More than 3 ft of snow for southwestern Alberta

Heavy snowfall will continue over southwestern Alberta tonight. Most regions will see significant amounts of snowfall. Total accumulations will approach 40 to 50 cm (almost 2 ft)  by Monday morning with extreme southwestern portions of Alberta possibly approaching 100 cm (more than 3 ft). The snow will move into Saskatchewan on Monday

As of 9:30 AM 30 cm (12 inches) of snow has been reported in the Crowsnest region.

Heavy wet snow may cause local power outages.

Rapidly accumulating snow will make travel difficult. Prepare for quickly changing and deteriorating travel conditions. Road closures possible. Heavy snowfall accumulation may cause tree branches to break.

Winter storm warning in effect for:

  • M.D. of Pincher Creek near Beauvais Lake Prov. Park
  • M.D. of Pincher Creek near Cowley Burmis and Maycroft
  • M.D. of Pincher Creek near Pincher Creek and Twin Butte
  • M.D. of Ranchland
  • Municipality of Crowsnest Pass including Coleman and Frank
  • Piikani Reserve
  • Waterton Lakes Nat. Park and Blood Res. 148A

Hazardous winter conditions expected.

Southern Alberta has lots of warnings out right now: – for all of alberta,

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4 thoughts on “More than 3 ft of snow for southwestern Alberta”

    • I’ve been getting sunspot data from Space Weather. com as far as tracking percent of spotless days and Space Weather is not working on my puter anymore now for days, right when the sun was going to hit 73%.
      I’ve been waiting years for that !! AAAA !! I’m ’bout dizzy from going in revolving doors trying to find the data.
      a) What is the % now ?
      b) Do you have a web link where else I can get that % ?
      c) How high do you guess the % will be for 2019?
      d)What year will that match, roughly ?
      e)What happened to Space ? Is it working in Oz?
      They’ve always been so dependable…
      Thanks for any info.

  1. Currently shovelling very heavy wet global warming….Turd-do’s carbon taxes have done there work….we need to stop before it gets any colder now!!

    /sarc just in case….. 🙂

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