Montana city headed for snowiest February on record

Second time in just three years that Billings has broken the February snowfall record. Not just for the date, mind you, but for the entire month.

As of yesterday, Billings hadn’t seen this much snow by the 18th of February — ever — and 10 more days still remain in the month

As of Sunday night, at least 31.5 inches of snow had fallen this month, well on the way to breaking the previous February snowfall record of 37 inches set just three years ago in 2014.

For the snow year so far, measured from July 1, snowfall stands at 76 inches, about 44 inches above normal.

The 103.5 inches that fell during the 2013-2014 snow season made it the highest snow season on record.

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3 thoughts on “Montana city headed for snowiest February on record”

  1. Snow a thing of the past? Whoever said that non sense?

    Also worth noting that Havre, Montana is currently 21 below average so far this month!
    On the 12th they were 45 below average. Below normal temps to continue at least thru the 25th.

    Great Falls is 14 below average
    Cut Bank is 15 below average
    Helena is 9.9 below average

  2. Probably Snowiest winter or very close for Havre Montana by the Canadian border, one of the harshest winters for a place known for harsh winters, especially windchill.

    Also record cold for California finally.

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