Mont Blanc Glacier doubles in size

Mont Blanc glacier almost doubles in size in four years – That’s what the headline should have said. Instead, it shouted “Global warming makes Mont Blanc grow.”

I consider this a blatant attempt to hide the truth.

A different paper entitled the story “Climate change making Mont Blanc even higher.”

“Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in France and western Europe, has grown more than two metres in two years … ironically as a result of global warming,” the article said.

Mt. Blanc

The French Alps. The map shows the location of the Mont Blanc and Dôme du Goûter ice fields. The Chamonix, Bourg St. Maurice, and Besse en Oisans meteorological stations are also plotted (from Vincent et al., 2007).

“Generations of French schoolchildren were taught the famous peak was 4,807 metres tall, but it has been growing since 2003 and at a faster rate in recent months.

Now let’s get down to the truth:

“The volume of ice on Mont Blanc’s slopes over 4800 metres high was first calculated at 14,600 cubic metres in 2003. It dropped to 14,300 cubic metres two years later, then almost doubled to 24,100 cubic metres in 2007.

It almost doubled in size in four years!

Such “growth” in mountains is specific to higher Alpine peaks, said Yan Giezendanner, a meteorologist.”Glaciers at high altitude seem to be growing, while those situated at mid or low altitude are melting, shrinking and threatened with extinction,” he said.

You decide. Were those headlines honest?

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1 thought on “Mont Blanc Glacier doubles in size”

  1. — Teeny-tiny glacier. —
    A glacier “25,000 cubic meters” in size would scarcely cover an American football field to a depth of six meters. (100 x 50 yards in area, or
    5,000 square yards, right around 4,186 sq. m., x 5 m. [19 feet] deep.) The article never once says “cubic kilometer.”

    A football field full of snow does not a glacier make. Even if the words were true, the NUMBERS WERE TERRIBLY WRONG!!!

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