More insanity in Seattle

“A majority of the Seattle City Council likes the idea of placing “warming” labels on gas pumps telling drivers burning fossil fuels causes global warming,” KOMO News announced yesterday.

It’s an idea that’s already generating a free-speech debate.

Earlier this year, a group of kids from Plant for the Planet came to the council pitching the idea of placing “warming” stickers on gas pumps.

“There’s the warning labels on cigarette boxes that says, smoking these will kill you and I think it’s important that we do the same thing on gas labels,” said Athena Fain, an activist.

The warnings would say that car exhaust causes pollution–which leads to climate change.

Opponents argue the label is a violation of free speech because it forces gas stations to place a city’s “opinion” on the pumps.

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20 thoughts on “More insanity in Seattle”

  1. I wouldnt call it insanity, I would call it a violation of the Congressional assertion that we, the people, would never be victimized by a psychological campaign.
    All the media drumbeats, newspaper items and interviews, tv and radio promos, everything, is going to force the American public to purchase elec and hydrogen and hybrid cars. The foci right now is wrapping Africa up tight in borrowing to pay the climate fees which she will incur in laying hundreds of miles of concrete for the cars and associated infrastructure.
    Even the disclosure (which I believe was long known) that VW had fudged, was timed to be revealed right now, with the coming together of the trade pacts, the expected crushing of Syria’s President to force the oil line American wants from Saidi, the unification of the EU, and the excluding of Russia and China from the benefits of global unification.
    Its all coming together right now in this last year of Obamas presidency which will see the enacting of a new reserve currency which will be used to reset the global economy.

    • I am in agreement with you in principle, however, your assertion assumes the people running the world actually know what they’re doing, and know what will and won’t work in advance, which, historically, has usually not been the case, and when it was, it was often a matter of luck as much as anything else. My guess is it probably won’t be the case this time, either. Germany, France and England, all had plans for winning World War I quickly (six weeks to a few months–“It’ll all be over by Christmas”…). Some of their plans were made decades in advance. They all had one thing in common: they didn’t work.

      “The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men gang aft agley…” Robert Burns

      • PS, It’s much too early to say exactly how all this is going to play out. To hearken back to the analogy of WW I, only two or three people successfully predicted that the war would bog down in the trenches, and turn into a bloody stalemate, although, in hindsight, trench warfare was clearly foreshadowed in 1864-1865 by the protracted Siege of Petersburg (Virginia) in the American Civil War, :

        in which ” The campaign consisted of nine months of trench warfare in which Union forces commanded by Lt. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant assaulted Petersburg unsuccessfully and then constructed trench lines that eventually extended over 30 miles (48 km) from the eastern outskirts of Richmond, Virginia, to around the eastern and southern outskirts of Petersburg. ” Wikipedia entry.

        I think the broad outlines of the future may be predictable to a point, but only to a point. Fossil fuels have the advantage of being an available, proven technology, and we need them now to ensure the survival of a many people as possible. Ultimately, if history is any guide, fossil fuels are not a be all end all, and will be superseded by something that does not have their drawbacks of being dirty, and hard to get at, is much cheaper, more plentiful, and probably distributed instead of centralized into power grids and pipelines.

        And, if history is any guide, any economic system that is based on fiat currency will ultimately fail, and any system of government that moves toward less freedom instead of more may succeed for a while, perhaps a long while, but it too will ultimately fail, or morph into something else less repressive.

    • with the BRICS in gear now…and russia n china trading their own currency for oil bypassing profit on ex rates..Love it!
      even with the crash thud sounds from china
      its quite likely to become a reserve option
      and when it does, not if…well the fur will fly as uSSA has been raking in billions on doing nothing but act as middleman for a take
      those days are ending soon.

    • One minor detail…Russia isn’t playing nice and isnl defying Obama… Putin has Obama by the nutsack which is good for the rest of the world

  2. Because this is in Seattle, all of the “warming” warning labels will soon be obscured by taggers. Just like all the more useful signs in that city.

  3. There is no doubt car exhausts are pollution.

    There is huge doubt that they contribute anything at all to warming the atmosphere except that the gases themselves are hot from the explosion.

    The internal combustion engine ought to be reconsidered – burning hydrocarbons causes less harmful by product formation than internal combustion – virtually no NOx compounds and little CO – mostly CO2 and H2O.

    Perhaps its time to bring back steam power ?

    • As for global warming – why isn’t the fact that our use of energy results in hot exhaust gases and heated cooling water considered as a prime contributor to the observed warming – why is it just CO2 ? Doesn’t make sense to ignore heated exhaust in favour of radiation from a cold upper atmosphere.

    • But Rosco, around 95% of the so called ‘greenhouse effect, is caused by water vapour, so steam power is a really, really, really bad idea. What do you want to do turn the planet into a giant pressure cooker hehehehe!

  4. Yeah whatever!

    Burning fossil fuels does not cause Global Warming.

    However, not burning fossil fuels means that in a natural cycle the old and vulnerable freeze to death, followed by the rest of us depending on the severity and duration of the cold spell. In the meantime the global economy falls apart as primarily no one can get to work which leads to goods as well as services are not produced and/or delivered which in turn leads to civil unrest and anarchy culminating in war.

    Honestly! What are we honestly teaching our children?

    • yeah Mate it is..and thats WHY its national and pretty much forced onto schools
      because any NON common core schools that show it for what it is..planned dumbing down to the lowest level/indoctrination by the warmists and any other fearmongering scammer whos got access to a politician, to push their idea product faith whatever..
      Homeschoolings rising a lot
      so now theyre trying to impose all sorts of crap on homeschool parents n kids
      cant have em being intelligent OR non compliant as the basically fascist dictatorship wants/needs.
      definitely be slapping a note over those signs If I lived there
      casually…as you rest an arm on the bowser while filling up:-)

  5. Maybe folks should put stickers on top of the stickers that correct the mistaken issue to >>> “Drive frequently, as many mlie’s as you like. CO2 greens the earth and drive’s climate liars crazy”.

  6. Is this is the same silly council, and mayor, who decided that some city streets on hills could not be salted after a heavy snow fall?

    He, they, were concerned that the salt would find its way into the Pacific Ocean. Oh, the horror, THE HORROR. A trivial, insignificant amount of SALT would find its way the OCEAN – which is MASSIVELY HUGE and contains SALT WATER!!!

    Oh well, the LEFT coast remains the LEFT coast, and Seattle remains a silly place where silly people elect even sillier politicians.

  7. As if a pump sticker would have any effect on peoples’ car use! If you need to drive somewhere, you will. This is more a case of being seen to be doing something by ineffectual politicians trying to look busy.

  8. You have to understand, it is not about Doing Good it is about Feeling Good. Charlie Tuna Syndrome. “Sorry Charlie we want tuna that taste good not tuna with good taste.”

  9. LMAO. There’s an old saying:
    It’s better to keep your mouth shut and let people wonder if you’re an idiot than to open your mouth and remove any doubt.

  10. Bunch of assholes! I sure would not move to either Washington, Oregon or especially CA. They’re really bad with the environmental extremism. COMPLETE IDIOTS!

    Burn all the gas you can and race thru the neighborhood! Burn all the the fire you can this winter and burn some plastic!!!!! BURN IT LIKE HELL!! I can assure those stupid retards, it won’t make a damned difference. ZERO, ZILCH and NADA!!!!

    What’s next, are they going to place fart monitors in our bathrooms to see how much gas we are releasing thru vents in the air??????

  11. I wonder if the Seattlians know that the projection is for more than 100,000,000 cars a year to be built, worldwide, by 2018 . . . it hit 77,000,000 in 2014 . . . and 99.9% of them will be burning gasoline or diesel, or maybe 99.99%.

    And China is now the single largest automobile manufacturer, 22,000,000 in 2014, and growing, compared to 11,000,000 in the US, No. 2.

    So, even if burning fossil fuels did cause global warming, or climate change, or something, putting warning labels on gas pumps in Seattle will have no effect.

    And I don’t think anyone in China will pay any attention to warning labels on gas pumps in Seattle.

  12. You have to ask the following.. Who is making the stickers? Who is installing the stickers? Who checking for compliance? What is the relationships of these entities to the persons that crafted the law?

    Also stickers are plastic. What is the CARBON FOOTPRINT FROM MAKING THE STICKERS? LOL.

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