More snow for Alaska – mid June

Total snow accumulations of 4 to 8 inches (10 to 20 cm) expected.

National Weather Service Fairbanks AK
Jun 13 2018

Northeastern Brooks Range-Including Anaktuvuk Pass, Atigun Pass, Galbraith Lake, Sagwon and Franklin Bluffs


Heavy snow expected. Plan on difficult travel conditions.

The precipitation will initially begin as rain but will quickly change over to snow. Significant reductions in visibility at times.

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  1. Theodore White
    Climate Change
    Global Cooling: 2017-2053
    ‘Volcanic Eruptions, Earthquakes & Extreme Weather’

    ‘The fallacy that these weather events are caused by ‘man-made global warming’ further deviates from the truth that the Earth’s climate has been cooling for years as we transitioned to the climate of global cooling.

    We are now within a new period of reduced solar activity and that means a decades span of of lower temperatures; altered jet stream and wind patterns; bigger and strong storms with record increases of rain and snowfall.

    The high irregularity of seasons worldwide calls for everyone to make plans to handle the extreme weather that is becoming more commonplace.

    If you are reading this, it is vital that you look at your location, your geographic region and decide if you will remain where you are located during the next decade of the 2020s.

    However, the new mini ice age that is currently underway means that these powerful weather events is coming to a neighborhood near you.
    Be prepared.’
    Complete post:

  2. and down in Aus were getting snow to 600metres around the same amount
    our first dcebt falls u gather
    but it IS winter here
    snow in summers freaky .
    .but it is a pretty garden plant;-)

  3. This is business as usual for Alaska. Living and working there for the last 5 years I saw all kinds of crazy weather including snow in the mountains every month of the year. Brooks Range is very far north within the Arctic Circle.

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