MIT statistician shows certainty of massive computer vote fraud in 2020 Presidential election

Video. Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai (Dr. Shiva) provides an MIT PhD analysis of Michigan voting patterns. The data reveals some irrefutable evidence of what has taken place behind U.S. voting systems. The video can be shortened to start at 18:00 BUT STAY WITH IT.

(This is a long video and to be honest I stayed with it for only a half hour. There are so many numbers being thrown around that I don’t yet quite understand it. Will try watching again later.)

By looking at two specific metrics: (1) Republican straight party vote percentages [x-axis]; and (2) the percentage of people who voted for Trump without voting for a straight Republican ticket [y-axis]; mathematicians and data scientists (Phil Evans) are able to find the exact moment when natural voting patterns are manipulated by algorithmic triggers.
How to prevent this happening in the future to eliminate fraudulent elections:

Thanks to Burt Rutan and chm for this video

9 thoughts on “MIT statistician shows certainty of massive computer vote fraud in 2020 Presidential election”

  1. Why do you think Trump intentionally didn’t drain the swamp?… You would’t have been able to read this:

    ‘It’s Dangerous To Delay’ Transition, Democratic White House Veteran Podesta Says November 12, 2020 3:38 PM ET

    No bad guys, no Dr. Evil’s… no James Bond, no Donald Trump heroes. It all makes for ‘good theatre’.

  2. I watched this Two days ago unbelievable , how many officials have been asleep at the wheel for this to go on , you have a lot in the US that I prefer over what we have here in AUS your voting system is not one of them .

  3. Bottom line – I agree with their analysis.

    Also note that is would be really easy to create code for an algorithm that does what they claim it’s doing. That code could also easily be hidden by:
    1) embed the code in a macro
    2) turn off a log so you can’t see what’s happening in the macro
    3) only call up the macro to run on a server located in another country (it’s my understanding Dominion “counted” votes in Spain) to make it easier to delete if the country voting starts getting suspicious
    4) once the macro runs write over the macro with another innocent macro with same name, then run that with a log on

    Just sayin’

    • The code is made already, current software has a set up or option programmed in the software. I will show you what it should be (normal) and should not or this is what we used in 2020 (abnormal)

      Joe Biden 1 vote = 1 vote
      Donald Trump 1 vote = 1 vote

      This software is based on % when you put in a candidate you also must put in a percent of vote they receive OFF A SINGLE VOTE. It should be 1 vote 1 vote it’s not, it IS this

      Joe Biden. 1 vote =1.25%
      Don Trump 1 vote=0.75%

      I don’t know the exact percent but if you voted Biden say 10 votes = 12.5 total votes awarded Biden and Trump 10 votes = 7.5 total votes total awarded Trump.

      we don’t know the exact % we don’t have all the vote totals released yet (fishy) but this is already on the software. Why would the option even exist to change it from 1 vote 1 vote. They said it’s for square feet on home owner association payments. WTF! Who cares what’s does this have to do with elections. It’s insulting. Trump is trying to save democracy and he’s a racist it’s almost funny

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