More than one million request tickets for Trump rally in Oklahoma – Video

Tulsa arena will hold only about 22,000, with another 40,000 outside.

Why is this on a climate site? Because back when he was running for President, Trump said he would re-negotiate the Paris Climate Accord.

And he kept his promise. He actually withdrew from the Accord.

That’s why this is on a climate site. The man understands that man-made climate change is a hoax.

When You Need a Pit Bull. Only a pit bull will do.

5 thoughts on “More than one million request tickets for Trump rally in Oklahoma – Video”

  1. They’re just playing good cop/bad cop. They judged that they couldn’t enforce the Paris Accord, so he took credit for getting us out. His ex-wife said he kept a book on Mussolini by his bedside & practiced the facial expressions. In years prior to running for president do you know whose campaign he donated to? Bill Clinton’s.

    His election was planned for about a decade & he blabbed about it. He was chosen by TPTB cuz of his ability to polarize people. Last thing in the world they want is for us to come together & identify our real enemy.

    Consider how he recovered from business failures, consider the immense amount of credit that was always available to him. Nobody can be a billionaire today without having made terms with the power structure.

    During the campaign the media came out against him cuz such a large segment of the population distrusts them that it was a factor in his favor. After John Kennedy TPTB would never again permit a candidate that they didn’t already control.

  2. Democrats should be very worried with a rally this big. This could break records in terms of attend

  3. Thinking Americans must be concerned about the stealthy takeover of their country by aliens and Democratic “jingos”. During the Anglo-Boer War, 1899-1902, South Africans siding with the British were called “jingos” (=traitors).

  4. I gather the intimidation re covid worked on some and it wasnt as large a turnout
    the fact hes been stymied at every turn to control the riots isnt helping either.
    inc some of his own who need to wake the f up.
    wrecking works of art as well as businesses struggling enough after the covid, the whole damn sorry mess
    and neither partys had the balls to stop it?
    not looking good
    anarchist mobs running loose at present have more power than elected office holders in either party
    really not a good look

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