More than 6 feet of snow in 7 days

Mt Bachelor, Oregon

74 inches (188 cm) of snow in 7 days


8 thoughts on “More than 6 feet of snow in 7 days”

    • Winter seems to have abandoned Western Europe it has been 5 years since the UK apart from the high ground of Scotland got a decent cold snowy spell.

      • that’s just the jet-stream bringing in milder air for the time being. That will change before you know it and then record cold and snow will return. The trough is in other locations at this time, where we have record snowfall. The same is happening in the eastern CONUS for awhile due to the trough in the west. It means nothing…

        • I hope you’re right Kenneth. All I’ve been hearing lately is how unseasonably warm it is and on the Weather Channel they’re now predicting this to be the second warmest Christmas for the eastern half of the country.

  1. wait!
    I thought when it’s below 32F, it’s too warm for snow now, according to the MSM! And 0F is even warmer! Cold = Hot lol

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