Monster El Niño Forming – Will be more devastating than the last one

“The phenomenon should be called Niño Volcánico (Volcanic Child) because it is generated by eruptions of thousands of submarine volcanoes.” – Jorge Manrique Prieto

Submarine volcanoes show more activity due to a drop of activity on the Sun?

Monster El Niño Forming – Will be more devastating than the last one

24 March 2017

Gigantic masses of hot water are forming in the South Pacific, warns Peruvian scientist Jorge Manrique Prieto. A new El Niño, in other words.

Prieto, an expert in satellite remote sensing, explains that literally thousands of square miles of hot water will hit Peruvian coasts in August.

When he uses the word “hot,” Prieto is talking about 88 degrees Fahrenheit (31C) hot. He thinks this El Niño will therefore be more devastating than the last one because that one contained water “only” 81F (27C) hot.

These masses of hot water will lead to evaporation up to four times normal and cause heavy precipitation, says Prieto. On the Pacific Coast it will create greater problems than those caused by the 81F water known as Niño Costero, he said.

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) confirms Prieto’s observations (at least partially). “During January and February 2017, above-average SSTs (sea-surface temperatures) expanded within the eastern Pacific Ocean,” says NOAA. “(There are) increasing chances for El Niño development into the fall.”

This map shows temperatures as high as 31C

When you look at the NOAA map, you can clearly see the gigantic intensely red spots – the hot water masses – sliding towards Peru.

The hot water masses measure more than 1,000 miles long (1600 km) and 450 meters deep. The first mass should hit the Peruvian coast in April and last until July. The second mass, a super monster, should arrive in August and last until October.

Where does the hot water originate?

These masses of hot water are of volcanic origin, say Prieto. They originate south of the equatorial line in the depths of the Bismark Sea, the Solomon Sea and the Coral Sea, which contain more than 5,000 mini submarine volcanoes.

Previous El Nino showing 27C

When these underwater volcanoes erupt they heat the water to abnormal levels, triggering evaporation up to four times more than normal.

Volcanic El Niño (Volcanic Child)

For this reason, El Niño Costero (the Coastal Child) should rather be called Volcanic El Niño (Volcanic Child) because it is generated by the eruptions of thousands of submarine volcanoes, says Prieto.

What triggers the underwater volcanic activity?

The volcanic activity is regulated by the stars, specifically by the position or alignment of the planets, says Prieto. That alignment produces strong magnetic pressure on the igneous core, or magma, of the Earth, which stimulates submarine volcanic activity along the Ring of Fire.

Another factor is the sun, because solar storms strongly affect the earth’s magnetósphere, says Prieto. As with planetary alignments, the solar storms produce magnetic pressure on the igneous core of the Earth and stimulate submarine volcanic activity.

This confirms what I’ve been saying for the past 20 years – that El Niños are triggered by underwater volcanic activity. (See Not by Fire but by Ice, Chapter 10, “Fish Stew”)

Note: This is a very loose translation of an article (in Spanish) by Victor Alvarado. First I used Google Translate. Then I translated the translation. Then I edited extensively. If you think this needs more clarification, please please free to comment.

Original article: PERÚ: SE VIENE OTRO “NIÑO MÁS DEVASTADOR (Peru: Another El Niño will come more devastating)

Thanks to Martin Siebert for this link

Manrique Prieto was the first scientist to alert on January 27, at 5.59 pm of this year, through an email addressed to the authorities and media about the formation of the hot water mass. So far, no one in authority appears to have listened.

Peruvian authorities have to know it and you have to ask them why they hide it, says Prieto. And if they do not know, it would mean that they suffer from incompetence.

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  1. Our weather seems to be a few months behind “normal” in terms of rainfall. January and February, our peak summer months, are normally our wettest but this year significant areas received a tiny fraction of normal rainfall.

    And in the last few days a very late tropical cyclone hit Queensland’s coast and finally brought drenching rains along with wind damage.

    If an El-Niño forms we’ll never hear the end of climate doom with the elevated temperatures.

    Unusually high minimum temperatures have persisted in northern Australia for almost a year to date.

    • The last couple of months that minimum in the northwest is below average, probably due to this extra good wet season. WA had a record crop in the south, the season is good everywhere else in the West.
      Fewer cyclones have worried us as the lows instead swept inland some fantastic rain to the rest of the state.
      If this is the future, with more El Ninos, we will be happy with that.
      Warmer is better.

      • i read today SA had bumper 111million ton wheat harvest..
        with probably a mouse plague to follow;-(
        watching the ENSO charts and shes all over the place
        from the minus lanina to right back to the elnino + side
        back to neutral and now +again
        its open season on wtf? is really going to happen
        and we got cyclone in the +stage to boot.
        err thats not supposed to happen i thought;-)
        ma nature didnt read the memo;-)

      • “If this is the future” ?

        It has nothing to do with the “Future”, these are “Cycles” and since we (The Human Race) have really only been observing Weather patterns for less than 100 years no one really knows what tomorrow keeps…

        Its called Weather !

        Rick – SoCal

    • El Niño/ La Niña have nothing to do with climate or weather influence here in the US! Water temperatures millions of miles away in the pacific basin cannot affect weather patterns here in the US! Maybe in South America and the pacific basin but not here! It is common sense. It is another made up scam to fool the public! Take it for what it is and don’t believe in any of it!

      • The ocean currents are like conveyor belts of various temperatures of water. They can carry that water and unusual temperatures far north where winds bring it inland, so it certainly can and does affect the weather across North America.

        • Precipitation patterns not temperature patterns. Air temps control water temps not the other way around.

          • ok so go hold a hairdryer on a bowl of water
            you let me know when you can get an appreciable rise in that water;-)
            you might evaporate some if you do it long enough…but its not going to get warm

            • then explain to me Laurel why ocean temperatures are colder in winter then they are in summer?

  2. Add in a ‘dark star’ usurping some of that Birkeland current flow, and it seems we won’t be in Kansas much longer.

  3. I find the idea of “magnetic pressure” and its posited effects on volcanoes absolutely fascinating.

    What exactly is the nature of said “magnetic pressure” exerted on the Earths mantle as posited by this article? Is it simply the Earths magnetic (Now weakening) field, or some other magnetic pressure exerted by some other field or combination of fields?

    I think a great number of people are familiar with the notion of tidal effects that gravity can produce and how such tidal effects can be quite pronounced, as we see in the moon Io. Is there an analogous effect that can provably be attributed to magnetic pushing/pulling of the Earths crust or mantle by said fields?

    Is it possible that currents flowing between the sun and the planets might have a pronounced effect on the interior of the planets even if those currents are not flowing directly through the planets interiors? If sufficiently massive currents flow around a planet, why wouldn’t such currents inductively couple with the interior of the planet, especially if the interior is metallic? Such induced currents would have a number of effects, possibly including turning a rotating Earth into a giant homopolar motor?

    • Hey Realist

      Scientist have known for years now that the Earth core has been cooling and and the crust expanding for thousands of years. It has been the quest of many to explain this. Here is my take on some of the latest info available to the layman.

      The portals that Albert and a couple others were working on may have been found by NASA a couple of years ago. These magnetic portals connect the sun to the earth and open for a very brief time. If you see a spiraling anomaly at a ley line near you, no fret, probably these cats trying to figure out how to use these things. One could assume this is a balancing effect of the earth to sun distance and positioning for the transition in reference to the travel speed through space.

      Then more recently has been discovered plasma tubes within the magnetosphere which are fed from what we laymen call sunlight. These tubes also follow along the magnetic lines(ley) and would have a more profound effect upon the inner workings of core as well as outer effect on the mantel. Alas, one can see if the direct energy of the sun upon the ionosphere increases or diminishes a reasonable unrest involving quakes, volcanoes, temperatures and expansion(notice all the new fissures and sink holes) will occur.

      These electrical connections from the sun occurs upon all the planets in the solar system as well. So the relationship of sun and the planetary alignment can reasonably be identified and reconstructed within tolerant accuracy in conjunction with past alignments and the effect upon the earth.
      I am sure that the alignment with other solar and galaxy systems would play a role as well, last time I checked they were still looking for new toys to get a bigger picture.

      Good Day Sir or Mam

    • “Such induced currents would have a number of effects, possibly including turning a rotating Earth into a giant homopolar motor?”
      I doubt it. Ever heard of Inertia?

  4. It is a nice theory, is there any other data confirming the heat source is volcanic? Have the number and intensity of earthquakes increased in the Bismark sea and other source zones? Have remote sensing systems like Modis shown dust, ash, turbid water or other signs to confirm undersea volcanic eruptions have increased? Confirming that an El Nino can be volcanically driven would help uncouple the El nino from so called AGW.

    • Terrible find as this will have no impact on weather in the US and the upcoming grand solar minimum.

  5. As cyclone Debbie formed off north queensland the last week we were told the water in the coral sea was 30 degrees celius.
    No wonder it formed into a cyclone.
    Debbie came ashore as a Cat 4, but very close to a Cat 5, has caused a lot of damage to the tourist hot spots of Hamilton, & Hayman Islands and mainland ports that service those islands.
    Today the Queensland coast south of where the cyclone hit is being inundated with extreme rainfall, and is causing lots of localized flooding.
    Govt has sent home all but essential staff, closed schools, and is encouraging all other businesses to close before lunchtime, presently as I write this it is 11 am, and the rain is bucketing down and storm is building.

    • no mate
      cyclone debbie;-)
      rainfall follow ons doing more damage than the storm did
      500 to 800mm rainfalls some spots

      as for Bom and the rated forces?200ish k?
      i was looking at their charts and didnt see much over 97k
      on the water side- land side lower
      nullschool earth wind rated at surface was not what they said
      and the fact any leaves are left on palmtrees on Hamilton island
      Yasi some 6yrs ago was FAR more force n damage left

    • Personally, I wish they’d come up with different names for these conditions than “El Nino” and “La Nina” … I always get them confused!

  6. If this is true it means another record breaking mild winter, record breaking low arctic sea ice and record breaking global temperatures in the Northern hemisphere winter.

  7. In general, the rise of cosmic rays can increase cloudy and rainy days, and adding an El Niño it couldn’t be so hot, but a big rain with no sunny days.
    Perhaps this (volcanic) heat or El Niño could be only have local influence and would be reduced by Ocean currents (Humoldt), cause we are in the beginning of Autumn/Winter in the Southern Hem.
    What I read about this phenomenon (probable Niño) should begin interfering here in the second half of 2017.
    We need to see how will behave the winter in the Southern Hem. Only a layman opinion.

  8. Claim of “Mega El Niño” in October, has no basis in science

    Manrique does not address the effect of the of the Humboldt current from the South and also cool trade winds which accompany it, that neutralize the currents of hot water coming in from the West.

    The map of temperature of surface waters (SST) from NOAA does not yield predictions more than two months, NOAA scientists would not predict until the month of July.

    • Who cares? It is just a stupid Spanish term to describe if the water in the eastern pacific off of the pacific coast is above or below normal. Nothing more. Ocean water temps millions of miles away simply cannot affect the weather here in the US or hurricanes in the Atlantic basin. It is common sense. It is another scam to mislead the public. Take it for what it is and don’t believe in any of it!

      • wow..a rabid believer are we?
        you would seem to be of school of Gore and think that 0.004% Co2 can warm an entire planets?
        but dismiss the fact that many large undersea lava vents and the odd volcano/as well as solar cycles can affect anything?
        err you do know we have tides on earth due to a hardly magnetic,but very influential chunk of rock called the moon dont you?

        if you really DO think the tiny co2 amount can change the planet…then you really need to think about ocean temps/summer/winter currents and other natural options doing far more than co2 ever will.
        just take another pill n go back under that rock of faith;-)

      • Going to be record rainfalls, snowfalls, droughts, temperatures(hot and cold), that is what science is here for to document, speculate a theory based on reasonable evidence present with a firm foundation to back the theory, run with it and see what happens.
        Always there will be a difference of opinion in the world of science, the level headed will care for all opinions presented sit back and see what is recorded from the events happening around them, go back look at all the data from different sources and try to get a broader picture. This day and time the picture is so obscured by the gov. agencies and no information shared by those with the most advanced equipment. For at least the last 20 years those with the modern technology have been proven wrong in their forecasting and doomsday predicting of global warming.

        And we should all care and keep tabs on the events Mr. Prieto and others like him give reference to. If one has an objection to the theory presented one should calmly give his/her retort presenting evidence or their theory countering the event proposed by the former. We should all care when millions of peoples lives are at stake and as I said monitor the situation with due vigilance to produce ample time warnings to those that could be in harms way.
        Otherwise please stop jumping around like a hot lava rock and at a minimum give some valid evidence or theory of your own.
        Be Good

      • ClimateChange4realz,
        You are misinformed. The El Ninos and the La Ninas have ALWAYS affected US weather in the past. Don’t be so emphatic when you’ve not reviewed the past effects.

        • Precipitation patterns not temperature patterns. Air temps control water temps not the other way around.

        • And yes I have reviewed past evidence not all strong El Niño’s produce the same weather patterns

  9. Mmm increased precipitation, more clouds and an increasingly inactive sun, what does that lead t i wonder?

      • Yep,

        I for one never give much credence to one that has to hide behind an unreal user name.
        Almost like typing into thin air not actually knowing who you are typing to.

        Perhaps they think it is a game?

    • Who cares? I don’t. The odds will always be 50/50. El Niño/ La Niña is just a stupid Spanish term to describe if the water in the eastern pacific off of the pacific coast is above or below normal. Nothing more. Ocean water temps millions of miles away simply cannot affect the weather here in the US or hurricanes in the Atlantic basin. It is common sense. It is another scam to mislead the public. Take it for what it is and don’t believe in any of it!

  10. People need to calm the hell down! It’s just a stupid Spanish term to describe whether the ocean in the eastern Pacific of above or below normal! Someone tell me how the hell this has ANYTHING to do with our freakin weather patterns?

    • how about YOU actually go read up on it?
      even your warmist buddies have to admit the la and el events DO have influential effects on global rain n other events
      inc temperatures.

      or you can keep putting your foot in mouth n giving us all a chuckle 😉

      • Kristain you say:

        “even your warmist buddies have to admit the la and el events DO have influential effects on global rain n other events
        inc temperatures.”

        Let’s get a couple things straight

        1. I am not not a warmist and I never will be. Co2 has very little impact on climate change as it is a very minor greenhouse gas and plays such a miniscule role in the climate system. Some physicists even claim that it actually cools the planet because it disobeys the rules in thermodynamics but that is not up for debate as it is well out of the realm of my field of research. The sun is the main driver of climate change and yes we are going into another grand solar minimum

        2. You provided no online evidence or links to support your claims that El Niño and La Niña have impact on our weather patterns here in the US just typical jiberish and attacks that people usually get when others who disagree with them are too afraid to admit that they are wrong. And yes I have read online and found nothing because it seems many people lack common sense as usual. Unless you can provide me an actual detailed scientific not just it causes weird weather patterns because that is a very broad and unscientific explanation on how El Niño or La Niña drive the weather patterns millions of miles away then it is not worth wasting my time debating you. Good day

        • Warm oceans produce more water vapour. You can have cold polar votexes coming down. They need moisture to have any effect. Remember every clear night it gets cold as the earth’s heat is converted away. Ie cold alone is not a problem. Ice and snow covering plants is. Vast volcanos heating the pacific is the driver of those Pineapple Express weather patterns.

  11. Love it, egads. Earth not connected? To the sun, oh, or the heat transfer mechanics of plasma, or the magnetic fields weakening, All caused by volcanos? Eh! Er! Ah, aha, suspicious observers, a you tube channel has good links to much of this. Plus a new app. Interesting.

  12. ClimateChange4realz:

    Some process moved enormous volumes of water from the oceans (which caused them to fall 400 feet or more) into the atmosphere where it condensed, froze, fell as snow upon the land and began to build up into ice sheets thousands of feet thick. This has happened multiple times with some regularity during the past several million years. The last glacial interval ended about 12,000 years ago. The next should begin very soon in geological time.

    Two things have to be taking place in a process that moves all that water: (1) There has to be increased heat in the oceans causing increased evaporation. (2) There has to be simultaneous cooling over the land and in the atmosphere. If the Earth supplies the heat in the oceans to increase evaporation through volcanism while the sun withdraws heat from the atmosphere and land surfaces by going dormant in a grand solar minimum, that might be all that is required. Personally, I can’t think of a better theory to explain the ice ages. We might actually be living through a time where proof of that theory is being revealed.

    • Indeed so Jbird. More frequent volcanic activity and earthquake eruptions are part of an evolving grand solar minimum. It is belived that when the Suns TSI decreases the inside of the earths core gets colder and causes stress on the fault lines causing the tectonic plates to shift more in different places they usually are relitivelly stable causing more earthquakes and at the same time more volcanic eruptions. One volcanic eruption can cause a significant cooling over just a short period of time from the amount of sulfur dioxide particulates injected high into the upper atmosphere which eventually turn into sulfur acid water droplets reflecting the suns rays (which is what is belived to cause “the year without a summer” in 1814 I think it was) even more then eveulution of Global Cloud Cover from increase of cosmic rays penetrating our atmosphere weakening the solar shield or “magnetosphere” around our earth. Another significant driver of our climate changes here on earth.

    • Yes we could be in for some very bad timing regards moisture meeting cold air from the north. During the Maunder Minimum there were several nonexistant summers. Could we for the first time in recorded history witness such a collamity? What global food stocks will there be? Is just in time stock taking about to cause a worldwide crisis or wil the ever present overproduction of food save us?

  13. Is the other side of the Pacific Ocean millions of miles away? Millions? Why didn’t somebody tell me?

    How about that curious concept called ‘the interconnectedness of all things’? Could the Eastern philosophers and Western physicists have been that wrong?

    The Climate Change movement is dead, 4realz. Dead in the water, nyuk nyuk. No one dares suggest anymore that so-called deniers should be burned at the stake. Whew. And George Soros is now putting his billions into more enlightened activities, such as fomenting race wars and making Hillary mayor of New York City.

  14. “Gigantic masses of [hot] water” ?

    It doesn’t matter who is saying it, WARM IS WARM AND HOT IS HOT, they are “not” the same !

    And when you do that then there is “NO” difference between you and the pathological “leftist” LIARS who will “never” report anything correctly/reality but will “always” LIE about it !!

    When they say, “It’s HOT in the Arctic/North Pole” when the “TRUTH” is that the temperature is only -10° Fahrenheit and that that is really only “10°” degrees above normal but they will LIE and spin it into their own Satanic perceptions of reality to force their agenda on everyone !!!



    “88° degrees is Warm, “100°” degrees + is Hot !!

    Now Peru and virtually “all” of anything South of the U.S. Border are “leftist” States/Countries and could give a hoot about anything Capitalistic so “Peruvian scientist Jorge Manrique Prieto” will “always” call “Warm” – “Hot” pushing the “Global-Warming” crap “knowing” that Semi-Capitalist Countries (Western Europe and Canada (Thank GOD for President Donald (The T) Trump because not a “cent” of American $ will flow their way)) will flow $$$$$$$ their way with Peru saying that it’s “our” fault !!!

    As for another El Nino, man I hope so because with a 88° Sea Temperature that should be 81° degrees then this could be a duezy because we here in Southern Cal haven’t seen a real El Nino since 1997/1998 so bring it on…


  15. Increased water temp. leads to decreased water temp. through evaporative cooling, as well as transferring some heat to the air which increases air temp. > Warmer air holds more water vapor which leads to increased precip. and more clouds. > More clouds lessen surface warming from Solar radiation which lowers air temp. It’s all a chaotic balancing act that we have no power to control. CO2 has virtually no effect.

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