More than 13 feet of snow Mount Rainier, WA by Monday evening

Four meters of snow in just four days!

As of yesterday morning, NOAA was predicting between 122 and 162 inches of snow (10 to 13½ FEET!) on Mt. Rainier at higher elevations.

Combined with 65 mph winds and temperatures in the 20-30 degree Fahrenheit range, wind chills will drop to near zero Fahrenheit.

Farther north, 10,000-foot Mt. Baker was forecast to get 70 inches (almost 2 meters) of snow in the next 3 days.

Snow levels will start high but will drop to as low as 4,000-feet by Sunday.

Mt Rainier forecast (as of today)

Mt Baker forecast (as of today)

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16 thoughts on “More than 13 feet of snow Mount Rainier, WA by Monday evening”

  1. Over 25 years ago the SF A team I was on and which specialized in alpine and cold weather ops flew across the country in a C-141 to jump at Ft. Lewis, WA. The next day we were trucked to the base of Rainier and began our ascent.

    We set up a base camp near the summit with the intent of starting training the next day. That next day we got a call on the guard net telling us to get off the mountain quickly. An undetermined number of civilian climbers had been taken out by an avalanche on the west face. Avalanche conditions were getting worse quickly. We followed the established trails and road down to the base and were off the mountain and learned two civilian climbers had been killed.
    When your on a mountain like that it has the ultimate say in your fate. Experience helps to minimize the danger but the mountain always has the final say. This weekend would not be a good one to be up above the tree line on Rainier I suspect.

  2. Wow! That’s a whole lot of snow in a short time, even for both Baker and Rainier. If it kept that up through the winter, the re-growth of glaciers could become a problem in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

    And, speaking of the re-growth of glaciers, NASA has apparently conceded that Antarctica is gaining ice mass rather than losing it to the ocean as so many warmists have tried to claim. In a study published in the Journal of Glaciology, NASA says that satellite measurements “show mass gains from snow accumulation exceeded discharge losses.” You can read the journal abstract at the link below:;jsessionid=pi1c23u2cqo4.alexandra

  3. LMAO!

    And the 21st UN Global Climate Change Conference begins in Paris in one month, with the goal of negotiating a legally binding climate change agreement with all nations, and I’m sure the Snow Gods on Mt. Ranier are very impressed.

    • I wish those snow Gods would make a visit to Paris to let them know that the snow is still falling. Is Al Gore going to be there? They seem to like following him around.

  4. hi, here is a new “study” about Antarctic ice, but I rely on Ice Age Now Info to explain things like this in simpler terms because i can’t understand a lot of this stuff. It would help me a lot if writers of science articles would write in shorter sentences. And smaller words. Sorry I don’t mean to sound stupid, it’s just I have trouble with comprehension. Can you please explain what this article means about the Antarctic ice. Thank you.

  5. Good to see Robert. The more physical evidence against the AGW hypothesis the better. Reality checks like revenge are best served up cold.

    • Actually, this is not all that unusual though a bit early for Mt Rainier. The annual average at Paradise (5400ft altitude) is 16m give or take a few metres. ’71-’72 saw ~28m and 2014-15 only <7m so it varies wildly from year to year.
      With such warm surface waters off the west coast we should expect radical precipitation but the interesting factor is the deeply meandering jet-stream which reached as far as California just recently. The jet-stream brings cold dry arctic air in contact with the mild wet ocean air and studying the time-series animations over at we get a clue about the on-set of glaciation in the Rockies.
      You need ocean warming and a meandering jet-stream to bring on glaciation rather than just cold weather. My educated guess is that we will see phenomenal annual snowfalls in the coastal ranges (exceeding 100ft/30m) during the next decade.

  6. And one more thing: If any young person tries to tell you that we’ll never see snow again in 10 years, then tell them to go to this site to get an education!
    After college, most of these kids have an IQ of 60 but after they read this site, their IQ level will jump to 160!
    For the first time ever, they will get a “real’ education in their life after being brainwashed by liberal Democrats for 4 or more years. They will be so utterly shocked by the truth that they’ll be red in the face, drop their jaw, have bad breath and end up in total disbelief and despair – finally getting an inkling on how they have been lied to all their life. Some may even consider suicidal tendencies due to depression or shock.
    Thought they knew everything huh?

    Anger will set in shortly thereafter – knowing they lost so many years wasting their time and money in worthless classrooms listening to lies, pseudo science and worthless rhetoric as they finally begin to realize they will end up extinct very soon in the upcoming ice age. Time to throw those college books in the fireplace! (they’ll need the paper to light up starter wood) Don’t waste your time people – come here for an education!

  7. That forecast was for the summit of the mountain. Paradise Visitor Center at 5,500 feet only got around a foot. Meters and meters of snow are nothing to be shocked about on Mount Rainier’s summit, and definitely should not be used to prove or disprove climate change

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