Missoula – Coldest October on Record

Not just for a specific day, but for the entire month.

1 Nov 2019 – The month of October was the coldest on record for the Montana city, according to the National Weather Service.

“The average temperature for the month was 38.2 degrees,” said Senior Meteorologist Bob Nester. “The record before that was in 2009 when the average temperature was 39.7 degrees, so we broke the record by a degree and a half.”

“The monthly average temperature was six and a half degrees below normal,” said Nester, “so to break a record like that is pretty significant because those records date back to 1948.”


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9 thoughts on “Missoula – Coldest October on Record”

  1. we keep beating old records from years past over and over. That’s another sign of climate cooling.

  2. but, but, wildfires in California are getting worse because of global warming !
    its much to early to call it a minimum, but lets not forget squaw valley ski resort resort which is in the same general area of some of these wildfires had record snow in 2017 and 2019 and extended the season both years

  3. Our average temperature in Oklahoma for the month was down six degrees or so. Local snews caster was saying our average should be 63, it was 57.

  4. truly amazing they have fits over a 1degc rise
    but when the 1c or more is to the colder side
    we hear jackschitt..
    agenda indeedy

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