Montana Snow About 60 Days Early

“Global warming nonsense is only a political expedient …try living here in the cold reality.”
– Chet Walker

Montana Snow About 60 Days Early

By Chet Walker

I live south of Missoula, Montana, in the Sapphire & Bitterroot Mountains at 3,500 ft; in the area being discussed, and we haven’t been getting snow like this for several years. Our hunting seasons have been without snow quite regularly and last year we didn’t get ANY snow until the last few days of the season in late November. However the winter snow sticks around here until early August at higher altitude (6,000 ft+).

So, it’s about 60 days early, and with this the bow hunters might stop complaining about terrible tracking conditions without SNOW. Animals leave tell-tale tracks in the snow to follow their movements.

The real change has been the temperature and seasonal shift. What used to take several weeks to change from blistering hot to a cooler fall season has turned into an OVERNIGHT event. Even with hot days (80s & 90s), the nights are dropping into the mid to low forties. This summer has been like the Sahara and then overnight NOW it’s cold-drizzly-wet old London, and then our next day is followed by northern Norway. We could turn around of course and go back to the Sahara for a couple of weeks, but if the snow sticks and keeps advancing down the mountainsides then the shift to winter will have deleted our having any FALL season.

Sometimes we get an Indian Summer; a reprieve with sun & heat in early November, but they have become all but scarce events.

It’s very early to get this kind of snow, however (trying to be positive) we do need it to possibly dampen and put out some of the high-mountain fires that have been allowed to go unchecked. Global warming nonsense is only a political expedient …try living here in the cold reality.

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  1. I live in Tigard Oregon.

    We have had many days in the Nineties this summer.

    However the nights have been cool – lower sixties and upper 50’s.

    Last night the temperature dropped to 45. Five degrees above the record low.

    I am expecting a cold snowy winter.

  2. 60 days early? I’ve seen it snow a foot or more on July 4th and over 2 feet in mid to late September – all at a elevation of less than 6000′ on the east side of the Beartooth range. Then again I’ve had 60F+ temps for Christmas. This snow isn’t early.

    You don’t say how long you’ve lived in Montana but you sure sound like a transplant.

  3. Temperatures in northern Nevada dipped below freezing overnight September 15-16. Patches of snow in the Ruby Mountains have been visible all year. I too am expecting an unusually severe winter.

  4. Having lived in Montana all my life (55 years) this is BS. Last years first snow was 2 weeks earlier than this year. Most years our first mountain snows happen on Labor day weekend. Get a clue and look at records before making such outrageous claims.

  5. If history is any guide supported by some good science be prepared for cold winters for many years. We are entering a period of the quiet sun. Very little sunspots and a weak magnetic field that shields us less from cosmic rays. Remember dickens winters described in London? A mini ice age could be nearing. Look up Svensmark if you want to understand the effect of a quiet sun on clouds.

    • You mean…the ball of fire in the sky has more influence on earths temperature than a cow fart?
      I dunno….
      Al Gore

    • You are absolutely right. You must also read… research. There is ample evidence that cooling will be the trend and many unbiased scientists are speaking of this general drop in earth temperatures. We are, according to the science being offered, going to drop almost 2 degrees C… long johns weather. Be safe

    • Svensmark is correct, mainstream science is in the dark ages when it comes to astrophysics. The sun is responsible for fluctuations in the climate from hot to cold over shorter periods of time. Man made global warmest have mistaken the natural cycles of the sun for Co2 driven climate change.

  6. This sudden early chill extends to the great deserts as well. After the hottest summer ever in nearby Death Valley, overnight lows are in the 50’s. The clouds haven’t looked right all summer. Litter sizes and survival for predator and prey are very low. It is like we have suddenly moved 25° north. Prepare.

  7. Already snow on the peaks here in Colorado. In fact, just the other day Al Gore took a tour in his private jet to inspect the conditions.

  8. Check your facts, they always have freezing weather by the first of September. All the northern states like Idaho, Wyoming and Montana the same. Dove hunters know because there’s damn few doves left in country after the frost. That means it can snow and has. Snow storms out of season are not unusual anywhere. I’ve been around a few years and I’ve even seen it snow in San Diego back in 66. 8″ in Bakersfield valley wide. it happens. Surprising? Not so much in Montana. It doesn’t stay long,

    • You are mistaken. We do not always have freezing weather by September first. The first frost doesn’t usually come until the end of Sept.

    • 8″ in Bakersfield? Valley wide? Please offer documentation. I lived in South SJ Valley myself for many decades, and neither saw not heard of anything even close to this.

  9. Same here in western South Dakota. June & July of this year were hotter than heck with 90’s & even 100’s dominating, with warm evenings. August was better with more 80’s & a few 70’s. Now, as of Sept. 15, it’s low 50’s. Garden & other plants seem to show signs of an early fall, with many not growing very well at all, or going to seed early, or turning red as in the case of our raspberry bushes. It has been interesting to observe, although I am concerned about the crops and wildlife.

  10. How is this opinion piece news? I have lived in Montana my whole life, 30 years and this is nothing new. The weather we are getting right now is a cold snap not to be associated climate change. Weather patterns change does equal climate change. Snow in mid September is nothing new and Montana is a traditionally colder climate, if you dont like it move. I also have a degree in Climate Science from the University of Montana. 🙂

    • Recommend you research Dr. Reid Bryson, Dr. Freeman Dyson and Dr. Ivar Giaver. They do not have degrees in climate science from the University of Montana. Perhaps you could ask for a refund of your tuition.

    • Well Alex, congratulations to your Degree in Climate Science for which I have none, in fact I didn’t even graduate from High School !

      But what I do is, on my own, is research Meteorology and Climate (40 years and running starting with El Nino 1977 – 78) and even a 3 year old can figure out the Climate/Global/Change/Warming is full of “crap” and so forth a complete “LIE” !

      And you can come down here to the Desert Southwest and explain the fall of Summer temperatures since 2000 (Summer of 1999 to be exact), or, you can believe the absolutely bogus daily temperature reports being reported by the media, or “You” to can rearrange the known temperature “records” and “blot” out the 1930 temperatures as NASA and NOAA “conveniently” do and arrange the 2010 to Present as the “Hottest” Decade ever reported !!!

      Oh and, Glaciers have melted’ Arctic Sea Ice is gone, Greenland is really “Green” now, Antarctica is now a “Summer” Resort (Especially in the month of July !), etc, etc…

      OR, You can report/find/study the “actual” truth and report it !!!

      Or you can lie about it, but it does suck that the American Taxpayers have to”fund” the lies !

      You know, in the Private Sector (ie Corporations), that is considered a “Felony” !!!!!


    • I’m with you. I’ve lived in MT 68 years. Nothing new here. Once it snowed on my birthday at the end of August. Several times I remember snow in upper hills for 4th of July. So I would remind people of the old saying. if you don’t like the weather in Montana, wait a minute and it will change.

    • You’re absolutely right. We lived in Montana (USAF) from 1987-91. It snowed 8 inches in Great Falls on a Saturday night in mid September, 1988. A broad area of snow did what man could not do. It put out the great Yellowstone fires of that year.

  11. Montanans used to be concerned about campers getting caught in the Labor Day snow. You alarmist voice of global warming evidence here in Montana is likened to a shock radio host out of New York seeking his or her attention over substance and is really rather shameful. Last year a report on global warming indicated a small fraction of one percent higher tempsture coming out of the USA. We did not notice it even. In Britain it was even lower. They did not notice it as well. Though it happened i guess. After a major volcano went off back in the late 1800 hundreds with the force of all nuclear weapons going off at once our planet noticed for a few years a couple degrees cooler for 14 days during the growing season. Stop the alarmist attitude about the cold and snow in Montana. “so that your place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.”
    Teddy Roosevelt

  12. Here in the Raleigh area of North Carolina, Fall is already here as the trees are changing their colours. This about a month to early.

  13. Like 9/11 and Benghazi, Anthropogenic Climate Change is just political propaganda to boost a variety of NWO, federal, state and local taxes. Al Gore quotes the 400 PPM concentration of CO2 in our atmosphere as proof. What does that mean? Elementary school kids get it. Just to torture his 5th grade teacher a local science fair student posted Gore’s 400 PPM ratio as 400/1,000,000 = 40/100,000 = 4/10,000 on his science fair poster (5th grade math). Then placed in front of it a large pickle jar filled with 9,996 white marbles and 4 black marbles and ask the question, “Does anyone really think 4 CO2 molecules in 10,000 has any significant impact on our climate?” The teacher wrote a large red “Grade – D” on his poster for all to see. We now live in George Orwell’s “1984” dystopia.

  14. climate change is a con in order to shake down the rich countries. thank god that Trump got us out of the Paris accords. Hollywood and the minions of liberal creatures including Obama are all wired wrong. Yes climate changes everyday that is weather.

  15. After several generations of normality patterns in the climate perhaps enhanced by technology may we consider the possible cause for odd weather/changed climate? Complacency? Not broke [yet] why fix it? Inevitability, because [we] people are knuckleheads given the chance? 20 miles out of boise it was low forties. Really no good reason to follow the chaos of the failure of climate. But let us not deny that human activity is the cause through the mechanisms of sci-tech vector modeling a la Edward Teller and the rest of the inherited mad science cadres from here to Bozeman and beyond.

  16. I arrived at Malmstrom AFB the day after Christmas in 1968. I grew up in Chicago so I thought I was used to the cold. I was mistaken. My first clue should have been when I saw cars plugged in to electrical outlets. There were no electric cars back then. My new friend informed me that the cars are plugged in with devices that warmed the water or oil and kept the engines from freezing. He said ” if you’re not plugged in you won’t get your car started till June.” It was a brutal winter with weeks of sub-zero temperatures and a one time low of around minus 43 degrees. The next winter one of the guys in my shop was going to get shipped TDY for six months to Okinawa. He had just gotten married and begged me to take his place. I didn’t want to spend another winter there so I took his place. Not long after I was in Okinawa I received a letter from a friend back at Malmstrom. The guy whose place I took got sent to Iceland for 2-3 years I believe was the tour time back then. That most likely would have been me going if I had stayed.

  17. All we want is for snow and/or rain to knock the smoke down to a decent level. Those of us with asthma can’t take a lot more Hazardous, or Unhealthy Air conditions. This morning was beautiful, fairly clear = not completely, with snow on top of the Bitterroots. You have to live pretty near to us, Chet.

  18. I’ve live here 41 years Chet. I’ve seen snow in Great Falls in every month except July. Thank god for it, the fires that have been choking us are now out. Won’t kill the pine beetles ravaging the forests, but at least we have a reprieve from the smoke until next year.

  19. I feel that this storm is closer to thirty days late…..i missed my august snows please bring them back….the days of my childhood when opening day of grouse season and bow season were cold rain and snow then a little warn then more snow early oct and then all out snow and below zero cold for opening day of rifle season……oh the good old days of living in the mountains of Montana……sally”s go south lrt the fun begin dump feet upon feet and bring on the neg 40 weeks of cold…..i am ready and wating with a smile…

  20. I live in Montana and you can set your watch to snow in mid September. the next 45 days will be beautifully fall like with chilly mornings and warm days. After October all bets are off. By Mid November we could have snow in the higher valleys but I have seen it be open until early December. I’ve been snowed on every month to include July and August.

  21. On Tuesday 9/12, I drove into Minot, ND, in late afternoon. My car’s outdoor temperature reading was 95F, consistent with the electronic temperature signs outside of businesses. Lots of wildfire smoke in the air. Two days later, driving across Marias Pass on US 2, the car was showing 35F, and a few wet snowflakes were mixed in with a steady rain. No smoke. Love the Hi-Line.

  22. From far western MT. Chilly yes. Unusual no. It’s why I’m grateful tomatoes ripen in the garage. Nothing better than making the annual salsa batch around Halloween!

  23. Fake news web forum. They deleted my comment which merely stated Montanas have long feared campers getting caught in Labor Day snow storms unprepared and they deleted my comment. Probably because I was right this has nothing to do with global warming and the opinion piece sounded more like a shock jock radio host out for attention from New York rather then a native Montanan commenting about the nature around them.

  24. global warming nonsense he says after describing 90 degree weather and summer fires that have been lighting up the northern hemisphere. Sure, keep your head up your ass. That’ll work. Oh and by the way, animals do more than leave ‘tell tale’ signs in the snow. lol.

  25. “blistering hot” in Montana ?

    “summer has been like the Sahara” ??

    What are you “smoking” ???

    Come down here to the Mojave Desert, try Death Valley for instance !

    Blistering “Hot” in Montana…

    Really ??? !

    Time to manage Brain Cell count !


  26. I live where Chet Walker does also, in the Bitterroot Valley and his words are spot on….straight from sweating while fly fishing one day, to needing a light coat to keep from being cold. And today, snow in Rockies and Sapphire Mountains…reality being quite different those who want money in the form of “taxes” to stop the warming trend around the world

  27. Today I’ve been watching some of the cams around Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Some show snow falling heavily with sleet in the town. I remember reading a National Geographic article years ago which stated that snow in Wyoming in September is normally confined to the highest parts.

  28. I see these hurricanes. I listen to the media, and read what climate change experts say. Hollywood actors amplify their message about climate change. We believe what they say. Now snow in summer. This has to be global warming. I heard them say it caused the 8.1 Mexican earthquake. This thing caused Kim jun un to fire his missiles. Got to be climate change.

  29. I lived in Bozeman Mt for 81 to 86. We always a first snow event in Sept followed by an Indian summer until late Oct

  30. I’ve lived in Montana for years. Anyone trying to predict Montana weather has either 1. never lived here or 2. is just plain stupid. And putting our weather in some fanticy world of Climate Change, see #2 above.

    About 3 years ago it snowed in the middle of July in Carson City Nevada on my way back to Ravalli County. So what does that mean? Simple, it snowed in the middle of July in Carson City Nevada I got over it.

  31. Political Climate change is the only man made climate change.
    Our planets temperatures vary when using a large enough sample size. According to science, earth is 4 billion years old. The sample size they use is only 50-100 years. That’s not enough to actually make a qualified assessment, so as usual the establishment’s funded pseudo scientists try to brainwash the public into believing their BS about global warming aka climate change.

  32. The weather change “just o’er the hill” on the other side of the Bitterroots is dramatic as well. Whether it indicates an early winter or not is yet to be determined, but it wouldn’t surprise me.

    What do we know which ought to be considered as historically an indicator- but often isn’t? Solar cycle just as Robert suggested. Very powerful factor in climate cycles. Another reason to discount the hysteria over the alleged warming is how the stewards over the data keep cooking the books by “adjusting” sat data warmer in entirely exaggerated measures. Or how about all the ground stations which read higher because they are no longer surrounded by vegetation but rather by asphalt and concrete as urbanization has encroached? The ONLY ways we will know for sure what the climate will do would be to live for a couple hundred years- impractical to say the least! Or if we happen to fall into an obvious cyclical change such as what Rober aludes to. Personally, I’m not betting against it.

  33. Woke up to a nice cool 78 degrees in the Vegas desert, quite a break from the usual +100 degrees.

    I’ve often thought that if it wasn’t for the mountain range between us and California, we would not be a desert. When Cali had all those rains earlier in the year, you could see all the rain clouds move east but hit the mountain wall and could not get past them. If we only had an opening of some kind it would all flow over to us and turn the desert into a garden. Maybe when the Big One hits Cali it will take down part of the mountain range.

  34. I used to shovel snow until I moved to Atlanta. The one time it did snow down here, people emptied the grocery stores like a zombie apocalypse was coming.

  35. We need a HEAVY snow year in Idaho because it always causes the newcomers from Khalifornia to move back there.

  36. I believe the older people ,fact is though, the whole AGW sham is a murderous genocide cooked up a long time ago for full control by the Nazi 1% elite. Same people everyone trusts to do geoengineering experiments for decades.

  37. I’ve lived in the Dakotas for the past 23 years. The only month I have not witnessed falling and accumulating snow is July. Remembering also July 4th ’04, it was close to snow at 35 degrees with rain. So, realizing the Dakotas as not Montana, in this country it will snow when it wants. Nothing new.

  38. I grew up in Missoula, and getting snow in September was routine. In another 60 days you would expect a couple feet of snow in the mountains.

    The latest I ever saw the first snow was October 31, 1975, and we got 3 feet that night.

  39. People should attempt to understand what climate change means. I believe it signifies weather that is not normal whether it is too hot or too cold, it is just unusual and much more dangerous, including more powerful hurricanes and tornadoes, more blizzards, more heat waves, fires and droughts etc. That is what climate change has in store for us, extremes!

  40. Oh My God….someone call Al Gore and tell him it’s due to G L O B A L Warming, eh….? Fools follow idiots….

  41. Talked to a local native Americanan yesterday he said expect a heavy cold winter, saw white man gathering large quantities of wood for fireplace.

  42. Millions of acres of irrigated crop lands in the Columbia Basin are drying out Montana! Flying over them in a Cessna feels like washboard. Rain is now falling on Palouse, not making it to the Chief Quadrangle’s glaciers! So Glacier Park is wilting. But this really is man made climate change, to feed millions of souls, year in and year out. Would you “hard greens” let these abundant fields go back to semi desert, as they were before Grand Coulee Dam was built in 1941AD?

  43. Lived in MT my entire life, and we commented the Spring weather really hung in until end of June. Then the summer heat hit- as it always does- and we were grateful for the ‘later than usual’ rainfalls here in mid Sept. We had air conditioning on 9-11/9-12 and turned our furnace on 9-15. Lol! Gotta love our MT weather.

  44. I lived in Helena, Montana, elevation around 4000 feet for over 30 years. I remember several years when we had snow in September, enough to break branches on the trees, all of which still had their leaves. This is not that unusual.

  45. My grandmother homestead in the Glendive area in the teens, That is 1900 teens. She told she remembers snow on the 4th of July. That is very odd for the warm plains.

    I worked the Bakken for 6 years before the crash. I would tell those southern boys, 1st of September, the temperature would change from the 90’s to the 70’s and the 50’s. Almost like clock work again this year. But, the rain pattern is unusually this year. This was more like a May rain/snow event

    I agree with other posters, Man made global warming is a bs. Watch on YouTube the great global warming swindle. This BBC documentary is about 15 years old and they show how it is nothing but money and power scheme. The Sun Spot theory has nearly perfect correlation. Based on that theory, it is going to get cold.

  46. This is a lot of anecdotal misleading rookie nonsense. You don’t disprove or prove man-made global warming by citing what is going on in MT. Globally everything has been warming for decades, and it is getting worse. There’s a reason why 98+% of scientists agree – because it is true. Same thing with all but 3 countries signed up on the Paris Agreement. Do you really think that global warming is total fiction when there is overwhelming agreement on it? Do you really believe climatology “experts” like conservative talk show hosts and conservative politicians? Guess how much science education they have…

    • College educated and I do NOT BELIEVE in man made climate change!
      Yes, the climate is changing, as it always has.
      Countries paying into this ‘fund’ is a crock, and being wealthy enough to buy carbon credits and jet around the world? Are you kidding??

  47. I live in Deer Lodge, MT and last year 2016 we got our Frist Snow on September 1st, and every year we get our First Snow the First Week of September. I have No Idea where this Guy is coming from/

  48. Not sure if you just moved from southern California or what, but having lived in Montana for over twenty years, I can attest that September snows – even blizzards, are not uncommon.

  49. Back in the early 90’s, it snowed at least once a month for 26 months straight. The month that broke the cycle was October. This is in southwest Montana. We got the first snow in the high country the middle of August this year. So, snow in September is not a big deal and never will be.

  50. Montana is a Rocky Mountain-Basin Range mixture with weather that is extremely variable over short periods of time. Rocky Mt winds are called Chinooks, that slide down the eastern slopes, with temps 30-40 degrees higher than the norm. East side of the Beartooths, meet that description.

    On the fourth of July in the heart of the Rockies in Idaho, I’ve experienced snow accumulations during the yearly parade. Yes, it was at 6,000′, but communities at 3500′ got the same treatment.

    It isn’t climatological, but local weather.

  51. I like Vegas, Pahrump, Bishop and the White Mountains the way they are. I love my deserts. If you want a garden. Move to Atlanta or Miami. Otherwise, keep yer freakin’ hands off my desert!!

  52. All Democrats “know” that it is “settled science” that the last 10,000 years of global warming was caused by burning fossil fuels in electric generating plants and in cars…

  53. Live in western ND,

    after the days of heavy smoke shading the sun our temps have dropped quickly. last week there were 2-3 days the sky was just orange and yellow… seemed it was winter already as the days never brightened.

  54. Quote: Jack
    September 16, 2017 at 8:39 am | Reply
    Then placed in front of it a large pickle jar filled with 9,996 white marbles and 4 black marbles and ask the question, “Does anyone really think 4 CO2 molecules in 10,000 has any significant impact on our climate?” The teacher wrote a large red “Grade – D” on his poster for all to see.
    Comment: Brilliant and a heck of a lot of collecting!
    As for the teacher, he or she needs to consider his or her position as a respected teacher, able to impart truth, and educational guidance to young people. I would sack the brain washed idiot.
    But then again she has been taught by Climate propagandists for degree courses, and is under the control of Green social elitist education authorities as to what he or she can teach.
    Those suffering in “climate” school are living in climate version of George Orwell’s “1984” dystopia.
    Bright kids learn themselves, in any cohort that’s about 20% they just need mentoring, 70% of them need far more teaching, the remaining 10% need child minding and/or the right teaching/training so they can make the best of themselves. Social media and phones don’t help.
    However, bright kids can be an absolute trial when they get bored, or are taught by an utter moron.

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