More powerful consequences than any terrorist action

Coronavirus has already spread to dozens of countries. Could take 18 months for a vaccine to be ready.

SINDHI NEWS – China’s Coronavirus death tally increased on Wednesday, as the chief of the World Health Organisation urged countries to work together against the “grave threat” posed by the outbreak.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has said a vaccine for the coronavirus could be ready in 18 months, as the UN health body announced that the official name for the virus would be COVID-19.

While speaking at conference held in Geneva on combating the virus, WHO boss Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said viruses could have “more powerful consequences than any terrorist action”. The virus has spread to dozens of countries around the globe. Although 99 percent of the infections are in China, where it remains “very much an emergency”, it also “holds a very grave threat for the rest of the world”, Tedros said at the conference.

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  1. “What are the facts? Again and again and again – what are the facts? Shun wishful thinking, ignore divine revelation, forget what “the stars foretell,” avoid opinion, care not what the neighbors think, never mind the unguessable “verdict of history” – what are the facts, and to how many decimal places? You pilot always into an unknown future; facts are your single clue. Get the facts!”

    ― Robert Heinlein

    The facts are this;
    You cannot trust anything coming out of China.
    You can trust the numbers being reported OUTSIDE of China.
    OUTSIDE of China, only one person has died.

    • two
      one in phillipines and one in japan
      the cruise ship has another 60+ people removed today with it
      theres near 3k on it , or were, using bloody airconditioned systems to spread it properly!
      lot of elderly with health issues on holidays
      deaths from there are very likely. but Japans got good med and so far isnt stretched for ECMO units dialysis etc

    • Very true. We can’t trust the official count from communist China. I personally believe that the numbers are way higher. I lived 31 long years in a communist country. This days “everything” comes from China and if their economy goes down the hell starts everywhere. That IS a fact!

    • You can not trust anything, anywhere. Have you heard about the Manhattan project? Well, the USA is spending more on biological weapons every year, relative in $$$, than the Manhattan project during WWII.

      Have you heard of Plum island, where the USA kept nazi researchers, against the presidents will, after WWII? Researching spreading bacteria in insects? Check the distance to Lyme. I am sure you have heard of that disease.

      This fight, like the climate fight, is not about countries. The war is between the have and the havenots. If you are reading this you are a havenot.

    • Do you trust any of the governments or MSM to tell the truth in whole or in part? Take your time and consider their track record.

  2. I am not a conspiracy theory type but there is reason to be concerned by all. The speed that this virus has spread around the world is impressive. This virus has a 14 day incubation period before the “host” knows they are sick…but in the mean time they are “sharing” the virus with all they are in contact with.
    The virus has been able to mutate while going from bats and some other critter to human. It is aggressive enough to infect babies while in the womb. IF some government nut playing in a lab had an accident we will never know…but the “news” released so far has been pretty closed lipped or vague.
    We will be seeing this virus at least until late spring here. Please consider to not be in large gatherings, clean grocery cart handles, wash your hands and don’t wipe your eyes and nose with your bare hands. AND IF YOU DONT FEEL GREAT>>>STAY HOME!!

    • Don`t watch or believe ANYTHING you get
      from the boob tube or “hysterical” Bob
      for that matter
      john the 1st has it right…am glad someone

  3. any disease a mum gets can infect the baby
    shared blood supply.
    problem is corona viruses are good at mutating ie the common cold can be a less virulent corona virus too, as well as rhinovirus one hits upper respiratory/nasal the other the lungs deeper.
    18mths to a vax is optimistic

  4. China, North Korea and Japan have developed an “attitude” over the last 50 years since American Politicians are pathetic.

    This virus will knock them down to size.

    Frankly, the World needs America.
    American does not need the World.

  5. This is going to devastate the burgeoning cruise industry. Who is going to risk a cruise, when ONE case onboard can stop EVERYONE from going ashore,plus the spread of a virus is so easy to achieve on a confined cruise ship with the same air being circulated?

    Cruises to the Far East especially ,are finished. But how long before the Caribbean and Mediterranean are affected too? FEAR will keep regular cruisers at home before long.

  6. 18 months until there is a vaccine? In 18 months the virus will have replicated many times and mutated. The vaccine would have to be up to date with the most recent mutation to be effective…

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