More than 1 million lose power after killer nor’easter

More than two feet (60 cm) of heavy, wet snow has left more than 1 million utility customers from Maryland to Maine without power.

Massachusetts was hardest hit, with electricity cut to more than 304,000 customers as of this morning. In New Jersey, more than 229,000 customers remained without power.

Wednesday’s nor’easter brought a wide range of snowfall, from just a few inches in parts of Delaware and Maryland to more than 2 feet in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts.

Philadelphia International Airport recorded about 6 inches of snow while Stamford, Connecticut, got 10 inches and Sloatsburg, New York reported 26 inches.

More than 2,500 flights were cancelled Wednesday in Boston, Philadelphia, New York and Newark, New Jersey.

The storm was expected to intensify as it moved north through New England.

5 thoughts on “More than 1 million lose power after killer nor’easter”

  1. Just to add some context to the article, not all the snow was wet and heavy.

    My son lives near Sloatsburg (26 inches as stated above) and he got 30 inches. He said the snow was a light powder and no power losses etc

    We live in lower Fairfield County and had 10 inches of extremely heavy snow resulting with many trees and power lines down.

    We read this site for accuracy so let’s keep it up.

  2. The Income Tax, and Sales Tax reduction is going to hit these States very, very hard. Nobody is working. Nobody is spending and in all these locations their economy has STOPPED.

    States like Connecticut, New Jersey and Massachusetts are almost bankrupt and when you add this HUGE reduction in income? Well, this is not going to end well for these Globalist Warming liars.

    (PS:They will just have to RAISE taxes, again……………… as to provide for the MILLIONS of refugees and immigrants they so stupidly let in………………………)

  3. NY taxes are nuts too. They want you to pay for a permit to do anything like even paint the inside of your house. Cuomo is an idiot democrat “free, free, free”, and we are broke broke broke, duh!. It blows my mind how people can live in the North East and not prepare for winter storms. It’s not the snow and wind that’s the problem; it’s the idiots who don’t plan. You live here, you need to plan for those old fashioned winters. Stock up on food, have snow tires, wood stove and firewood, but so many have become complacent and depend on the government to take care of them, and keep the grid working. My dad had it figured out if all you did was have enough ambition to cut just one wheel barrow of firewood each day in the spring summer fall, you would have enough to heat all winter. But people have become so lazy! They have to have beer and cigs, and spend all day on their phones, social media, tv, and you’d think it would kill them to break a sweat and do some work, but you know what…some day it’s going to kill them not break a little sweat for once. Sadly, they will find out the hard way too late.

  4. The Governors of all these States need to tell their citizens to buy gasoline powered generators and gasoline powered chain saws for this winter and those to come.

    They also need back-up oil heaters and furnaces in each home AND/OR require fire places in all new construction. Relying on the “State” for heat is pathetic. It is your responsibility to have the coal, oil, gas, wood, fuel, etc. to keep yourself warm.

    It is time for them to build Fuel Oil storage tanks, gas and gasoline pipelines, Coal fired Electrical Plants and more construction of the petroleum infrastructure……They have had their fun, playing ecologist and Planet Saviours, but now it is time to get back to adulthood and reality.

    Start mining and stockpiling coal across the States.

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