Mongolia facing ‘one of the most extreme winters on record’

Mongolian Red Cross blames extreme winter on ‘climate change.’

21 Jan 2021 – Mongolia is facing one of the most extreme winters on record, with temperatures forecast to plummet to lows of -50C for days on end. This has triggered the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to release emergency funds to quickly assist some 2,000 vulnerable herder families.

The extreme winter – known as dzud – threatens the health and livelihoods of thousands of Mongolian herders living in the country’s remote central and southern provinces.

Hence, as a pre-emptive tactic, the Mongolian Red Cross Society has delivered cash assistance and livestock nutrition kits in target areas to assist them in meeting their immediate needs and save their livestock, which is the main source of livelihoods for the people of Mongolia.

The widespread cash grants and animal care kits given in anticipation of the extreme winter will prevent major stock and economic loss not only for the country but for families and communities themselves. This is so because horses, camels, goats, cattle and sheep for milk, cashmere, meat, and other livestock products are the only source of income for our herders.

The double impact of drought in the summer followed by harsh winters are what causes dzuds. Without rain in the summer, grass does not grow, and millions of farm animals cannot be properly fed to put on enough weight for survival during the winter. On top of that, farmers are not able to grow sufficient harvests to sustain them through the winter either.

Mongolian Red Cross Society Secretary General Bolormaa Nordov said, “Dzuds are devastating for the herder families who rely on their animals for almost everything, whether it’s meat and milk for food, or the cashmere and skins they sell to buy supplies or pay school fees. Losing their animals mean they can quickly fall into poverty.”

“Simply waiting for disasters to strike is no longer an option. Climate change is bringing more frequent and severe disasters and our anticipatory action approach is helping communities move from reacting after extreme weather events to preparing before these emergencies,” Ms Nordov said.×640.jpg×720.jpg×720.jpg×720.jpg×720.jpg

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15 thoughts on “Mongolia facing ‘one of the most extreme winters on record’”

  1. Humanity blamed the little ice age on witches…something real on something mythical. Today, we are doing just the opposite. We are blaming something mythical (Climate change) on something real (CO2.)

  2. looks like the dumbass red cross in Mongolia must be getting brainwashed already by this American left wing garbage coming from Biden! Don’t surprise me anymore.

  3. Having been through some very bitterly cold midwestern winters, those people in Mongolia have my sympathies. The odd part is that in the Midwest, we’re having a rather mild winter with some snow, but not the extreme cold that can happen. It is exactly as the Old Farmer’s Almanac had predicted for this winter.

    I’m leery of this kind of weather, because I’ve been through a few episodes of waiting for a neighbor to clear out the snow in front of my storm door. I can understand what these people are going through, because Midwestern winters have a history of nasty surprises.

    I hope they make it through this rough season and don’t have huge losses.

  4. Example number 5,674,567,321 showing us that “Climate Change” is not science simply because it is not disprovable. The nonsensical theory matches all possible measurable data.

  5. Comments are instantly removed. The info-war is at high level and intensified, doesn’t matter who but the question is why

  6. so the redcross finally got a move on to PREemptive actions
    who’da thunk it?
    Dzuds being a damned near yearly event the nomads ancestors managed to handle
    wtf is wrong with their descendants?
    modern shelters machinery gps weather etc and they still manage to screwup every year?

  7. When the real world data doesn’t conform to the theory, what does that tell ‘ya?

    No matter how smart you are and how beautiful your theory of CO2 driven climate change, if the data does not conform to the theory then the theory is wrong.

    CO2 driven Global Warming is wrong, wrong, wrong

  8. The quote is clear. Bitter cold is due to “climate change”.
    Which is caused by modern society.
    In this case, “causing” global cooling.
    They are mad.

  9. I don’t understand why people get upset when they blame things getting colder on “climate change.” As long as they aren’t calling it global warming, I’m fine with it. What exactly, do you suppose, dropping into a new ice age IS if it isn’t “climate change?”

    Regarding the current generation having a more difficult time than previous generations – look at the history of climate. First, it IS getting colder, and earlier generations didn’t necessarily face the same level of cold.

    Second, there are more people and animals trying to survive on the same amount of the planet. If you are putting twice the pressure on the same amount of land, you end up with less to go around.

    And last, previous generations were more in tune with living to survive, not to “grow an economy.” As long as people are satisfied with nothing more than survival, the land probably would still support their needs.

    I don’t blame anyone for wanting a better life than their great grandparents had. I only wish we in the west could still hope for the same – to live a better life than our great grand parents did, but for that to happen, we have to get the “gold worshipers” off our backs so we can live instead of exist at their behest.

  10. It must be terrifying to those strange people that they simply can’t control what this planet does.

    They are desperate to find a way to get rid of CO2 – completely get rid of it – because it’s making the planet heat up.

    Here’s a hint (and a toast, also) to their lack of understanding: CO2 may be the only that is keeping us out of another ice age. This warm period has lasted 18,000 years, It’s NOT the shortest one in the geological record, either, So if CO2 is somehow “captured” and “controlled”, and the atmospheric level is substantially reduced (somehow), it might put us right back into a long-term cold period called an Ice Age. (See where I’m going with this?) Not saying I think it’s possible, but…..

    We’re in winter weather status in the north, aren’t we? And now they’re howling “climate change” about it? Seriously, they need new hobbies.

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