More than 5,000 flee erupting volcano in Papua New Guinea

It was an unusually large eruption, said Steve Saunders of the Rabaul Volcano Observatory (RVO). Ash falls were so heavy that trees broke under the weight, the RVO reported.

In addition to the ash, lava has cut off the New Britain Highway in three different locations, according to local media.

More than 5,000 people were forced to flee their homes after Mount Ulawun, known to be one of the most hazardous volcanoes in the world, erupted in a remote part of Papua New Guinea’s West New Britain.

Satellite imagery showed the eruption plume reaching heights of between 8 and 9.3 miles (13 and 15 km).

The Darwin Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre (DVAAC) issued a threat warning to aviation to reroute around the cloud, which was above the cruising level of commercial airlines, and flights have been cancelled into nearby Hoskins Airport

Video from Australian Bureau of Meteorology

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“The plumes from this one and recent other Asian ones and the biggie in Kurilsk this week will enhance cold weather coming,” says Laurel.

6 thoughts on “More than 5,000 flee erupting volcano in Papua New Guinea”

  1. it would be interesting to know just how hight the debris travels,
    the recent awesome globe wide noctilucent cloud “outbreak” is due to meteor dust from the recent showers earth passed through combined with far wetter than “normal” ? upper atmosphere/mesosphere allowing ice crystal to form and create those shiny clouds with the dust , also noted for appearing in extreme cold upper levels with ice etc is “out of usual place” ozone holes…
    could be rather interesting watching this all combine
    and the modelling of warm ocean in the pacific is? usual modelling..utterly WRONG! the ENSO JUST DROPPED BaCK TO .5 ie its cooling WUWT have some nifty maps posted yesterday on that topic.

  2. Welcome to solar minimum. The recent spotless run was over 30 days. Plenty more to come no doubt.

  3. Adoni- Thanks for sharing Ray Stevens video.

    Ridicule is one of the most powerful weapons in the propganda war. Thank God Ray Stevens is on our side! And just as funny as ever.

    Probably the best thing we could do to convince people is to play Al Gore’s movie, “An Inconvenient Truth” over and over again. The farther we go into the ice age, the more ridiculous he will sound. The liberals would no doubt love to see it quietly buried, esp since they keep changing their story line.

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