More cold temperature records topple in Russia

New daily cold records set in the central regions of European Russia, especially in the Yaroslavl region.

7 Aug 2019 – According to the site ” Weather and Climate, in Rybinsk the low temperature was 7.2 degrees, which is 0.1 degrees lower than the previous record held since 1982,

In Pereslavl-Zalessky was 3.7 degrees, well below the previous record of 5.4 degrees set in 1982. 

In the city of Vladimir, 5 degrees became the new daily record. The previous record, 5.9 degrees, and was noted here in 1982.

The northern and eastern regions of the Central Federal District were the coldest, where the average daily temperature did not reach the norm of 4 degrees.

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  1. With more and more countries being “squeezed” by shorter growing seasons and less yield, Russia needs to farm every single inch that is “farmable”……..

  2. those “convenient” (hiding illegal logging) fires..might turn out to be just that;-)
    some of that area can be farmed in summers
    if they HAVE a summer next yr

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