More than 1,000 drivers stranded in Colorado Springs area

13 Mar 2019 – Colorado governor declares state of emergency as blizzard paralyzes Front Range.

“Snow driven by winds approaching 100 mph shut down schools, highways, air travel and businesses in the Pikes Peak region Wednesday and left more than 1,000 stranded in their cars awaiting rescue.”

Denver International Airport shut down all six runways for only the fourth time in its history.

Blowing snow “reduced visibility not to car lengths but to inches. Some reported they couldn’t see even the front of their vehicles.”

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6 thoughts on “More than 1,000 drivers stranded in Colorado Springs area”

  1. I guess it’s technically still winter.

    We were suppose to have 70’s on the later half of the 15-day forecast a week ago, now the 15-day has a single 70 and the rest mid- to low-60’s. North Alabama.

  2. Snow just outside New York City in actual springtime, after the equinox, almost to the ocean. It might reach New York City soon. It’s probably in some part of the city already. Radar indicated.

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