The “Pagans” (Lunatic Democratic Left) have had the General Public Schools and major Universities in their pockets for Decades and the American Youth are (Have been !) completely programmed (Propagandized) to believe this lie (See Nazi. Joseph Goebbels and the work and use of lies) so turning this Ship around is all but impossible !!!

    When one (Governments) turns over education to Demon minded soul-less teachers/instructors/professors, the end of decent societies is within reach and America in many ways has doe exactly just that…

    Nothing like leading the way (Wrong-Way !)

    Nice try though !

  7. As far as the wind farms go, there seems to have been relevant research, hard science research, back to the 1960’s as well as much more over the past 30 years or so. It isn’t nearly enough to answer all the questions; it seems to be hardly known outside a small scientific community. It is, however, very interesting and also potentially scary. Anyone either pro or con should be aware of what hard data, measurements, laboratory experiments, medical diagnosis, and biological examinations have revealed so far.

    As a basic introduction

    And then the serious research


  8. Some states are now officially mandating the teaching of global warming and barring the teaching of anything not following the official line.

    However, most schools will never notice the difference in the laws as that is what they have already been doing for the last 15-20 years.

  9. Education is mostly a socialist endeavor, and therefore not really about education, but indoctrination, and (for the younger ones) state-funded child care. To the extent any real education does happen, it’s because it’s not deemed orthogonal to state interests (for example, mechanical engineering is not really a threat to the state, or at least not yet, anyway) and individuals persevering despite the system to teach something real.

    Just as with climate change, it’s important to think about and address root causes. Socialized education (like socialized medicine and socialized anything) doesn’t work.

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