Mist from Bárðarbunga lies over Iceland’s capital

Resident describes “The Mist.”

“Recently it’s been different, and today it was really pronounced. And the Met Office confirmed: this was not just mist, this was the Mist, and could cause significant problems for people.

“And I was driving through it.

“There was a blue mist visible everywhere in the distance…. The radio quickly confirmed that it was from Holuhraun.”

The resident drove with a couple of friends to Stykkishólmur, over two hours away, to attend a lecture on Bárðarbunga by Haraldur Sigurðsson, a retired vulcanologist.

“Even though I’ve seen them before,” the resident said, “and even though there have been bigger eruptions on Earth in the past (not in the past 10,000 years, though) it’s still pretty crazy to see a map of a 200-kilometer-long lava flow (the distance from DC to Philadelphia).

“People across the country have reported discomfort due to pollution in recent days, but it is advised to stay indoors or use masks,” says the Met Office. “Mist is apparent not only in the capital and it is possible to easily connect the gas from the volcano.”

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