Moscow – Coldest May since 1918

In Moscow the average temperature over the last 17 days is 8.5 ° C.

On some days in May, negative temperature anomalies reached 9-10ºC below average. In recent days the average temperature “behind” the standard of 6.1ºC.

This makes it the coldest May in Moscow since 1918.

Records in Moscow have been kept since 1879.

Thanks to Martin Siebert for this link

4 thoughts on “Moscow – Coldest May since 1918”

  1. Today we have another wave of cold with strong northern wind and drizzle and temperature about 12C, while usually we had well above 20C at the end of May in the past few decades.

  2. This record cold in Moscow is even more spectacular considering the fact that Moscow has grown enormously in all those years.
    This means that city temperatures should have been rising because of the UHI effect. Instead they have fallen.

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