Moscow – Coldest November in the 21st century

And the wettest November in 39 years

Dec 2016 – The average temperature of the month was the lowest in 16 years. According VVC weather station it was -2.7, which is 1.5 degrees below normal. It is the coldest November since 1999.

Also, November was the wettest since 1977. During the month fell 92 mm, or 159% of the monthly norm. The biggest daily amount (25 mm) fell on November 11 in the form of freezing rain and sleet.

A rare case in history – the entire month saw lying snow. Typically, a steady snow cover is not formed until the end of November.

However in this case the greatest height was 15 cm on 7 November, with the average height during the month of 7 cm.

Climatic winter began in late October, whereas on
 it begins on 10 November.

Thanks to Martin Siebert for this link

Also, “Bingo! -50ºC at one month before normal. In Siberian land (Verhojansk),” says Martin.

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  1. “Height” of snow? Doesn’t he mean ” depth”?. Displacement of Arctic air due to PV disruption is having an effect all over the N Hemisphere….

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