Morocco – Heavy snowfall closes 37 roads.

8 Jan 2018 – Mountainous areas in the High and Middle Atlas, especially the route connecting Marrakech to Ouarzazate, are the most affected after heavy snow on Tichka mountain.

“Major efforts are currently being made by the regional equipment delegations in Marrakech and Ouerzazate to restore traffic on this important road,” reports the Hespress portal.

That will not happen in the next few days, as the National Meteorological Directorate is still forecasting snowfall, gusts of wind and heavy rain in several parts of the Kingdom.

According to the Ministry of Equipment and Transport, 37 roads became impassable, 26 of which were re-opened but 11 are still closed.

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2 thoughts on “Morocco – Heavy snowfall closes 37 roads.”

  1. If the weather models are to be believed, there will be more cold spells in N. Africa (Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia) before the month is out.
    That polar vortex is licking it’s tongue across Siberia/China, and North America. And still the same fools say it’s all man’s fault and his release of the magic gas CO2. It’s the sun, and our planets reaction to the approaching solar minimum — nothing more.

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