Montana – More than a foot of snow so far – LOTS more on the way

Forecasters warned on Sunday that the early-season wintry blast (it’s still September!) will drop several additional feet of snow in parts of the region, creating potentially life-threatening situations.

The powerful winter storm targeting the northern Rockies has already downed trees, caused power outages and lead road closures in northwestern Montana.

The National Weather Service said the strong storm will continue to produce heavy snow, strong winds and potential blizzard conditions into Monday morning.

The NWS in Great Falls reported 16 inches (41 cm) of snow had already fallen near Marias Pass just south of Glacier National Park by early Saturday afternoon, and that by Sunday morning snowfall rates were increasing.

“We’ve already had about a foot and a half (45 cm); we probably are going to see another couple feet (60 cm) of snow by the time this is done,” said Fox News Chief Meteorologist Rick Reichmuth.

Temperatures are expected to drop into the teens and 20s (Fahrenheit) across much of western and central Montana overnight Monday.

Good luck to those who lose power. Maybe they can pull their chairs up to a cozy windmill and warm their bodies that way.

1 thought on “Montana – More than a foot of snow so far – LOTS more on the way”

  1. People in Montana are not stupid enough to rely on windmills. I’d be willing to bet the prevalence of woodstoves and fireplaces at close to 100%.

    There has been plenty of advance notice for this storm.

    I’d also be willing to bet that the vast majority of vehicles off the side of the road belong to truckers (some of whom do not know when to quit), tourists, and recent immigrants.

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