Mongolia – Cold weather to continue

Temps down to -39 degrees. Snowfall and blizzards also expected

19 Dec 2019 – Snowfall and blizzards were expected in the western parts of western aimags on December 20, in some parts of western and Gobi aimags on December 21, in southern parts of western aimags, eastern parts of central aimags, and in some parts of eastern aimags on December 22, and in some parts of the country on December 23.

In the depression of Darkhad, in the head of Zavkhan river, in the basins of Ider and Tes rivers, and near Khurenbelchir, the temperature will range from -34 to -39 degrees Celsius during the night, and -25 to -30 during the day.

In mountainous areas of Khangai, Khuvsgul and Khentei, and in the basins of Eg-Uur, Orkhon-Selenge, Kharaa, Yuruu, Tuul, Terelj, Kherlen, Onon and Ulz rivers, the temperature will be -26 to -31 during the night, and -16 to -21 during the day.

In the southern Gobi region, the temperature will be -15 to -20 during the night, and -5 to -10 during the day.

In other areas, the night-time temperature will be -21 to -26 degrees Celsius, and daytime temperature will be -12 to -17 degrees Celsius.

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8 thoughts on “Mongolia – Cold weather to continue”

  1. Heatwave in Greenland, -60F forecast for Tuesday:,2019-12-24-18,74.358,-26.565,6
    Too hot in Russia, permafrost all melted. Forecast -60F :,61.170,134.517,6

    Canadian Arctic, polar bears drowning, sea ice all gone. Forecast for Monday,-52F:,71.237,-107.139,5

    Antarctica burning up , dead penguins everywhere from heatstroke. Forecast -40 F:,-73.603,58.008,3

    Save us Nancy, it’s an emergency !!

  2. No global warming in Mongolia then ! The perma-frost further north, cannot be melting at these temperatures.
    Whilst summer melting of permafrost is publicised …….autumn and winter RE-FREEZING of permafrost is kept really quiet !!

  3. No prizes for guessing what I am thinking LOL. I want to go skating. Then I watched a Youtube video of Lake Baikal where people went drumming on the ice, playing piled up sections like a musical instrument. Magic! However, if it gets too cold I know I won’t enjoy it. I’ll just stay indoors drinking vodka and probably talking things that make little sense to anybody.
    Merry Xmas from Little Old me in the UK

  4. next up reports of some more hundreds of thousands of cattle killed
    wonder how the rare deer and other critters are doing?

  5. -39, almost balmy for Siberia, of course if Global Warming took it up to -37 it would be the end of the world as we know it……

    even -37 is cold, exposed skin freezes and if you ever need to take a wiz outdoors, well you think twice…. Even jeans are not enough, you need at least long underwear underneath, once I recall wearing nylon pants in this weather (around the 70th parallel) for 10 mins and it was way too long… Winter is from early Sept till late April, and dark/dim for at almost 2 months,,,

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