More than 2 feet of snow in many areas, 3 feet in Vermont

Some of the more impressive snowfall totals:

  • Vermont: 36 inches (90 cm) near Woodford; 32.5 inches in Searsburg; 25 inches in Wilmington; 8.9 inches in Bennington
  • Massachusetts: 32 inches (81 cm) in Clarksburg; 30 inches in North Adams;13.5 inches in Pittsfield; 16.2 inches in Worcester; 5.9 inches in Boston
  • Connecticut: 28 inches (71 cm) in Warren; 26.8 inches in New Fairfield; 16.2 inches in Danbury; 8.7 inches in Hartford
  • New York: 26 inches (66 cm) in Sloatsburg; 24.5 inches near Hillsdale; 15.1 inches in Saratoga Springs
  • Maine: 19 inches (48 cm) in Sanford; 16 inches near Saco; 15.7 inches in Portland; 13.5 inches in Brunswick
  • Maryland: 4.5 inches (11 cm) near Churchville and Bel Air
  • New Hampshire: 18 inches (45 cm) in Sunapee; 16.9 inches in Hudson; 16 inches in Dover
  • New Jersey: 26.8 inches (67 cm) in Montville; 24 inches near Franklin Lakes; 23 inches in North Caldwell
  • Pennsylvania: 10.5 inches (27 cm) in Lower Makefield Township; 6.1 inches in Philadelphia
  • Rhode Island: 13 inches (33 cm) in Burrillville; 11.3 inches in North Foster

4 thoughts on “More than 2 feet of snow in many areas, 3 feet in Vermont

  1. Every one of the States, you list above, will be uninhabitable within 5 years, max.


    It is impossible to have a “modern” industrial civilization where one can not operate machines, be they gasoline powered, or electrical, since to run those very machines, which the entire economy is based on, requires the constant supplying of the gasoline and electricity to keep them going, so as to maintain this very supply. ……… A perpetual “unmotion” machine.

    When one stops, it ALL stops.

    Want an idea of the detailed collapse? Nobody can get to work, so nobody can work. Nobody can deliver food, so there will be no food. No credit card machines work, no scanners work, no doors letting you in/out of any store can work…..nothing works. Nothing moves. Nothing get’s done. No heating. No lighting. Total darkness. No trains, cars or planes will work.

    Now, add to this a diverse, spoiled, angry, lazy, population dependent on the “gov’ment doing something” and you have chaos, which within minutes leads to anarchy, which immediately leads to violence, which immediately leads to diversity problems, group thinking and tribal linking…….in a society with over 300 million guns.

    If you live in these States. GET OUT NOW. Sell you home and, if you must stay a while, rent it back, but buy a house in the Deep South before prices explode down here. …….SELL. …….Buy food, guns, ammo, your prescription meds, etc. but save your money.

    It is over for the North East.

    • Um, last I looked people lived and worked in cold places. Siberia, Moscow, Alaska, Canada.

      It isn’t the end of the world to have regular snow. Yes, it will take a few years of mess for folks to accept that they need snow tires on a 4×4 or a snowmobile if it gets really bad; but folks adjust.

      In the Sierra Nevada they can get 40 FEET of snow. Folks still live there. Many homes have an exterior staircase to a 2nd or 3rd floor doorway for winter use. Life continues.

      Oh, and predictions of massive riots and gun violence in times of natural disaster have little basis in history here. There have been lots of disasters, and folks pretty much behave themselves. Where looting does happen is in the inner cities, and then only in a small fraction of the neighborhoods.

      Yes, folks ought to prepare. But really, it’s not going to be an instant collapse of society into a Mad Max Jungle…

  2. I live just north in Canada, it just keeps passing to the south…..Fantastic, this Global Warming is really good…..YEAH YEAH YEAH!!!

  3. in Peth Australia we had 38 C. Now this is not impressive to peple from Las Vegas what is unusal about this is that this is the hottest day since before Xmas 2016. Keep in mind we regularly have temperatures of 36 to 43 C throughout summer. This year one day of 38 C in my mind definitely means the planet is cooling. Best summer ever. Worst winter for you guys though.


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