Monster blizzards pound Mammoth

Eight feet (244 cm) of snow since Saturday.

With white-out conditions continuing, California’s Mammoth Mountain dug out from another 4 feet (122 cm) of weekend snow yesterday.

As if that weren’t enough, up to 4 additional feet of snow were predicted by the time the storm ends on Tuesday morning.

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6 thoughts on “Monster blizzards pound Mammoth”

  1. wow, and does the snowmelt from that mountain happen to go into some reservoirs for the dry spots in Cali?
    or has some greentard blown up all the damns along the rivers etc that might have stored it?
    cos an obscure 1/4 inch fish was more important?

    • Chris is right on that… water from the mammoth area gets to LA via the California aqueduct system… which includes quite a few dams along the way. The dams were built partly to control flooding and partly to provide water, the aqueduct system hauls the water from where there is too much (or snowpack water) down to where it’s needed.

      There is some ugly history to how LA got it’s water though. Back in the 20s, some developers and an engineer (William Mulholland, an engineer) intentionally damaged the irrigation systems in the Owen’s Valley that belonged to farmers and ranchers in that area (not far from Mammoth). This was a sneak attack done in the middle of the night, not something that was put out into public view or discussion. LA at the time was a sleepy little town, pretty much.

      As part of this ugly history, Mulholland went on to build the St. Francis dam just upstream from LA. In 1928 the dam failed and killed around 450 people.

      Nothing to do with “greenies” and nothing to do with a 1/4 inch fish.

      BTW I am not necessarily opposed to dams, just opposed to building them poorly or pushing to develop downstream in the dam inundation area (what gets flooded if there’s a dam failure).

  2. I wonder how the AGW elites will spin this — will they ascribe the snowpack to El Niño (a natural phenomenon) or that global warming means more snow (counterintuitive reasoning)?

  3. Looks like the Los Angeles lawns are going to be green this year after all.
    They might be as dry as dust from 2017 till the next EL Nino during the next Solar Cycle 25s rise towards Max in say 7 years from now.

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