Mohenjo-Daro – Video

Mohenjo-Daro – Video

Some have suggested ancient technology glassified these Indus Valley ruins but electricity is a more plausible explanation.

A few days ago, I posted an article about the mysterious fall of the world’s largest and earliest urban civilization in what is now India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Excavated ruins of Mohenjo-daro, with the Great Bath in the front - Courtesy Wikipedia

I referred to a study suggesting that the key culprit in Mohenjo-daro’s decline appears to have been changes in insolation — changes in the amount of solar energy received by the Earth from the sun.

One of my readers thinks there may be another explanation: Electricity.

It seems that walls, pottery and other items found in the city have been turned into a kind of ceramic glass, indicating that they were exposed to heat close to 1500 degrees Celsius. Evidence of ionizing radiation has also been found in some of the burial sites.”

Some have suggested ancient technology glassified these Indus Valley ruins but electricity is a more plausible explanation.

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  1. Ancient Aliens……’s a great series on the History channel.

    It talks about all kinds of stuff like this, it’s a very interesting show.

  2. Is it too hard to believe that places like Mohenjo Daro and Sodom were nuked by the gods/ ancient astronauts about 4000 years ago? It is in the religious texts. Civilization and technology has cycles just like everything else. One day the world as you know it will be part of the fossil record and it will be radioactive. The self appointed super gods of this world will make it so and our species will be lucky if it survives.

  3. Sounds like a Nuclear event to me.

    “”It seems that walls, pottery and other items found in the city have been turned into a kind of ceramic glass, indicating that they were exposed to heat close to 1500 degrees Celsius. Evidence of ionizing radiation has also been found in some of the burial sites.””

    That much solar radiation from the sun would have been world wide and just not in the Indus Valley region.

  4. There may have been evidence of considerable heat, but electric arcs, as postulated by the electric universe theorists would have left considerable destruction. I don’t know what it might be – ancient neutron bomb? – but arcs leave a trail of destruction that I don’t see in the picture.

  5. There is yet to be a satisfactory explanation of the Tunguska event of 1908. Some thermonuclear explosion caused by what? Meteor or comet or ?

    Who knows how many of these events have occurred where or when during the past.

    It’s a possibility of an occurrence close to ancient civilizations causing some effects as per this example at Mohenjo-daro

  6. Are there any reasons why ancient technology couldn’t have “glassified” their constructions, and other items ?

  7. Indeed we have heard about this “vitrification” and it is not just located in the Indus region. In fact this “vitrification” is found at locations all around the world. Some invoke the idea that atomic wars took place at some remote times in the ancient past. However, I have a less fanciful explanation. Some of you might have already read in my previous writings about COSMIC RAY INDUCTION ? Well for those who are not already familiar with my idea here I will explain. I hold to the hollow earth theory because in my opinion there is no other way by which to explain plate tectonics. However once having accepted the reality of hollow stars and planets, one is then asked, where do volcano come from then ? Well having thought about it I have now come to the idea of Cosmic Ray Induction as the cause of volcanic activity. Via Cosmic Ray Induction static electric charge builds up in the layers of the lithosphere [much like charging up a battery] and upon finding a line of electrical conduction [usually river water flowing into a fault in the crust] the electric charge will discharge producing volcanic activity. However, often the discharge is short [not sustained] thus producing an electrical explosion much like as the 1909 Tunguska explosion. Such electrical explosions are in my opinion the cause of the “vitrification” found in Mohenjo-Daro. Such electrical explosions are potentially mega-millions of times stronger than lightnings that occure during thunderstorms. Even normal lightnings that occure during thunderstorms can leave root shaped structures in the ground that are where the energy has vitrified the soil. Maybe urbanized areas can draw these phenomenon in upon themselves by virtue of acting as a line of electronic conduction that in nature would be less likely to occure ? Warning ! These electric explosions probably occure with no advanced warnings. During times of magnetic pole shiftings I suspect that these electric explosions are much more likely than during times of magnetic stability. Strong solar flare activity can also trigger discharges. Interplanetary alignments might also act as a trigger ?

  8. I, too, have read about this ancient site. I tend to favor ancient nuclear or similar destruction. One of the most interesting factoids is that, when originally excavated, there were skeletons found laying hand-in-hand, and intact. Meaning that no local predator scavenging had disturbed the remains. I think in an electrical event the predators would have moved in and scattered remains about; not so much in a nuclear event.

  9. Read around this a bit: don’t think the ‘Star Trek’ phaser attack stuff is a ‘goer’. History is interesting enough without invoking alien warfare. We have vitrified hillforts in Scotland and there is no alien intervention theory to justify their existence.

  10. Ancient aliens is a bit of fun to watch but i really dont see it in reality.
    Its more probable we rise and fall in technological terms and we are as a species older than we think.

  11. In the video from the History Channel, Giorgio A. Tsoukalos (the frightened hair guy) mentions an ancient Indian myth of three flying cities as related to the destruction of Mohenjo-Daro. So I looked it up and it turns out there was a myth of three flying cities. They were called Tripura (not to be confused with the Indian state of Tripura east of Bangladesh.)

    According to Dr. Srikumar V. Gopalakrishna in The Story of Vimanas: India’s Tradition of Flying Machines: “In the Vedic literature of India, there are many descriptions of flying machines that are generally called vimanas. These fall into two categories: (1) manmade craft that resemble airplanes and fly with the aid of birdlike wings, and (2) unstreamlined structures that fly in a mysterious manner and are generally not made by human beings. The machines in category (1) are described mainly in medieval, secular Sanskrit works dealing with architecture, automata, military siege engines, and other mechanical contrivances. Those in category (2) are described in ancient works such as the Rg Veda, the Mahābhārata, the Rāmāyana, and the Purānas.” [All quotations in this comment are edited for spelling and scanning errors.]

    The descriptions of vimanas from the ancient works seem to me like myths embellished around viewing of rare or catastrophic astronomical phenomena or else around religious visions. Then further medieval and modern embellishment would result in descriptions such as Gopalakrishna mentions in these sentences: “The text of the Vaimanika śāstra is illustrated by several of the drawings made under Subbaraya Sastry’s supervision. These include cross sections of the rukma-vimāna, the tripura-vimāna, and the sakuna-vimāna. These cross sections show the kind of crude mechanical and electrical technology that existed in the period just following World War I. There are large electromagnets, cranks, shafts, worm gears, pistons, heating coils, and electric motors turning propellers.” (See Will Hunt’s article at Heritage Key for the diagrams.)

    When I saw the clips from a science fiction movie of a large space ship in a space battle used in the History Channel show to illustrate the idea that the Tripura involved ancient or alien technology, I felt it was as culturally biased an illustration of whatever the original event or vision was as the traditional paintings of chariots in the sky.

    Looking for something closer to the original story, I found a short article “Shiva and Tripuri, story of the flying cities” by Abhilash Rajendran of Pune, India, and you can see in the following paragraphs that an interpretation in terms of astronomical or sky events holds up:

    Shiva agreed to put an end to the rule of the flying cities. Vishwakarma built the chariot for the mission. The Charioteer was Brahma. Earth was the body of the chariot. Sun and Moon where the wheels of the chariots. The four Vedas became the four steeds.

    Brahma raised the chariot up and waited for the cities to align in a single line. This happened only for a split of a second.

    Even this split of a second time was more for Mahadev Shiva, who shot the arrow through the three cities burning them down. The asuras were killed and Dharma restored.

    I hypothesize speculatively that an asteroid or comet that approached the Earth was broken by electric discharge into pieces which orbited the Earth, then when the pieces came into proximity again, they interacted electrically and were disintegrated. This event may have caused Tunguska-like effects at some points on Earth, maybe at Mohenjo-Daro, killing the inhabitants and vitrifying some of the brickwork; however, the destruction of Mohenjo-Daro may be an entirely unrelated event.

    A possibly more rational explanation for vitrification at Mohenjo-Daro is that it was caused by fires of large amounts of wood burned with a forced draft of air, as has been found to cause vitrification in recreations of ancient Scottish hill fort construction techniques (which is the subject of the page linked as “vitrified stone walls” in the article that the original post recommended.) Either that was done on purpose or was the result of a catastrophe such as a large amount of wood (the superstructure to the remaining brickwork) collapsing and burning in a windstorm.

  12. Its suggested that the huge underground cities in turkey were used to escape from the outside. Too bad library of Alexandria was burned down .. Nothing much has changed eh ? keeping knowledge and truth from being used or discovered..

  13. Robert, I sent alot of links in order to get people thinking. I tend to favor the nuclear weapon theory because it does produce enough heat locally to fuse sand and stone.
    We live on a world that has alot of history and like I said there are cycles to civilizations, technology and we live in a galaxy with billions of stars and some of them are likely to have intellegent life that probably visited earth and were deemed to be gods by us primative humans long ago. Otherwise how do you explain religions?
    Some thing must have impressed the hell out of people long ago. Firewood, crude oil or primative forms of gun powder would not have vitrified stone , bricks or pottery and would not have left radioactive contamination. A nuclear weapon made by aliens would do the trick quite nicely.

    Infact if you wanted to destroy a city in one blast you would use nukes and if you are an alien the humans are expendable. The fire and brimestone that occurred at sodom and gomorrah wasn’t the cause of the destruction it was the result of a nuclear attack that melted gypsum deposits in the area. The fall out that drifted east devastated the sumarian empire. Nuclear warfare is pretty nasty stuff. This is why Israel and its slave states should not attack reactors or anything nuclear.

    The world already has enough nuclear contamination problems as it is.

  14. You can read the Hindu text easy from Guttemberg press. I’m starting to read a 19 century English translation

  15. Like Tunguska, the destruction was probably caused by an asteroid airburst. Such events occur regularly, and in fact, one such event occurred on October 8, 2009 over the town of Bone in Indonesia. The object had an estimated diameter of ten meters and a blast yield of approximately fifty kilotons equivalent of tnt.

  16. To Steven Rolandson,

    Your theory about nuclear weapons for Sodom and Gomorrah are interesting, but I far and away prefer the research into astronomical records from ancient Persia that found a record of an asteroid tracked over the skies of the MidEast. The researchers used computerized star charting to match the date of the constellation placements in the ancient records and found they jived very well with the purported era of Sodom and Gommorah. They also pinpointed a probable landfall location of the asteroid, and then with physics interpolated the back splash of the erupta (stuff) blown out of the landing site…showing the asteroid would have hit in Europe and back splashed onto the MidEast in the locations of Sodom and Gomorrah and some other small cities wiped out by the “hail and brimstone”.
    It was a great bit of archeology and radiocarbon dating and computers, etc coming together in a 1 hour show on one of the science oriented channels. Seen it a couple times over the last two years.

    Anybody know how do you tell the difference between glassified and shock quartz?

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