Montreal Set To Break 122-Year Cold Record

This could end up being the coldest June 3rd since records began in 1872.

Weather historian Rolf Campbell has compiled a list of the coldest June 3rds in recorded history.

The current first place is 1897, with a record low of 11.7 degrees. Second place came in 1891, with a record low of 12.8 degrees.

Campbell Tweets that “with a forecast high of 11 degrees, tomorrow could be Montreal’s coldest June 3rd since records began.”

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9 thoughts on “Montreal Set To Break 122-Year Cold Record”

    • There are some earlier records but they are sparse. Be aware that the warmists do fiddle things by tactics such as not digitising all the records they do have and claiming records are shorter – step forward and bow UK Met Office. They claim records stop at 1910 but they do go back further and with rainfall, the England and Wales records go back much further than all UK records. Why do they do this? I suspect most of you can already guess that there is a lot of inconvenient data they suggest doesn’t exist.

  1. Carbon dioxide is dry ice so that must be how it gets colder. I wonder if one of the hotshot warmist ‘scientists’ can tell us how this happens.

    • Everybody knows that opposites attract, so heat attracts cold. End of the story. If you want to know the next chapter…
      When cold will get sick and tired of being so cold it will start attracting heat and a new warming period will start.

  2. Yes, of course. Heat makes snow, lots of it …makes perfect sense. I’m sure Bill Nye thinks so too. Another symptom of the planet being ‘on fire’. 🙂

  3. Bill Nye- the more dramatic he is now, the more people will remember his stupidity-or is it duplicity?-when they are hip deep in snow.

    When people get hungry, they will be looking for scapegoats. Of course, the real PTB will never be brought to human justice, but a lot of “useful idiots”-politicians, so-called scientists, and talking (or raving!) heads will be dragged screaming to the guillotine while the people they have duped and their starving children caper, shout and cheer like the manic audience of a popular game show.

    Best to find a quiet corner in the country and stay out of all that! I gripe about bugs out here in the woods, but there are far worse things…

    Plus ca change, plus ca meme chose.

  4. Unfortunately, there are factual errors in this article. The problem with this claim of a record is that the location of the weather/temperature station has changed. The dataset that starts in 1872 was from McGill University (i.e downtown) but that dataset ends in 1993. The temperatures usually reported since that time are generally from the airport which is several kilometres away in Dorval (a suburb). Different location = different set of “records”. Even if one sloppily merges all the locations, the fact remains that there are temperature records for Montreal going back to 1742. Again, the location for these changes several times and does not include all years but are these to be ignored? Within these, I casually see June 3, 1832 with a minimum temperature of 8.2C. June 3, 1824 read 10.6. Certainly, those are lower and I only looked at a few years.

    • Oh, gee. It was colder in 1824 and again in 1832, so let’s ignore the fact that Montreal was headed for the coldest June 3rd in 122 years.

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