Montenegro – People stranded by up to 11½ ft of snow for two months

U.S. military choppers drop food, medicine and livestock feed

“Two U.S. Army Black Hawk helicopters dropped food, medicine and livestock feed on Saturday to people stranded in the mountains of Montenegro by up to 11.5 feet (3.5 meters) of snow,” says this article in the Seattle Times.

Of course, the newspaper didn’t post the article until page 6. The problem is global warming, you understand.

In the print version of the newspaper the headline reads “Snowbound Montenegro gets Army aid.” The online version says “2 U.S. military choppers help snowbound Montenegro.”

“The Americans are good people,” said Darko Kukovic as he sat in one of the Black Hawks on Saturday, guiding its pilots to the village of Starce in central Montenegro, where his elderly parents have been stranded by the snow for two months. “My parents would starve or freeze to death without their help.”

“The delivery of aid, which began Wednesday, was going to the remote villages hit by Montenegro’s heaviest snowfall in 60 years.

Note that they’re talking about entire villages.

“On Feb. 13, Montenegro declared a state of emergency as four people died and hundreds were being evacuated from the snowed in villages.

I doubt that we’ll ever learn the full extent of the disaster, but I’m guessing that many more than four people have died.

See entire article by Susan Stojanovic and Marko Drobnjakovic:

2 thoughts on “Montenegro – People stranded by up to 11½ ft of snow for two months”

  1. I haven’t had any contact with my relatives in Kameno for a while, just the ones in Hercegnovi.

  2. Have to give em Kudos for posting it at all, but yeah, amazing how its well past any “important” page news.
    sad really when real disasters and a great PR for us mil after so many Bad ones abound, gets small mention, due to warmist agendas enforced so widely.
    god forbid anyone tells the truth hey?
    we had bullshit sherpa saying the everest peaks are vanishing as a climbing base due to warming yet again In Aus papers today,seems dying in snows good but rocks showing ruins their day?

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